October, 2010


Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 by John


It’s springtime in Perth and while the days are becoming warmer and sunnier the nights still provide the opportunity to snuggle up under a blanket with someone you really like. What better place to enjoy the company of your cuddle buddy than at the movies?
Thanks to the good folks at the Northbridge Piazza and the inspiration on Jimmy the Exploder, Perth nights are buzzing with the incredibly cool films of the man credited as creating the teen film genre: The John Hughes Retrospective is on now and you can find out all about it here. These photographs were taken at the opening night screening of Weird Science, make sure you check out Molly Ringwald night this Saturday!

Special thanks to Kitta for her photographs you should go see her blog.



Friday, October 22nd, 2010 by John

Henry-and-Arron-PerthWhat do you do when no one in their right mind will pay any attention to your podcast? It’s funny, it’s about movies, everyone likes movies right? What’s wrong with people?

Well what else can you do but make a movie out of your struggle for recognition; then, realising you have no money you break the thing down into a series of webisodes in the hope that some funding body will treat you as “new’ or Cross platform or some other type of buzzword that attracts cash like shit attracts flies.

Not satisfied with their role providing semi-frequent film review podcast reviews for Cut & Paste Henry and Aaron have gone down the road of trying to actually make a movie and ended up with the a series of webisodes called Henry & Aaron’s Perfectly Adequate Webisode Series…you never know it might actually be better than adequate. The main point is that the lads have got this webisode series in a competition  and you might want to vote for their efforts. The trailer made me laugh so hard I spilled beer all over myself, which was a terrible waste of my breakfast.

You can vote once a day up until November 15
The men behind the Henry & Aaron you can check out the 60 second preview here



Friday, October 22nd, 2010 by John


The time has come for the Cut & Paste and Paper Chain Beatmaker X Filmmaker challenge… Perth’s first cross media music collab where local beatmakers and filmmakers are paired up, set free with $30, a video camera and the creative juices they were born with.
Over the course of the day the beatmakers will be diggin for records/cds/cassettes/anything with a sound bite, while the process in recorded live. Then they head into the studio to create what they can with the selected booty!

So here’s the deal:

1. All participants meet up at The Bird at 9am (that’s right in the morning)

2. Beatmaker and Filmmaker names are thrown into a hat and paired up

3. Take your $30 (That’s $15 p/Beatmaker) and find your samples

4. Make the beat, Film the process

5. The beats will be showcased at The Bakery over beers and a BBQ the next day

The following week, as part of the second 3ON3 ASPHALT COMP the local filmmakers will screen the results of the Beatmaker X Filmmaker challenge on the big screen in the Bakery courtyard.

We still have a couple of last minute filmmakers spots available, so if you are keen and are free tomorrow morning throw the Paper Chain boys an email the here.

The beats will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD from the PAPER CHAIN website as well as the shorts on all interweb platforms.



Thursday, October 21st, 2010 by John


Last night Rhode Island native, and arguably one of Hip Hops most influential poets/lyricists graced the stage of the Rosemount Hotel, in his first ever visit Perth.  Coincidentally this will also be the last time he will perform here, as Sage announced earlier this year that after the LI(F)E On The Road Tour he will be on indefinite hiatus. Supporting Sage was Mathas, Thorts & Kadyelle, Delirious and Dj Silence

The Community and Flow Lab were responsible for bringing the great man to our town and gave us what many in Perth will be calling the gig of 2010!

As always, Mr. Brad Serls was on hand to grab some snaps for us, check them out below.



Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 by John


Last Saturday saw the first installment of Don’t Sleep a monthly showcase of all things Garage, House, Dubstep and all the bass wobbles in between. The brain child of local collectives Paper Chain, {move}, ICSSC and Dead Weight! The launch night saw South East Londoner Deadboy, the latest signing to the Numbers squad as the main attraction.

Mr. Brad Serls was down Bakery way in and amongst it and took the following snaps for us.



Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 by John


The team behind JumpClimb assembled together some of Perth’s finest musicians and singers to play their favourite Nick Cave songs.

