June, 2010


Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 by John


A few weeks back now the young chaps from DEADWEIGHT! dropped the first of what is to be a monthly Bass Music night, of the same name at The Bird. I headed down to check out what Chris and the boys had on offer, as well as to film my Paper Chain buddies Zeke and Kit Pop who were dropping a brand new collab routine this particular evening… think five turntables, MPCs, samplers and music pads with cool fluro lights.

To capture what the boys had been up to I decided to bring down a stack of video cameras (ie. pretty much everything I could find). Including our Sony HDR-FX7, HDR-FX1E and our new wee Flip I located three places around the stage and set-up the three camera rig for the night. You might notice that the boys got the bass so heavy the tripod shakes!

Check the five minute grab we’ve put up here and then make sure you get down for the next DEADWEIGHT at the Bird!

YouTube Preview Image

No Promises BUT we’re hoping to put the whole 45 minutes set online in the next week..or two..or if you comment on this post saying you want us too..

Local photo man about town Bradley Serls was down at The Bird this particular evening so he swung us a bunch of his snaps for you all to look at!



Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 by John




Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 by Virginia

JERK opened to a packed out courtyard at the The Moon on Sunday, 13 June 2010. Thank you to everyone who came down and made it such an awesome night. JERK currently features work by THNK, Pete Long and Jenness Ray and runs until Saturday, 10 July 2010

Click any image below to open full size. Photos by Brad Searls



Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 by Virginia


OMG = “Original Muthaf***ing Gangstarr”

Thursday, June 24th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli
Photo: Nicole Norelli

Photo: Nicole Norelli

This lil’ kitty couldn’t leave the house quick enough last Friday after being cooped up for days on end. You know the old work drill: day-in-day-out having edited an insane amount of photos and DESPERATELY needing a number of cold alcoholic thirst-quenchers. One beer for every image edited sounded about sufficient. My eyes had become rectangular vortexes into Photoshop software, sucking my mind and soul into virtually assimilated pixels. I knew my connection with the real world was in serious jeopardy. Thankfully I received a phone call from Control telling me I was needed urgently in 3 places at once, at once!

First port of call: A C&P birthday celebration at the Scotto.
Second port of call: Bar 138 on Barrack St to celebrate their 4th birthday.
It was relatively quiet at Bar 138, nonetheless it was good to see Craig Hollywood on the decks and watch the soccer. Serbia defeated Germany to beats of Depeche Mode and David Bowie. Cut to a cheeky fantasy of Hollywood playing lashings of Kraut techno vs hardcore Serbian turbofolk whilst Jovanovic scores the winning goal!

With the soccer over I make my way to the 3rd port of call: Shape Nightclub for an intimate night with DJ Premier. Just him and me, alone in a dark room, with Boyz to Men crooning in the… Oops! My bad. Let me try that again. HOW MANY REAL HIP HOPPER’S IN THE PLACE RIGHT ABOUT NOW?!!
With the event sold out and no false advertising an intimate night was certainly delivered.
Local Paperchain producer Taku turned up the heat with a twist of his kit to 90 degrees centigrade. The crowd was pumpin’, the walls were sweatin’ and the back area was closed off to prevent people from  jumpin’ the fence and gettin’ a thumpin’…

Headayke played an impressive set getting the crowd amped with Primo- produced beats from Notorious BIG to Gangstarr, much to Premier’s dismay. Chatting to Jordan Shields in the DJ booth Headayke looked nervous. “Premier’s pissed with me man, I’ve dropped too many of his beats”. But he keeps his cool.  Along comes Premier and a sea of patrons part. Primed like a boxer, entourage in tow.

Primo first up gave a massive shout-out and rallied a legendary tribute to the untimely death of his best friend MC Guru who passed earlier this year. In fact the man had tears in his eyes. The crowd went berserk in response to this heartfelt plea by waving Big L signs in the air shouting “Guru! We Love You!”.

