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Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009 by Cassie

Seriously Sound System Line-Up‘Twas the Sunday before Christmas and the fun and funky of Perth congregated in the Hyde Park parklands for a musical celebration of summer. Seriously Sound System – RTR’s festival of local music was on again!

Hundreds basked in the 35 degree heat of the day drinking in the great tunes and the great Coopers served up to chill us out. The afternoon’s entertainment was comprised of RTR jockeys Rex Monsoon, Mama Cass and Sardi riding the decks, a sprinkle of dope rhymes from Mathas and some electro beats by The Transients, Declan and Gonzo.

At 5 o’clock The Brow Horn Orchestra took to the stage. The 9 piece ska/hip hop outfit consisting of percussion, brass, keys and vocals put on an entertaining show, grabbing the audiences’ attention with their fun music and quirky stage presence (which included partial nudity from Rezide ending up in naught but cock jocks). Taking us into the evening was the beat-mastery of Diger Rockwell, Naik and Micah VS Ben Mac.

With only a couple of hours of the night left, energetic twelve piece band Askari Afrobeat Orchestra took to the stage. This talented collective controlled the dance floor with their afro funk party music. Dan Tha Man and Rok Riley fed the vibe with a fun face-off and capping off the night was The Typhoons. The hip hop act teamed up for their last performance together before MC Able relocates to M-Town. Putting in their all, Able, Galaga, Alley and their army of talented musicians pushed out a kick-ass performance while basking in the audiences’ enthusiasm and appreciation.

RTR did it again – SSS hit the festive nail on the head!



Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 by Cassie


Last week Rahzel was in town!  Teaming up with DJ JS-1, Bitter Belief and Porsah Laine they stopped in at The Rosemount to join Diger Rockwell, Fdel, Armee and L-Street  for a Thursday night party!

When a young Rahzel was practicing his very first sounds – going about his day with a constant “brrrr – qiiiii – dum – dum” accompanying his step, he must have sounded a little kookoo.  But the years of training and refining his technique have paid off earning himself the reputation of being (arguably) the best beatboxer that walks the earth.

As the night turned into morning the packed out venue was fists in the air pumped.  Fans enjoyed a beatbox session from acclaimed albums Make The Music and Rahzel’s Greatest Knockouts. Creating sounds of drums, bass, piano and vocals with his mouth, throat and gut he single handedly impersonated a number of hip hop / rock classics by the Wu Tang Clan, Black Sabbath, Jay Z, Notorious BIG, The White Stripes Lauren Hill and more. He kicked a lot of familiar beats and the energy and sound exerted quenched the crowds thirst for hip hop.  A couple of new covers chucked in were Alicia Keys’ No One and Kanye West’s Gold Digger.  Rounding off the night was original If Your Mother Only Knew prompting an appreciative roar from onlookers.

Rahzel live = a must see


DJ Revolution @ The Manor

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009 by Cassie

DJ Revolution

What better way to kick off the Easter long weekend than to groove out to the tunes of a top U.S hip hop DJ? DJ Revolution from L.A radio station Power 106’s Wake Up show hit Australian soil to deliver a set that had the goal of reminding everyone of the importance of the DJ. His handful of mix tapes feature artists such as Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash, Biz Markie, Eric B and Rakim. In creating his albums he’s worked with Roc Raida, Craze, Spinbad, Eminem, The Beatnuts and Dilated Peoples. His latest release King Of The Decks aims to re-build the connection between DJ and MC, which he claims has been severed. On Thursday April 9 he was in Leederville delivering his message.

Respect must be given to this producer/DJ who’s been mixing hip-hop half his life. Starting out on his granddads old turntables and makeshift mixer, he made mix tapes at 12 years of age and sold them to classmates to get cash for more records. He played at clubs and parties around New York before relocating to LA to develop further contacts and skills. Eventually landing the gig on the Wake Up show, Revolution now stands as a well respected veteran with ten years experience, three albums and a bunch of mix tapes to show for it. He believes it’s his duty as DJ to source and present what’s hot on the scene right now and what will be soon. As a producer he goes to extremes to find unused beats to accompany the lyrical works recorded in his bedroom sound studio.

