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Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 by John


There’s a lot happening out there with talent from around the globe rolling in and out of P-town like a chiko roll, unfortunately, with the price of tickets and the ever increasing price of a pint this can hurt the hip pocket.

Thankfully those young cats that bring us that monthly night of all things bass DeadWeight! have decided to spread their wings and hook up with Night Class and Perthquake.com.au present to you a night of dubstep and bass pressure. With a selection of some of Perth’s finest and up-coming DJs and producers EVIDENCE brings you tunes of the highest calibre and it’s going to cost you… sweet fuck all!

Don’t believe it? Get on down to the intimate, warming surrounds of the Velvet Lounge this Saturday and check out the EVIDENCE.

WHAT: Evidence

WHERE: Velvet Lounge, Mt Lawley

WHEN: Saturday July 31st, 9pm til late

LINEUP: DJs – Vishnu, St1, Saxon & Tifa, Pickles, D.Y.P

TICKETS: Free entry



Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 by Chris

On The Bright SideWHAT: On The Bright Side

WHERE: Esplanade, Perth

WHEN: 24/07/10

The iTunes generation was out and about, as On The Bright Side took over the Esplanade with a day of fun, music and the band that changed the decade.

Opening acts, The Middle East and Bluejuice may have been missed by many, as the line to collect tickets was rather large. I missed them because it was Saturday morning.

Hot Chip played a short but interesting set. This is a band that has been around awhile and they play their fun time party tracks with a lot of professionalism. Crowd favorites, Over and Over and Hold On echoed within the single tent stage to an appreciative and growing crowd; a crowd that knew the singles and ran to hear them when those singles dropped. On the down side five songs is not much of a set from a well-respected international band.

Hot Chip 1

From professional and talented, to completely woeful and pointless; Art vs. Science. A fifty-minute set which had not one single redeeming quality. They make music by numbers, everything seemed contrived and by the book looking for a set reaction by a crowd that unfortunately lapped it up. They have energy but energy doesn’t write you a decent song. They rely on stupid and aimless clichés, basic chord progression and the same drumbeat in every song. If you were fifteen and had copious amounts of chemicals in your blood you may have enjoyed it, if you’re not I hope you walked away.

Thankfully Band Of Horses are one of those true American bands, in the vain of The Traveling Wilburys and The Band. Standing before a crowd looking to party, they produced a set that drew the energy level down but in no way let down the crowd. Band Of Horses 1

Older favorites, There’s A Ghost, No Ones Gonna Love You and Ode To LRC, along side newer tracks Loredo and Factory were highlights. This band writes songs not to impress but to entertain and enlighten.

Considered by some as Australia’s answer to the great American band Angus and Julia Stone stepped up next. Full of innocence and true talent, the siblings played a subtle almost subdued set. Big Train and the slowed down You’re The One That I Want brought the crowd to them but they seemingly struggled to maintain a level of energy and intrigue perhaps needed at the later time slot.

Every now and again a band comes along who garner a hell of a lot of success off one or two singles. Mumford and Sons are that type of band. Of course they played the song, the fucked it up song and the other one, The Cave and the crowd enjoyed every single moment, dancing like they had never heard it before. That is the beauty of this band, they know how to arrange a song to get people moving and singing and they play those songs very, very well on stage. Mumford & Sons 5

It was some of the quieter moments incorporating a brass section and strings that really made this set. Dust Bowl Dance is a beautiful song and hearing it belted out within a packed festival tent was something even a cynical music snob could enjoy.

To The Strokes and a return to 2001. From the onset this Manhattan garage band played the songs that the ten thousand strong audience wanted to hear: New York City Cops, Hard To Explain, The Modern Age, Is This It and the quite brilliant Someday.

The Strokes were all there and they were all played with absolute perfection. Finishing off with Last Night before returning for a quick fire encore, saying goodbye with Take It Or Leave It. You could argue that they were half an hour short for their allotted time, but they are a garage rock band who play three minutes songs, an hour of dam good music was more then enough. The Strokes 7

©Chris Wheeldon. 24th July 2010.

Click on an image to see full size. All images by Nicole Norelli



Monday, July 26th, 2010 by John


Film fanatics need not despair. Just as quickly as the hugely successful Revelation Film Festival closes the Future arrives!  Future Shorts is part a short film phenomenon and part the result of the tireless persistance of Amy Broadfoot and Amiko Films, which now sees Future Shorts Screenings in bars and venues around Perth.

