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Sunday, January 31st, 2010 by John

JamboreeJoceSundaeJamboree for Jocelyn is a fundraising event for a good friend of Perth’s music community, Jocelyn Bartlem. Last year Jocelyn suffered life changing spinal injuries that have put her in financial and physically tough times.

Jocelyn is positive, beautiful and vibrant young woman with a love for life, her friends, family and Perth. Jocelyn has touched the hearts of all that have had the privilege of meeting. Even in this tough situation Jocelyn has maintained her positivity and out going personality.

Now it’s our turn to help Jocelyn, as she faces some financial challenges in face of on going treatment and rehabilitation.

Cut & Paste, The Community and Sundaes at The Rosemount are throwing down a mini day festival on Sunday February 21 to raise as much money as we can for Jocelyn on her way to recovery.

Jamboree for Jocelyn features Perth’s finest live-acts and DJs taking over both inside and outside the Rosemount Hotel in full effect. All artists have donated their time and Cut & Paste will be donating all the profits from Sundae to the cause.

Jamboree for Jocelyn is a free event with donation tins passed around during the event, as well as auctions from local artists in Perth.

Courtyard //
Charlie Bucket
Aarom Wilson
King John Ill

Inside //
Injured Ninja
Diger Rokwell
Stoop Fresh



Saturday, January 30th, 2010 by John

Health tour Australia for the first time in 2010. Cut & paste will be providing a very special support of Health when they play at at the Becks Music Box, as part of Festival 10, on Sat. Feb 27.

So here’s the line-up:

Catch the American noise band pegged by many as the finest group in the exploding California experimental scene. Having opened for Nine Inch Nails during their 2008 tour, Health continue to stake their territory with pulsating drum lines, raw synth and understated detached vocals. The band’s full-on live performances exude manic energy and devilish mayhem while maintaining total musical control. Think Slowdive having a sugar fit and bringing the audience along for the rush.

Cut & Paste Soundsystem come together with selectors King John Ill, Aarom Wilson, Massive Trav and Anton Maz for a set featuring exclusive remixes and dubs created for the set.

Robert Maszkowski and Béla Inkster dish up everything from pounding gritty bass-lines, to feel-good pop and laidback percussive instrumentals – coming off performances at Summadayze, Good Vibrations and Parklife festivals

The Dub Get Dirty drop a set of improvised dubs with The Community’s Diger Rokwell, yLem, DOS4GW, Paper Chain’s Jam Buck and a drum heavy percussion section. TriplMUM and Mathas take hold of mic duties.

For the first time in over a year, INJURED NINJA will be returning with their infamous highly expanded percussion ensemble of awesomeness – THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH!
Lead by INJURED NINJA Dominic Pearce, The EPIC OF GILGAMESH is an expanded rendition of Injured Ninja songs featuring musicians from Perth acts FRENCH ROCKETS, MILE END and many more – expanding the band to multiple drum kits and 15+ ensemble of additional percussionists. An epic, rhythmically pulsing and intense live experience that is perfectly ripe for the outdoor atmosphere of the PIAF.

Here’s a taste of what to expect:
YouTube Preview Image

Check out some Health vids we found around the Internet to get you all in the mood for what will be one of the biggest parties to EVER hit the Perth International Arts Festival!

http://www.vimeo.com/6407654 Health’s track Die Slow [label. Lovepump United]
http://www.vimeo.com/8642639 Health live in Paris [2009]


Friday, January 29th, 2010 by John


Our friends at the Mixtape Gallery present Give Way a new group show featuring seven talented artists from around Australia. Featuring Paul Ikin, Kate-Anna Williams, Sam Knest, Daevid Anderson, Kareena Zerefos, Sean Morris, Natasha Sim.

Give Way opens tonight at 7pm with tasty tipples from The National Handbag’s Ginger Beer. Make sure you pick up your copy of the latest Zine from Sam Knest, ‘The Lonesome Crowded West / Colouring Book’ available one night only, exclusive to Mixtape.

Give Way runs from Jan 29 – Feb 21, 2010. So if you can’t make it down tonight make sure you check it out sometime later!

All the info you need is here



Monday, January 25th, 2010 by Shannan
YouTube Preview Image

NYC-based artist Tara McPherson’s body of work both draws from and spans comics, rock posters and toys. Cut & Paste caught up with Tara during the Perth stopover of the Semi-Permanent design conference.