The classy but cozy interiors of The Manor housed his Perth show with a couple of hundred punters filling the lower floor by midnight. Supporting locals Charlie Bucket, Zeke and Selekt satisfied both the lounging head bobbers occupying the couches and the peppy dancers grooving by the DJ booth. As the hours of the night turned to morning the venue was decently packed out and buzzing to get down to a set which promised to be phat.

And phat was delivered! Revolution launched into a set that dropped many a track from King Of The Decks featuring artists such as Jazzy Jeff, Royce Da 5’9” and KRS One. Representing DJ’s he demonstrated super quick scratches, clever cuts and flawless mixing of a song selection that’s exactly what you want to get down to at a party! He warmed us up with dancier tracks by The Roots, Naughty By Nature, House Of Pain, Fresh Prince and Busta with P Diddy. People responded positively as the tracks got a bit heavier with some Pharaoh Monch, Dre, MOP, Snoop, Ruff Riders and Jay Z. As he lightened the set up towards the end a few De La Soul tunes were dished out – possibly in acknowledgment of their upcoming tour. The crowd was in high spirits throughout the set and seemingly enjoyed the homage of hip hop greats presented.

So did Revolution succeed in proving the significance of The DJ? Well he definitely demonstrated fine skills, fed the crowd great music and owned the room…. so I’d say yes!


Future Music 2009

Monday, March 2nd, 2009 by Cassie

The first day of March was a steamy one and on this day the green grass of Wellington Square was not so graciously defaced by thousands of pairs of feet. It was the day of Future Music Festival and it was clear that punters were planning to make the most of the next several hours. As eager attendees steadily swarmed the venue from the early hours of the afternoon, the impending evening of partying and trashiness started forming its structure – but with such an awesome line-up awaiting who could blame them for being amped? Five stages of cranking sets touching on almost all genres of electronic music, rides, food, drinks, dancing – fun!

Upon entry you were presented with four of the stages: The Yellow stage situated to the left was armed by locals Micah and Yummy Fur Sound System, however for most of the arvo, contained only a handful of the thousands.

Around from this was the Silent Disco, a new craze which substitutes speakers for lots and lots of headphones. During the day it quietly pumped out sounds from predominantly Aussie DJ’s. Whether it was to check out the selection of local talent, sample some international skills from DJ’s Sketch or D-Cypher, or perhaps it was just the sheer novelty of it all – a solid queue graced the entrance of the tent for a majority of the day.

Super 8 & Tab grabbed the attention of enough folk to form decent crowd at the Godskitchen stage. Their energetic house set carried across the lawn to the large shelter, where people lounged and enjoyed appropriate intro music to an evening of dance music galore.

Past the steamy, pulsating The Likes Of You tent was the massive bar area that had periods of good/slow/warm drink service through the day and provided an effective entry point for a mob of 20 kids to jump the fence – all but a couple succeeding entry. Further along the back was the raised V.I.P stand which would have had a perfect view over the audience to the Future Music stage.

Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso of Swedish House Mafia warmed the main stage with a couple of hours of funky booty shakin tunes. Show Me Love by Robin S, And I Miss You by Sade and Daft Punk’s Around The World ignited a hubbub of dance in celebration of these popular club anthems. “We love you guys! We love your country! We love Australia!” one yelled to the crowd before finishing up, making way for following act N.E.R.D.

As Pharrell, Chad and Shay took over the stage, a final rush of people swarmed to the Future stage to check out the boys in the flesh and see if they rock out as hard as they do in their albums. After an intro that touched on all 3 albums, they unsuccessfully attempted trying to get the crowd to squat down, (those who did received strange looks from fellow audience members) before dropping into a really enjoyable set that covered a good range of their work. They sampled songs from their latest album Seeing Sounds including Sooner Or Later, Anti Matter and Everyone Knows and popular tracks from their second album Don’t Worry About It and She Wants To Move were definite highlights. Fans would have to have been pleased to hear the decent selection of tracks from first album In Search Of including Brain, Run To The Sun, Bobby James, Provider and Lapdance, though Rock Superstar was the undoubtedly the peak of the set.