Not wasting any time we get into it, get hot, get nasty, get ready to party. Despite the sound issues,  Premier never hesitated in showing off his beats with soul and grace and of course his versatility in scratching, funky hip hop grooves and bump’n'grind basslines. Best hip hop tunes I’ve seen so far this year (excluding the unfortunate fall of a young man, the paramedics and the en masse evacuation down the fire escape).

As the night came to an end it was off to Uncle Billy Lee’s for Peking Ribs, salt and pepper squid, Singapore noodles and deep fried steak. The only thing missing was beer. Christ I love a Lazy Susan, the company of 5 friends and Chinese open til 5 in the morning.

*”Original Muthaf***ing Gangstarr” care of Sarah Jane Dalla Rossa



Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 by John


What do you get if you cross Pass-the-Parcel with Chinese Whispers, then you complicate things by only letting artists play? The answer, people, is Rounds an exhibition of 29 works created by emerging artists.



Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 by John

Screen shot 2010-06-22 at 10.18.56 PM

So I received an email at the start of the week from Danny of Voyager. It’s been over a year since Danny and myself started emailing back and forth getting Voyager some coverage through the Cut & Paste channels…I’ll admit it’s really dragged on. I haven’t always been the quickest to get back to Danny and am still a tad unsure as to their fit with Cut & Paste as we don’t really cover a lot of metal, but hey you’ve got to admire the man’s persistence.

So in light of all this the reason for this particular email was to inform me of the video for “LOST,” from their latest album I am the reVolution (Dockyard 1 Records Germany) so I though fuck it let’s whack it up. Then after a bit of trawling the Internet I noticed the album has constantly received 9/10, 5 stars etc…and they have their own wikipedia page and sponsors!

Though I did like Miklak’s review.

YouTube Preview Image

Note: If you really like the clip and think that we have been foolish to not get them into the studio for a chat then feel free to harass us below… You never know if we get a lot I might succumb to peer pressure!

*also if you’re interested a full crew list can be found here



Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 by Matt
KIngbrown Issue 6 out now - exhibition this Friday

KIngbrown Issue 6 out now - exhibition this Friday

If we weren’t Cut & Paste we’d be Kingbrown, except that we’d have to be a shitload better at drawing, stenciling, designing and all that other visual goodness; that and we wouldn’t get to stick video cameras in musician’s faces anymore and really that’s what we’re good at. So let them have all the glory of their street art wonderment and we’ll stick to making DVDs and blogging about stuff that happens.



Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 by John

from their latest album “I am the reVolution” (Dockyard 2 Records Germany).


Directed & Produced by Ben Berkhout @ Benja-mind Images

Produced by Pete T. Clarke @ Frogmore Road

Cameras Supplied by John Davies @ 21st Century

Audio Visual Equipment Supplied by Murdoch University

Ist AD – Peter T. Clarke

Prop Designer – John Clarke

Makeup/Stylist, Props & Unit – Raquel Alessi

Cinematography – Fons Berkhout, Justin Walters, Ben Berkhout & Peter T. Clarke

Gaffer/Grip – Nathan Mewitt

Head of Digital Effects – Tim Harris @ Harris Creations

3D Animation – Andrew Buckley & Jesse Collins

Production Assistants – Elliot Welsford, Rob Saunders & Laura McKenzie

Photography – Jody, Karli & Imogen

Behind The Scenes – Justin Smyth

Equipment Supplied by 21st Century, Elite Studios, Soundworks, Murdoch University

Special Thanks – Bryce & the Crew @ The Amplifier

Daniel Estrin – vox, keys

Chris Hanssen – guitar

Simone Dow – guitar

Alex Canion – bass

Mark Boeijen – drums



Thursday, June 17th, 2010 by John


During our time backstage at Good Vibrations 2010 we secured some couch time with the boys from Naughty by Nature. Treach, Vin Rock and DJ Kay Gee broke down how to create a Hip-Hop ‘Anthem’, what’s in store from their new album and where they have been hiding for the last few years…

YouTube Preview Image

Interviewer: John Macliver
Camera Crew: Nicole Norelli and Dion Cochrine
Sound: Dominic Pearce
Edited by: Ruslan Kulski