Music: ‘Off With Their Legs’ by Naik
Courtesy of Paper Chain //



Monday, January 25th, 2010 by John

David Sedaris is the American humorist and author whose life is one big joke. That’s not to say that’s a bad thing, he has made a career our of telling stories about his experiences, most of which involve his seemingly outrageous family that includes younger sister Amy of “Strangers with Candy” fame.

He has written several best selling books including Me Talk Pretty one Day and Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, is involved in a radio network that reaches 10 million plus people and is on a never-ending lecture tour of the world. As a part of what he called his ‘tourette’ of Australia he spoke at His Majesties Theatre here in Perth on Tuesday night, and for a most part it was a success.

The thing that makes David Sedaris so likeable and his stories so funny is that he writes with earnest and without pretention. In his anecdotes he and his family member’s are always the butt of the joke for their numerous shortcomings and odd habits, this translated well when the man himself stood before the full house reading out loud with his very distinct high pitch voice.  Sure, there was a part in the night when the repeated punch line in a story was racist impersonations that the crowd seemed to love but he mostly just told stories that were endearing as well as humorous.

He told a great story about his last visit to Australia when he fed a Kookaburra (David pointed out he knew the correct pronunciation but couldn’t help saying ‘Kewk-a-burra’) which led to a story about how angry his father got when he and his younger sister kept singing ‘Kookaburra sits in the old Gum Tree,’ over and over. The story was finished off with a reflective ‘and the Kookuburra laughing… laughing,’ which immediately took me aback because he doesn’t usually end his stories in such a sappy way. He immediately drew attention to the ending, saying he’s always wanted to finish a story with the same word twice in that kind of deep, introspective way and I laughed with relief.

Stories from his life that have made Sedaris such a success but at the show he gave us a preview of his upcoming work of fiction, a series of fable like stories which, along with a fictional email he read out, were the weakest parts of the night. It’s only natural that he branch out and try writing different things but to be frank, I found his fictional stories really boring for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on.  Perhaps he’s hoping to break into a new market with his fables (or ‘foibles’ as he put it) about single cell’s, rabbits and unicorns but I think his fan base will be, for the most part, uninterested.

I guess it’s a bit ironic that the biggest laughs came from what was unplanned. After about an hour of reading out his stories he brought along with him, David asked to have the house lights brought up and invited the audience to ask him questions. The stunned silence that usually follows such a request was eventually broken when some members of the audience dared to raise their hands. The funniest stories were about fans that he had met while doing signings. One woman he met, who knew he loves Japan told him all about how on her last trip there she had gotten a hold of a copy of a Japanese video game that’s been banned all over the world. The game is called RapeLay, the premise of which is that you are a rapist who was dobbed in by a victim and you extract your revenge by tracking down and raping her mother and sister.

The highlight for me though, was a story about what happened when David, just wanting to keep things interesting, asked a woman who wanted her book signed, ‘when was the last time you touched a monkey?’ and the woman responding with, ‘Ohh, can you smell it on me?’ It turned out the woman happened to work for a company that helps train monkey helpers for quadriplegics. That story, like his others, proves that in the life of David Sedaris, reality is stranger than fiction.

David Ferrier.



Friday, January 22nd, 2010 by John

A pioneer of the ‘cut & paste’ aesthetic in the music game Duncan Beiny [aka  DJ Yoda] is constantly pushing the possibilities of audio-visual manipulation. After an awesome 60min set at this years Southbound festival, he returns to Perth only a few weeks since he was last here to drop a full 90min audio visual showcase at The Villa.

DJ Yoda has long been  touted as one of the UK, nay, the world’s most admired, original club DJs and an AV pioneer who is constantly pushing the possibilities of audio-visual manipulation. Encapsulating the very essence of good times, DJ Yoda has transformed clubbing as we know it, throwing down a fusion of styles comprising Hip-Hop, Funk, Baltimore Club, Drum n Bass and even Country music, all cut-up with an awe-inspiring selection of film, TV show and You Tube visuals that elevate his sets to the uniquely sublime. DJ Yoda is a one of hip hop’s unique characters; his mix-tapes are lovingly crafted to the point of obsession, the result being a dense, often hilarious mish mash of hip hop, pop culture and bad taste.

Cut & Paste will be interviewing the man himself after sound check tonight…  so stay tuned over the coming weeks for some video bites!

Pre-sale tickets have sold out!

So you best get your butt down there early to grab the last remaining tickets on the door.