The July Screening – Eyjafjallajokull (Volcano) features the Romain Gavras directed film clip for  M.I.A’s ‘Born Free’ (…of banned YouTube fame), an animation with insights into the ritual of the turning of the bones, pulling at the heartstrings and a stig.

You get a serving of  seven fresh shorts from Sweden, Croatia, Malaysia and one produced here in Perth. The local flavour Good Times With Oskar is described as “a dark comedy centring on the banal and solitary existence if an overweight, middle aged man, his love affair with food, and a series of calls, over which he has no control.”  Head along to The Bird on Tuesday for this all you can chow down on short film feast.



WHERE: The Bird, Northbridge and Manhattan’s Victoria Park

SCREENING TIMES: The Bird, Northbridge Tues July 27th, 7.30pm

Manhattan’s, Victoria Park on Tues Aug 10th, time TBA

TICKETS: $15 full $10 conc.
WEB: Visit Future Shorts on them interwebz

Here’s a taste of ‘Born Free’ to get you in the mood



Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 by John

So sections of the Cut & Paste office have inadvertently been involved in some serious technical issues, resulting in our main MAC tower currently nothing more than an oversized and fragile book stop… So insted of bringing you the full 45min edit of Kit Pop x Zeke filmed at DeadWeight! a few weeks back, as well as a bunch of our Revelation Film Festival interviews with Cory McAbee (Stingray Sam), Jennifer Mass (Wheedle’s Groove), Jim Morton (Russ Meyer’s – Double Bill), Gary & Jeff (Sons of Steel)… we can’t!

So instead I thought we’d have a quick look at what some of the Cut & Paste family have been up to over the last month:

Justin Elwin:

Cut & Paste sound man and Paper Chain founder Justin Elwin (aka Kit Pop) has been working on a new 10×10x1 project… that equates to ten beats over ten days with one mpc. Below is a taste of what’s to come:

YouTube Preview Image

The full project will be availabe for free download once completed.
* Word around the office is that story boarding has begun for the ‘official’ film clip to the Kit Pop and Ta-Ku track Bounce, with some pretty crazy ideas being thrown around.

Mat De Koning:

Now where does Mat fit into the Cut & Paste scheme of things is always a tricky one to work out, but essentially he’s our go to festival camera man and the source of most of our skate footage. Along with all his other bits & bobs, Mat has spent the last five years following around some of Perth’s most intriguing creative’s including the affable Will Stoker… Here is a quick edit he did last week for Will Stoker and The Embers- Ten Thousand Horses, includes footage from the Cut & Paste crew’s coverage of the 2010 WAMis

YouTube Preview Image

*I hear a whisper that Will will be lending his vocals to a track by a hot local electronic artist

Dominic Pearce:

Directed by Cut & Paste casual camera/sound man Dom has been hard at work on a bunch on clips recently, including the new one for adult-contemporary super group Basement Birds. I was on board as the on-location production assistant and with a one-day shoot along Brookton Highway this is what manifested:

YouTube Preview Image

* I hear that Dom is working on the new Tomas Ford clip…

Once the MAC is back… we will upload some ‘exclusive’ videos shoot on the Flip on-location.

Stay tuned next week for when we see what some of the others boys have been doing… until then check out The Community’s new website – it’s really nice!



Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 by John


So whilst looking for some fresh Amok images to go with this post I did a trusty old Google search, and instead of finding some wall pieces all I could find was



Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 by Matt



Friday, July 16th, 2010 by Matt



Friday, July 16th, 2010 by McCann



Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

WHAT: Moon Exhibitions presents INTRODUCING
WHO: Tim Rollin, Dave Misled, Yohyo and Rubik
WHERE: The Moon Cafe
WHEN: Now until the 7th August


A contemporary low-brow art show showcasing the drawings and paintings of up and coming ratbag artists at the The Moon Cafe.

You will be introduced to the unique styles of Dave Misled, Yohyo, Rubik and Tim Rollin. Witness the images of fancy produced by young minds with a very tentative grip on reality.



Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 by John



Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 by John

Know amongst the traps as the arts & fashion editor for X-Press and styling and snapping her way about town Emma Bergmeier, has (not so secretly) been making a bit of a name for herself with Perth’s first street fashion site, www.Dropstitch.com.au

When retiring from a holiday jaunt in the isles of Europe Bergmeier returned to Perth whilst most of her flock had fled the city for the world of ‘over-east’. www.Dropstitch.com.au was her vehicle to woo ‘em back. Armed with her camera, she vowed to hit the streets to document Perth’s most fashionable. That hasn’t panned out but what has is a increasing collection of images of the stylish inhabitants of Western Australia, raising the international and national profile of the WA fashion industry and its followers substantially. Since its inception, Dropstitch has been featured in a host of magazines including Vogue UK, German Glamour, Cleo Australia, South Korea’s Cracker Your Wardrobe, Russia’s Khooligan Magazine, and Australia’s own Attitude Magazine.

It may have taken a year or three, but to bask in the glory of all that is  www.Dropstitch.com.au it’s time for a soiree/exhibition on Friday, July 16, at one of the three Pigeonhole stores – Cabin Fever space (Bon Marche Arcade). Venture down for a dash of photographs featuring some of Perth’s most fashionable residents… and there will be prizes (and hopefully food and (alcoholic) drinks too)

Event Information:
Happy Birthday Dropstitch
Friday, July 16, 7pm – 10pm
Pigeonhole: Shop 16, Bon Marche Arcade, 80 Barrack Street, Perth.



Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 by Matt



Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 by John

Ras G

The {move} family are back with a very special edition of their monthly Rhythmatism series at The Bird. We are very pleased to announce the imminent arrival of El Ay-Lien #1 … Captain of The Afrikan Space Program, power forward of the Brainfeeder Crew! RAS_G & THE AFRICAN SPACE PROGRAM, Thursday 22nd of July at The Bird.

Ras_G’s music is rich with space-funkified rhythms, air-horns, natty chattin, subterranean bass lines, colossal percussion and glorious highs. This is the music that people will be playing in the ghettos of Mars in the year 3014.

Ras_G has been a fixture on the underground beat/hiphop scene in Los Angeles since the early 90s. He is a proud South Central LA resident and founding member of Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder Crew! Ras along with Black Monk and Ron Stivers are the founders of the Poo-Bah Label.

Rhythmatism is a new monthly dance party brought to you by the {move} family featuring future music from the past and present. It happens on the last Friday of every month, or thereabouts, at Perth’s premier live underground music venue, The Bird. Get down early to every Rhythmatism night to pick up one of their super limited edition series of {move} mix-tapes. Free for the first 50 people to arrive, these highly sought-after gems feature a new mix from local and interstate DJs every month.


With the {move} family DJs and Special Guests TBA!

WHERE: The Bird, William St Northbridge

WHEN: Thursday 22 July, 8pm

YouTube Preview Image


Monday, July 12th, 2010 by Matt



Monday, July 12th, 2010 by McCann




Friday, July 9th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

Lior at Artbar. Photo courtesy of Jordan Shields

Lior at Artbar. Photo courtesy of Jordan Shields

Where: ARTBAR, WA Art Gallery
When:  Thursday July 8th

As part of the City of Perth Winter Arts Season, Israeli born-Australian singer-songwriter Lior was super keen to perform to a crowd of just under a hundred after suffering an 11 hour flight to Perth via Adelaide and Sydney. Lior is the 3rd installment of a 4 part winter concert series at the new Artbar, inside the WA Art Gallery.

Supported by the sweet folksy sounds of guitar and violin from local WAMI Songwriter winner Timothy Nelson and surrounded by the new exhibition Relativity by Patricia Puccinini and visual mixing by VJ Zoo, the Artbar refreshes an otherwise cold and empty Art Gallery. Artbar gives you the chance to see the wonderful and weird on exhibit, have a bite to eat, or sip a glass of wine or champagne.

Along with plenty of friendly banter Lior performed a first-class electric acoustic set accompanied by string quartet and double bass. He worked his way through debut album favorites Grey Ocean, Autumn Flow, Daniel and Gypsy Girl, encouraging people to clap along as his makeshift drums.

From second album ‘Corner of An Endless Road’, Lior invited “any beautiful girl who knows the lyrics to “I’ll Forget You” to duet with him onstage. Originally a Sia/Lior duet, an audience member was plucked from the crowd. ‘Karen’ certainly wasn’t shy and harmonized impeccably, making “I’ll Forget You” a highlight of the night. After having been in the studio for months recording, the audience was also able to catch a few of his new songs as tasters for his 3rd album due out in September.

To top the night off, this charming Lior gave the gift of a beautiful encore with Building Ships, and an unsurpassed a capella of a Hebrew prayer song about liberation through compassion that received gasps from an adoring crowd. Make sure to catch Claire Bowditch at Artbar as the last installment of performers for the Winter Arts Season on Thursday the 5th of August.