Thursday, June 17th, 2010 by John

Salt N Pepa

As the Good Vibrations festival season wrapped up for 2010 Cut & Paste made it’s way down to the Claremont Showgrounds, scored a few haystacks backstage and had a quick chat to the ladies of Salt N Pepa. Over the short time together we got an insight into reality TV shows, hip-hop comebacks and twitter…

YouTube Preview Image

Interviewer: John Macliver
Camera Crew: Nicole Norelli and Dion Cochrine
Sound: Dominic Pearce
Edited by: Ruslan Kulski



Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 by John

FRASERANDERSON frasier invite
Perth boy turned Sydney Creative Fraser Anderson makes designs that you or someone you know is probably wearing. He was poached like so many Perthies with a clue to the eastern states and worked for Insight clothing. But forget about boardshorts and remember that this guy is a genuine artist.
Working mainly in installations he’s been exploring how to make the parallel worlds of his imagination come to life in physical spaces. He doesn’t like rules (we like that) and he builds humour into his observations of the world.
Anderson is concerned with the relationship between artist and material and works with non-traditional media and take various forms including paintings, sculptures and installation works.

Anderson’s solo exhibition frasier opens on Thursday June 17 at 6pm.


WHAT: Fraser Anderson Exhibition Frasier

WHERE: Free Range Gallery

WHEN:  June 17-21, Opening 6pm on Thursday, June 17

WEB: Visit Fraser Anderson on the web

Click on an image below to open the gallery.



Monday, June 14th, 2010 by John


DJ Premier is considered by many fans and hip-hop purists to be the greatest hip hop producer ever. He is hailed as an architect of “Hardcore East Coast hip-hop known by its heavy drums and sparse loops.”

Hip hop rag The Source magazine named DJ Premier one of the 5 greatest producers in hip-hop history, while editors from About.com ranked him as #1 in their “Top 50 Hip-Hop Producers” list. That’s not bad for guy who got his stage name from his mum!

In an interview with XXL Magazine, DJ Premier was asked how his sound evolved, “Marley Marl is my number one inspiration. Jam Master Jay, Mixmaster Ice and UTFO. Grandmaster D and Whodini. DJ Cheese, Grandmaster Flash, Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa. Jazzy Jay, even Cut Creator. Seeing them do what they do. It’s black music, it’s black culture, it comes from the ghetto. How can you not relate to ghetto people when that’s the rawest form of blackness? Even though it’s not a good place in regards to the economy and how bad people have it in the neighborhood, the realism’s there, and that’s what we were born out of. So I very much pay respect by doing the same type of music in return.”

Having worked with more people than even the most dedicated hip-hop trainspotters know about, Premier is responsible for the production of Jeru the Damaja’s first two albums, has done tracks with M.O.P. KRS-One, Group Home, NAS as well as JAY-Z.

Presale tickets for this event have SOLD OUT. WE hear there may be some Door Sales for lucky people on the night.


WHAT: DJ Premier

WHERE:  Shape Bar

WHEN: 10pm, Friday 18th June


TICKETS: from HIGHS and LOWS STORES, PLANET VIDEO & MILLS RECORDS and online from Knowledge Music

Here’s a taste of the man himself, alongside Black Thought, Eminem and Mos Def

YouTube Preview Image


Friday, June 11th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

The night wasn’t the only thing that was cool, when the hipsters, graff artists, studio vultures and assorted underground style empresario turned out for the Opening Night of Exit Through the Gift Shop at Luna, Thursday, June 10, 2010.



Friday, June 11th, 2010 by John


Future Shorts is one of the  most innovative short film labels.

Since 2003, Future Shorts has created a rapidly expanding network that

allows filmmakers the opportunity to have their work seen on the largest

theatrical platform worldwide.



Thursday, June 10th, 2010 by John


SAMPOLOGY is an artist tracking his own path, mixing the skills of turntablism with visuals, he’s his own DJ and VJ show in one funky parcel.