Check all the event details here



Monday, January 18th, 2010 by John

Another taste of the Cut & Paste interview with French duo The Inspector Cluzo. Phil and Malcom discuss their dislike of the French and American Presidents, both past and present. Full interview on Cut & Paste: Issue 9 out Mar. 2010.



Monday, January 18th, 2010 by John

A snippet of the Cut & Paste interview with French duo The Inspector Cluzo. Phil and Malcom discuss their dislike of the ‘bass player’. Full interview on Cut & Paste: Issue 9 out Mar. 2010.



Friday, January 15th, 2010 by John



I really am not meant to camp. I will freely admit that here. I like a bit of comfort, something soft under my head when I wake in the morning, especially if I am woken by the scorching sun and some sort of demon hangover that makes me feel like there’s a drum and bass party going on inside my eyeballs and a thousand people are stamping on the precious few brain cells I have yet to destroy.

The thing we do best at Cut & Paste is quality artist interviews to camera, so when my hangover and I pitched up for our first interview of the day, I was pretty confident that things would go swimmingly. Which of course reminded me that I should have gone swimming earlier in the day and eased my hangover away with some cool and soothing ocean waves. Perhaps that was what caused the fatal error that was only moments away…

The Inspector Cluzo and I communicated with erudite words and a range of hand gestures. The band were really generous with their time and pulled no punches when it came to issues they were passionate about. Early next week will post parts of the video interview here and the full and final version will appear on Cut & Paste DVD issue 9 but here’s a couple of choice phrases to get you thinking:
“We have to dedicate the website to bassplayers www.fuckthebassplayer.com …the bass player is really the second division.”

“Fuck the U.S way of life, we like U.S. guys but the life can fuck off”

“We now have in France a new President who is a fucking asshole”

The French aren’t opinionated at all…much…

So with a rather contented grin on my face and my gear under my arm I headed back to the media tent to check my footage and make sure that everything had gone as well I thought it had.

Well. That’s when I had my first disaster. Instead of all those intriguing French accents and an eloquent stream of expletives the only sound captured was something like the sound of abusing an expensive microphone with a combination of heavily distorted NKOTB and steel wool scouring pads. Totally useless.

We had no time for a do-over but the band decided, no, insisted we get an exclusive to film their entire set instead of just the single or three songs normally available. Their performance was one of the best live gigs I’ve seen in a while. A fantastic presence onstage with an energy that pushed straight out into the late afternoon crowd.

Then we redid the interview. So to The Inspector Cluzo I pass on my personal thanks.

Whilst stumbling from an underwhelming Wolfmother performance I saw, what I thought was Seasick Steve. I was so convinced it was him I almost ran over with my camera and best fanboy fawning smile in place to see if I could score a quick chat. Rather disappointed I was when closer inspection revealed it was a convincing doppelganger.

Meanwhile Cut & Paste operative Matt Hogan was trying to liven up a reserved Phenomenal Handclap Band. The band seemed reticent to express opinions, maybe they’re over managed? The final edit will reveal more.

As the night progressed I got to see Grizzly Bear and the crowd was so full of serious music journalists that you know you’re watching an act with some clout. Personally I didn’t find them that convincing and left wondering what exactly all the hype was about.

OK so while I am having a mini rant about performers that leave me confused I also caught some of Kate Miller-Heidke’s set. I feel like there’s about half of her audience adores her and the half is standing round wondering why and how they got there.

If you’ve seen the film Rize then you’d be all over the differences between Clown Dancing, Stripper Dancing and Krumping. Amanda Blank does the Stripper Dance. In fact she was stripper dancing so hard that I overheard someone in the crowd suggest the her stage set just needed a couple of poles on it to complete the effect. Apart from that she rapped from time to time but it was a performance that didn’t do very much for me.

Thankfully the final act I saw on the Saturday night was everything I wanted from  DJ set and then some…and not just because the VJ part of the performance worked in perfectly. DJ Yoda thank you for making my feet hurt so much I got the the best idea I’d had all day…I danced straight to a hotel and finished my night with real sleep in a real bed!


After a night which included some real sleep I returned focused, sharp and ready for my interview with Fredrik from Datarock, even though I was keeping to a schedule I was still ten fashionable minutes or so late. Then of course there came the a bout of security vs media ‘negotiations’ wasting a further ten minutes of precious interview time while I used small words and flash cards to help explain to the security-beast what a camera was and that it was an important part of doing my job.