Over at the Godskitchen stage the Guru of turn-tables Grandmaster Flash took over at 6:30 hitting the audience a monster mash-up of classic tracks and new samples of his latest album The Bridge. Not showing a hint of his age, his energy and jam packed set picked up the crowd and launched the evening into full swing. Dropping each song for only several bars tops, he teased hip-hop fans by hinting at many classic tracks with an intro before launching into the next party tune. Some southern rap, KRS One and Run DMC, before throwing in his own tracks from The Bridge and oldies White Lines and Jump On It. Keeping with old school were tracks by Chic, Dee-lite, ACDC, Lenny Kravitz and Blur. All that was in the first half hour! Proclaiming himself a pioneer of hip-hop he explained that he views all genres of music as hip-hop and from here kicked into a steady set containing a Dr Dre mash-up, Chilli Peppers mixed with Snoop, Nirvana, The White Stripes, Naughty By Nature, Beyonce, Notorious B.I.G, Kris Kross, Big L, M.O.P … and too many more. It was awesome!

Basement Jaxx are all about party music and the crowd drank in their funky beats, colourful costumes and the powerful voices of their singers. Performing most of their big hits including Good Luck, Where’s Your Head At and a ballad version of Romeo, the crowd was loose and liberated by the music. Not limiting their set to their own songs they dropped a few covers including Sex On Fire by Kings Of Leon.

Etienne De Crecy the famous DJ in a cube was dropping a thumping set to a sea of dripping stompers next door in The Like Of You Tent. The French house DJ plays in the heart of several plasma screens which form a 3D cube. The visuals displayed on the screen are designed to represent and compliment the music he’s playing – pulsating, traveling and rotating like a rubrics cube to the beat.

All up the day was a great one with some quality acts, great atmosphere and generally a good set up. If there was a slightly smaller attendance, slightly stronger breeze and people were slightly less toasted, it would have been awesome – but you can’t win them all.


Alice Russell @ The Bakery

Monday, February 23rd, 2009 by Cassie

On Saturday Feb 7th The Bakery’s roof was blown off thanks to the powerful voices of three talented women. These lead singers and their equally impressive band members compiled the line-up for this years’ Funk Club Ball. The annual event is dedicated to celebrating the incredible pool of talent that goes through The Funk Club’s doors and this year successfully showcased some amazing acts from both here in Perth and across the ocean.

An eclectic mix of patrons filled the venue this balmy summer night. Anticipations were high to hear the soulful voice of headliner Alice Russell and most were eager to get-on-down to the quality shows that have come to be expected of locals Odette Mercy and Her Soul Atomic and the Funk Club House Band.

Kicking off the night was Odette Mercy and Her Soul Atomic. The band filled the air with chilled out grooves and overlaying this backdrop of sound Odette Mercy’s effortless voice boomed into the night enticing people from the courtyard to start filling interior of the venue.

The Funk Club House Band hit the stage next – stepping straight into their element. Originally forming as the ‘face of the Funk Club’, they have since grown to a seven piece outfit, playing at gigs for many big international artists over the last couple of years. The vocals of Denise Wijasuria, over the upbeat and uplifting music of the band set the night into gear and ensured the number of remaining people scattered through the courtyard steadily decreased. By the time Alice Russell graced us with her tiny frame and gigantic voice, outside was completely empty and inside people tried to get the preferable vantage point to both see and dance.

Singer songwriter Alice Russell is huge in the U.K and rapidly gaining popularity across the globe, on her current tour of Australia, Europe and the U.S. After releasing Under The Munka Moon in ‘04 Russell caught peoples attention with her powerful voice that can be described as timeless – in that it matches the bluesy styles of Aretha Franklin whilst setting a new standard in contemporary vocals. Her second album release; My Favorite Letters (‘05) and collaborating with the Quantic Soul Orchestra have gained her the respect of the industry, boosting her reputation enough to carry into the international limelight. Currently touring her latest album Pot Of Gold, Russell has quite the list of references under her belt having worked with a broad range of artists such as Massive Attack, Mr Scruff, The Roots, Bah Samba and Fat Freddy’s Drop.