Photos by Jordan Shields



Thursday, July 8th, 2010 by Matt



Wednesday, July 7th, 2010 by Chris


WHAT: SUGAR ARMY. With Young Revelry and Emperors

WHERE: Amplifier Bar, Perth

WHEN: 3/07/10

It’s July and it’s cold but Sugar Army are keeping everything under control as they head around Perth on their In Control Tour. The third of four dates brought them and an irrepressible crowd to the Amplifier bar.

Support heroes, Emperors began the eve. Every time these guys play they seem to get better. Their songs have moved from mundane and bland to well crafted and with even better execution.

New single, The River and a reworked version of Favorite Colours were highlights from quite a delightful set that perhaps moved this band from OK to, dare a say it, a band to watch.

Young Revelry jumped up on stage for the second support slot. Starting off with a flurry of noise, distortion and heaviness, hopes were high for a band I had yet to see.

However as they settled down into their set my hopes faded. Young Revelry are in no way a bad band, but for me they were bland, repetitive and for the most part devoid of any real sense of self.

So to everyone’s favorite tasty treat: Sugar Army. From the outset it was clear that Sugars are well rehearsed, experienced and a downright good band. They played a fine set of new songs, in-between older tracks. Sugar Army gave the Saturday night crowd quite a treat.

They way they are able to weave tracks together is, in part, down to the hard work they put in the rehearsal rooms but more so due to the comfort they have with each other on stage.

Greed is Good, Where Do You Hide Your Toys? and new track In Control soared throughout the small room and the crowd were loving it. It was good to see an Amplifier crowd interested and involved in the live music they were witnessing.

Finishing with Acute and crowd favorite Tongues In Cheeks were a measure of how in tune Sugars were on this eve. With new tracks on the way, new recordings and further shows, the Army marches on.

©Chris Wheeldon. 5th July 2010.

Photos by Lisa Businovski Click any picture to see it full size!



Monday, July 5th, 2010 by John

First night of The Hideout and Soulaverse at the Leederville Hotel. Spot you?

Photos by Nicole Norelli




Friday, July 2nd, 2010 by John


The Hideout is a new collaborative effort between ourselves and some of fine folk from within the local industry – Think Twice, The Community, Flowlab and Analogue Agency. Launching tonight, Friday July  2, The Hideout is a free weekly night with a hip-hop flavour, embracing the local hip-hop community allowing hip-hop artists to showcase their music and bringing together local producers, emcess and DJs.

Opening night at The Hideout starts things off in style with local wordsmith and barefoot rapper (*note due to Leederville Hotel policy he will in fact be wearing shoes) Mathas. Cue shoe segue , as they are most likely the kicks of cam-indo-hip-psych-hop sheik and The Community’s other founder Diger Rokwell with something new, something borrowed and something blue. Resident DJ Arms In Motion will have his Torq in full effect with – you guessed it – hip-hop from all eras alongside the silent but violent DJ Silence who kicks off the madness from 8pm.


WHAT: The Hideout Opening Night

WHEN: TONIGHT that’s Friday July 2 from 8:00pm

WHERE: Downstairs at the Leederville


Arms In Motion 11:30-12:00

Mathas 11:00-11:30

Arms In Motion 10:30-11:00

Marksman 10:00-10:30

Arms In Motion 9:30-10:00

Diger Rokwell 9:00-9:30

DJ Silence 8:00-9:00

Opening night at The Hideout brings some of Perth’s premier emcee, DJ and producer talent. Local underground hip hop heavyweight and co-founder of local crew The Community, Mathas will headline with a set of live raps. Showcasing some new tunes and some old tunes will be The Community’s other founder, radio show host and psych-hop mysterio Diger Rokwell. Resident DJ Arms In Motion will be in full effect spinning a selection of hip hop from all eras as will guest DJ Silence who will kick off the madness Others to feature in the first few weeks include Taku, Naik, emcess Delirious and Coin and DJ Zeke
The Hideout is a collaborative effort between Think Twice, Cut & Paste, The Community, Flowlab and Analogue Agency. The Hideout is there every Friday and free to get in, with a strong rotation of producers, emcess and DJs. It’s about offering a regular weekly night for people to enjoy quality music from a range of local artists and is about embracing the local hip-hop community allowing hip-hop artists to showcase their music. The Hideout embraces producers, emcess and DJs in equal proportions every night.