The major downside of spending a lot of time in the middle of huge open parkland is that there are very few places a person can charge their mobile phone. Luckily for us media types there are places hidden in tents where we can get our fix of electricity – something i needed rather badly! When I was able to get some juice into my phone I quickly tried to make contact with another media rep to sort out the details of the Datarock interview. Unfortunately this person had fallen victim to the festival monster and had gone native, lost somewhere in a field possibly returning in an hour…maybe…

Realizing I had no time I jumped into new-school journo mode and asked the internet for help prepping this interview and as usual she delivered in spades: I was ready. Bring on Datarock. That was the moment that I was informed by Ivana, Awesome Media Liason Officer (new official title as bestowed by King Jon Ill), that Fredrik wasn’t on site. Interview rescheduled for 6pm.

Given this surprise reprieve I took the opportunity to head side of stage and bathe in the wonderful frenzy of Tame Impala and to “plot my revenge”….

Next filming session was the Kill Devils Hills who played a ripper set to a decent crowd..well the crowd size was decent can’t speak for their moral character. As we wandered off into the sunset a cloud rose out of nowhere, a strong smelling cloud, then we could hear the sound of a didge in the distance…that’s when we realised we had stumbled into Xavier Rudd’s set…maybe it was the smoke in the air but someone thought it would be funny if XRudd and KRudd got together and worked on some serious environmental policy.

Later on and it was pack up time and head for bed so it was off to the media tent to collect our gear. Which would have been easy had the whole place not been shut down already! Stealth was required and when that failed we just applied some traditional brute force to make our way inside  and collect our stuff; slinking away into the night somewhat sheepishly.

All images courtesy of our good friend Jordan Shields


Injured Ninja Go Hard in Melbourne //

Thursday, January 14th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

I recently had the great pleasure of touring with local lads Injured Ninja in Melbourne in early December for their EP release of ‘IDDQD’. It seems ironic to travel to another state to see the best that Perth has to offer! They certainly rocked M-town hard, playing 5 gigs at The Espy in St Kilda, The Pony Club, The Birmingham Hotel and Level One in Fitzroy.

This Saturday the 16th Injured Ninja release IDDQD  on 12 inch / DVD split with French Rockets (also available through Heartless Robot Records out mid January) and play a heart jumping set alongside legendary French Rockets and support guest Bone at the Chapel Space, 117 Angove St North Perth. Entry is $15 or $25 with the limited 12 inch press!

IN Poster



Thursday, January 14th, 2010 by John


Cut and Paste was working Southbound for the first time, which meant I had to show some professionalism and not just party my lily white ass off. Fortunately I discovered there are some rather excellent upsides to being able to get behind the scenes at one of Western Australia’s best summer music festivals. Read on for my Southbound Diary…

Friday Night

Getting to a festival is never half the fun. Finding your way around for the first hour or so can be even worse than the security stops, parking hassles and queues for everything. It took no less than half an hour just to find the media tent but once inside I was able to pause, collect my thoughts and relax and just have a little fun before getting into the interviewing and filming.

I managed to catch the always excellent Little Birdy as well as Cash Money. I am informed that later on I was engaged in something that I like to think of as dancing but by then I was not a reliable witness to my own adventures. Thanks to Artrage people for keeping me upright until I staggered out from Death Disco’s set into the uncertain night to find a place to rest my weary head.

I wish I had found a better place than I did, I was hungover before my head hit the dirt: There would be regrets.

King John ill

All images courtesy of our good friend Jordan Shields


The Great Cut & Paste Southbound Photo Competition

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010 by John


Hi Cut and Paste Kids,

Southbound really was amazing. We had a fantastic time, except maybe for the camping which doesn’t really do it for me, y’know…


We thought we would share our pictures with you and give you a chance to share yours with us as well.

Of course we’ll try and make it worth your while.

So here goes…

How it Works:

  1. We have created a flickr group called “Southbound” and posted our photos. We have thrown pretty much everything up there for you to see.
  2. The group is open so that you can upload and add your photos to the gallery along with ours. Show us your favourite moments from Southbound. If you need help getting your pics up click here.
  3. On Friday next week, that is Friday 22/01/2010 our panel of experts will select what they believe to be the most amazing photo as uploaded by you! We will be looking for a standout picture something that captivates us and inspires awe in all who see it….or something like that anyway.
  4. The winner will be announced on our website, Facebook, Twitter and via email.