Held at The Rosemount Hotel last Friday  An Ode To Nick Cave featured singers Will Stoker (Will Stoker and The Embers), Laith Tyranny (The Bible Bashers), Ruby Boots, James Teague,Tim Bott (One Tiger Down), Emma Margaret (Cat Black), Harvey Rae (RTR), Vive Oldham and Selk Hastings (Selk Hastings and The Bone Singers). They were backed by two live bands, consisting of members The Scotch of St. James, Project Mayhem, The Jackards, Bat Country, The Kuillotines, Therapist, Caballeros, The Typhoons.

The evening kicked off with Wolves At The Door and Tree.

The man with the stills camera in hand Brad Serls was down and you can find his pics below.



Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

Timo Maas-0531

Who: Timo Maas
When: Friday 15th Oct
Where: Ambar Nightclub

Last Friday Boomtick Events invited Timo Maas to share an affectionate mix of deep, deep techno with the people of Perth. My job as a photographer is to go in and to speak to every person in the club and take their photo. So I’ll just tell you what I see and what I came here to shoot.

The pre-performance nervous jitters kick in and then give way to an insatiatable excitement. Pumped I knock back a couple of jagerbombs, slightly vomit in my mouth and swallow ‘cos I’m hardcore and ready to rock. I slap myself in the face a couple of times to get over it: shake it off, kill a cigarette and then strut straight into the middle of an inexhaustible carnivorous and desirous crowd.

The suave, calm, collected 41 year old Timo Maas emerges with his beautiful blonde bombshell making acting cool seem effortless. All the levels go up a notch, the crowd swells; and all at once the beats kick off with a good blend of the sweet smell of something special up in the booth. Fresh faced, newly 18 year olds celebrate birthday parties and worship sweaty gyrating bodies on the dancefloor. Oh and remember: your guest dj is the guy your dancing with not just dancing for.

Things get wild pretty quickly… Hands come at me from all directions, groping. All of a sudden my camera and I are everybody’s new BFF and they want their photo taken not just by me but with me too. The ladies tear each others hair out over who’s next and who is more beautiful.  I can’t share with you the real secret to this, but let’s just say there’s an unspoken power you possess when your role is to party and work at the same time. So I just roll with it, get loose and keep shooting.

So remember, next time you see me: Work it! and show me how much you love to party.

Check out the looseness in my flickr gallery, here:



Friday, October 15th, 2010 by John


Last Thursday saw (The) Right Side put on the sixth installment of Hip Hop Kara’Yo!’Ke. What has fast become a monthly institution for Hip Hop heads, Karaoke lovers and people who like the sound of their own voice Hip Hop Kara’Yo!’Ke is the place to be if you want to drop a verse from your favourite Hip Hop track. With Assembly Line’s Nathan J’s amassed collection of instrumentals anyone and everyone has the chance to get up on stage and spit mad lyrics! Bar cards and booby prizes on offer to the winners… and the worst!

Cut & Paste finally got the chance to get down to The Bird to see Hip Hop Kara’Yo!’Ke in all it’s blinged out glory. Bradley Serls was down taking some snaps of the night, which you can check out in the gallery below.



Monday, October 11th, 2010 by Matt

CP10_FacebookImageOneAfter nearly five years as Perth’s most important independent cross platform street publication Cut & Paste is about to crack double figures and release Cut & Paste DVD Issue 10.

We always launch with a party and this time around we have something extra special in the works: A Micro-Festival held in the newly renovated and reopened Bakery on Saturday December 11 2010.



Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 by John


Last Wednesday our good friends Paper Chain and Perth shoe connoisseurs Highs & Lows celebrated a joint birthday at The Bird. The exclusive ‘invite-only’ party featured Naik, Beni Chill and Zeke from the Paper Chain stables as well as a healthy amount of giveaways… with the Cut & Paste family scooping up some sweet new kicks and tees.

Our photographer friend Bradley Serls was down taking snaps of the occasion which you can see below.

Stay tuned for some video footage of the evening popping up in the not to distant future!