This interview combines footage from his recent vist to Perth as well as his chat with Cut & Paste from early in 2010 when he played the Beck’s Music Box for the Perth International Arts Festival.
Sampology is an artist tracking his own path, mixing the skills of turntablism with visuals, he’s his own DJ and VJ show in one funky parcel.

This interview combines footage from his recent vist to Perth as well as his chat with Cut & Paste from early in 2010 when he played the Beck’s Music Box for the Perth International Arts Festival.

YouTube Preview Image


Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 by John

Pierre Bismuth

French artist Pierre Bismuth shared an Academy Award with his co-writers, Michel Gondry and Charlie Kaufman, for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in 2005. He was recently in Perth to launch an exhibition of three works, in which Bismuth deploys humour to disorientate the viewers’ understanding of cultural forms like print media and film.

Cut & Paste caught up with him at the Fremantle Arts Centre to dicuss his works and the ever changing world of contemporary art.

YouTube Preview Image
Interview: John Macliver
Camera: John Macliver & Nicole Norelli
Edit: Aaron McCann



Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 by John


The Myth of Julian Rose deals with a man who’s disturbing past surfaces with a vengeance during his partner’s pregnancy… and the Minotaur from a childhood story begins stalking his family.

As part of the City of Perth Winter Arts season 2010 Mondo Di Corpo will be holding the world premiere of a new work by Daniel Kershaw, The Myth of Julian Rose.

Cut & Paste caught up with director Marisa Garreffa and cast mebers James Helm and Jo Morris to discuss the confronting story line and the issues raised within the piece.

YouTube Preview Image

The season of The Myth of Julian Rose runs from June 9-25 at The Blue Room Theatre.


WHAT: The Myth of Julian Rose

WHERE: The Blue Room

WHEN: Wednesday June 9 – 25

HOW MUCH: tickets range from $15 -$25 Click here to get yours now



Friday, June 4th, 2010 by John


New kids on the block DEADWEIGHT! crash the scene with style tonight as they launch the first of a monthly night by the same name.

When Chris Caravella noticed there was no regular “bass music” nights in our fair city (we’re talking hip-hop, glitch, dubstep, UK funky & future garage) they hit up new music venue The Bird and found an ally in Mike O’Hanlon and so DEADWEIGHT! has come into existence.



Friday, June 4th, 2010 by Virginia

Using their camera bag as a shield, their super ninja skills allowing them to fit into the smallest gap between two drunk dudes and armed with a lense photographers on the local music curcit record the great events and venues in WA. Cut & Paste drew a wild card of four finallists featured in WAMI festival KISS MY CAMERA 2010. The exhibition runs until 12 JULY and tours regionally into 2011.

lisa by libby edwards


My art is… print making and photography

I use… a canon and a range of media from metal etchings to silkscreens in the print studio

I like to shoot… portraits

I love… marvel

I hate… capsicum

Music is… inspiring

Perth’s not so bad because… of igor, my brothers and bunny

Over the next year I’m… gonna keep learning and working hard

Current & up coming shows… just did the WAMi’s as their official photographer and about to fly off to Brisbane for a contemporary performance production called Falling like a Bird and making some work for an exhibition called Desperate Spaces over there too.

Picture of shannon spicer


My art is… Science.

I use… Pentax K10D. I also use crack. And scissors. And prostitutes. Quite often, I use all of these in conjunction with each other.

I like to shoot… People… But I’m also quite partial to photographing them as well… Band photography (live performances, album art and promotional shots) is what I do most often.. I enjoy taking contrived portraits, but I particularly like to take candid portraits. Although, it’s hard to look inconspicuous when your whacking off in a crunchy trenchcoat behind a hedge whilst attempting to measure the correct white balance, aperture, shutter speed etc. – especially since not a lot of places even HAVE hedges – so I have to transport my own, and I believe THAT is what draws people’s attention to my camera’s presence the most… the inappropriate horticulture…

I love… The idea that I might one day own a Hasselblad camera… I love a lot of things, really… Owl Pornography, Non-stick surfaces, willing prostitutes, when people use escalators in the correct way.. etc., etc..