The Prize:

The photographer who takes the picture we judge to be the best will win…

One ticket to the St Jerome’s Laneway festival in PERTH happening on Saturday 6th February 2010.

Easy! Get Posting! If you have any questions email us or DM us on twitter or Facebook

Some Technical Bits:
This promotion is available to people in Australia. The winner must be able to be in Perth on February 6 2010 to attend the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival Cut and Paste will not store or use your photographs in anyway other than for the purpose of this promotion.Cut and Paste will take all care but no responsibility in the event that photos are tampered with when in place at the third party site (flickr.com). The purpose of this promotion is for people to share a fun experience with each other, if Cut and Paste believes that an attempt to manipulate the outcome of the competition has occurred the competition will be suspended. Offensive material will be removed from the gallery, so just don’t post it alright!



Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 by John

MD expo
It’s time to get organised and start thinking about how you can contribute to the next issue of MD Ltd Eds due out in Feb 2010: The Photography Issue!

You don’t ‘have’ to be a professional photographer to contribute, however we do expect a high standard of work. You could be a street artist or a fashion desginer- we just want your work to be represented by a photograph!

MD is all about giving independent artists another medium to exhibit their work in. Publishing your work also promotes the very best little pretty Perth has to offer and gives us a chance to document and ‘historicize’ indie art that may otherwise fly under the radar. MD seeks to make our lil’ cultural hub as creatively competitive and encouraging as possible! Nothing is taboo. We have an R+ rating so don’t hold back! Make a statement and make it last!

The format will change from A5 portrait to A4 landscape. Submissions for entry begin now and end on the 18th of January. Email to nicolenorelli@gmail.com your lo res images a lil’ bio and your contact details as we might also like to interview you pretty young things!

NB Please ensure that the people in your photos are happy to have their image published for the public. Certify that you have the right!

And if you have contributed to us before please do not hesitate to contribute to us again!



Friday, January 8th, 2010 by John

CROWD_GENERAL4The Cut & Paste crew will be getting the patisserie van out on the road this afternoon and heading down Busselton way to get our Southbound on.

You’ll be able to catch us roaming the fields of Sir Stewart Bovell Park in between some exclusive on-camera interviews.

Saturday will see us chat to The Phenomenal Handclap Band late in the evening [8:30-8:45pm] and fingers crossed we get the ok from The Inspector Cluzo mid afternoon to have a chat with the French wizard.

Sunday will see us chatting to Fredrik [one-half of Datarock] mid-afternoon [1:30-1:45pm]. We will be aiming to UStream the interviews live, however as we’re only getting used to this technology ourselves me my tragically fail – but hey we’ll give it a go anyway!

Follow our tweets over the weekend and posts pics, reviews commentary and other thoughts using #southbound.



Monday, January 4th, 2010 by John


Saturday, January 2nd, 2010 by Dave

oldsurgery copy


[or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the present]

The short answer is because I have cancer. Before you jump to conclusions – I found it early (in my junk), had it cut out and the doctor says he expects me to be cured, without having to lose my hair, but that’s besides the point.

Going back in time is something that I expect every one would want to do for one reason or another. You could be the Beatles before the Beatles, assassinate Hitler or go work out with Arnie at Golds Gym. I’ve always wanted to go back in time so I could create Spiderman and buy stocks in Microsoft.

But ever since my diagnosis I am so glad that I exist now because if I were my age in the 1930s I would be:

So for me, time travel is no longer Churchill or Napoleon, Hitler or Caesar, its chemo or no chemo?

Louis C.K said, “A black guy in a time machine is like, ‘hey anything before 1980, no thank you, I don’t wanna go.” It’s a humorous observation that now has a lot of relevance to my situation and to the countless number of other cancer patients. While I’m at it, anyone who’s ever suffered a heart attack, stoke, leukemia, diabetes or even glandular fever wouldn’t want to go back in time.

My great grandfather died from cancer in his hacky sack when he was only 38. It was 1912, x-rays weren’t invented then, and his family wasn’t told what was wrong with him. I assume great great granny knew but the rest of the family (grandpa and all the little Ferriers) were always told that he was hit in the leg with a cricket ball which caused a blood clot. My family only found out the truth a short time ago. I guess it was a point of shame? Or just something people never talked about back then. Did they even know what cancer was? Fuck the past.

If anything I want to go forward in time, but then there would be the dreaded possibility of meeting myself and making the universe explode.