I hate… The fact that I don’t already own a Hasselblad camera I hate people who misuse escalators; incorrect spelling, abbreviated text messages, Santa, Tom Cruise etc., etc.

Music is… Essential for the health and wellbeing of all creatures. My cat Gacy, for instance, kills 30 less people a day just by listening to Gaelic Rap songs alone..

Perth’s not so bad because… It has an airport. Which means you can leave.

Over the next year I’m… Going to go somewhere else in the world so that I can appreciate Perth again. If not, I’m probably going to go to jail…

Current & up coming shows… 3 of my photographs are currently on display at the WA Museum as they are amongst the finalists of the Kiss My Camera photography competition. I am also in the process of pre-production for a film I am doing the cinematography for, which we will start shooting next month. And in a couple of months, I want to have a combined exhibition with other photographers and/or artists…

me studio


My art is… I guess I tend to separate my art from my work, but then my work is my art. Though that’s not really a clear explanation for the reader now is it? Let’s try that again; what I consider to be my art is not always the photos I take on assignment doing my music work, though there is an art to capturing moments as they happen, as opposed to having all the time in the world to create an image you see in your mind (also my art). To describe what I consider to be my art, I guess I’d have to say that it is somewhat dark and melancholy.

I use..

Canon 40D (the money maker)

Canon AE-1 35mm SLR

Halina A1 TLR (Medium format)

Photoshop CS4 on a computer I built myself (I like computers and stuff)

Hustling skills learnt whilst busking the streets of Freo as a kid

I like to shoot… Live music is my favourite thing to shoot, though working on the set of ‘Needle’, a locally produced horror film gave me a penchant for violence. I’d consider myself a journalistic photographer, I want to be where it’s happening, whether the events be good or bad. When I create an image in my mind first, it quite often tends to be bad, I really do like horror photography.

I love… my work, even though my career is hardly a stable 9-5, I love what I do.

I hate… I guess I hate the perceived devaluation of photography due to social media and other technologies. We live in a new world in terms of media usage, people don’t pay for movies or music these days, and now it seems that photography is following suite. The music industry has had to adapt, bands are touring more, and it seems the photography industry is still finding its feet in this new era, which it will. I guess really I just hate being poor yet working hard, as anyone does.

Music is… life, music is emotions in sound. I’ve always had music as a part of my life, my Old Man was a performance poet and musician on the Freo scene when I was growing up, so I spent a lot of time setting up gear and hanging out in music venues from a young age. Even if I’m not into a particular type of music, I still love seeing people perform. People who aren’t into music scare me.

Perth’s not so bad because… I guess the best thing about Perth is that almost anyone is accessible, from the heads of corporations, to those living on the street, to the rock stars in our midst. Everyone in Perth knows everyone else through three degrees of separation. If you work hard at it, this city will let you do anything you choose.

Over the next year I’m… Going to be spending a lot more time with studio lights. I have to try to devote more time to creative projects, though I still love documenting life as it happens.

Current & up coming shows… I currently have a photo in the Kiss My Camera Exhibition at the Western Australian Museum, get down and check it out!



My art is…

I use… alot of film, chemicals and glue = where all my earnings go..

I like to shoot… my life: the people, places, things around me, music is also a big one.. we have amazing musicians here in perth :)

I love… riding a bike with a golden sky while the suns about to set with a good song in your head

I hate… not really anything.. i don’t want to complain.. so maybe i hate complaining..?

Music is… DANDY!!

Perth’s not so bad because… its pretty amazing actually

Over the next year I’m… going to go travelling a bit, have my first solo exhibition (become broke) and then earn enough to fly away to France.

Current & up coming shows… My first solo show titled Becoming Hockney which mimics and praises British Artist, David Hockney’s photographic collages from the eighties but from the perspective of a young western australian female in the twenty first century. come along, everyones invited as long as they bring a smile, Kurb Gallery (William Street Northbridge). Opening night is  September 2nd.