This Saturday she took over the stage armed with her microphone and five piece band. Their set included a number of songs from Russell’s first two albums including A Fly In The Hand and Two Steps. Pot Of Gold tracks were featured this night and a crowd pleasing moment occurred as we were led into a unique rendition of The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army. However it was the quirky lyrics and bouncy beat of brand new song Big Shiny Laser that claimed the spotlight. After seemingly finishing her set, Russell was not yet allowed to wrap things up. The audience applauded the little lady and band heartily – demanding for more! So funk filled the room one last time as Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy was dropped – her ground shaking voice matching the depth the song deserves.

Russell’s albums contain elements of different styles of music, incorporating jazz/soul/blues/pop and whilst generally upbeat in nature, have an overall chilled out lounge vibe. For her live performance she steps up a notch in funky energy and delivers a very satisfying show.


Breakfest 2008 @ Belvoir

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008 by Cassie

Breakfest 2008 “went off!” according to many people who attended the annual Boxing Day festival at atmospheric Belvoir Amphitheatre. Four time winner of Best Event at the Perth Dance Music Awards, this year the all day (1-11pm) festival didn’t disappoint – featuring two stages of impressive international and local talent.

Thankfully the blistering heat wasn’t an issue this year and a mild breeze which kicked in after 2pm made for a quite pleasant summer day. After Dan the Man and Royce kicked off a good start to the afternoon, local hip-hop outfit The Typhoons took the stage. Emcee Able and MC Galaga performed with eight other band members on percussion, keys, strings and brass to create a dynamic live hip-hop show which got peoples feet moving. Largely due to the earliness in the day the amphitheatre wasn’t filled out much, however The Typhoons seem to have a loyal fan base and the audience was having a good time.

Meanwhile on the local stage Marty McFly and Prizzy were getting breaks fans warmed up with an energetic set, enticing the early party goers to move around the sheltered dance floor. Philly and Mono Lisa took over the decks at 315 just as the venue started filling up noticeably. The local stage was positioned near the entrance and their crankin’ set, which dropped Mr Brightside by The Killer’s and Snap’s I Got The Power,) allured arriving punters to have a boogy.

Those who opted to bypass this stage went to check out John H representing Fort Knox Five. His groovy set complimented the summer vibes and was responsible for forming the decent mosh pit in front of the stage (which steadily grew as the evening came on). The Jungle Brothers – took over the main stage for an hour at 430. With Sammy B on the cuts and Mike G on the mic, they dropped a bouncing set which included favorites Because I Got It Like That from their first album Straight Out The Jungle and Jungle Brother from Raw Deluxe.

Hook n Sling took things up a notch pumping crowd pleasing party beats into the now rather hectic amphitheatre. People were well and truly loosened up and as the sun started sinking anticipation grew for the night ahead. At 6:30 Jay-Z’s 99 Problems filled the air indicating the start of the Atomic Hooligan set. Matt started out bringing the funk warming-up the enthusiastic audience and gradually building to banging breaks mixed with well known tracks such as De La Soul’s Ring, Ring, Ring and Busta Rhymes Dangerous.

People responded enthusiastically when Aquasky jumped in with some dirty break beats. The crowd got down to a pumping set, responding enthusiastically when Deee-Lite, The Prodigy and other popular artists were dropped.

Last up was big name for the night Krafty Kuts. This English DJ is renowned for dropping “killer sets!” and armed with MC Dynamite he capped off the night nicely once again. Opening with the Beatles and mixing into M.O.P he got the whole crowds attention. He added The Killers, Soul 11 Soul and Groove Armada to his booty shaking concoction before dropping some drum and bass for the last half hour or so – The Verve and Guns and Roses echoing through the bassline.

Another successful Breakfest!


Seriously Sound System @ Hyde Park

Monday, December 22nd, 2008 by Cassie

Seriously Sound System 2008

High on many Pertheans “top things to do on a summer day” list is spending a lazy afternoon with friends in the sun at Hyde Park – having a few drinks and taking advantage of the peaceful serenity that can be found so close to town. If you happened to be there on December 20th, the element of funky music was added to the equation for Seriously Sound System.

Running from midday ‘til late, RTRFM put on this yearly small music festival which features local music acts from different genres – from reggae to breaks, hip hop, funk and more. This years’ line-up didn’t disappoint, featuring a talented selection of artists who all did their best to get peoples bodies moving.

Showers in the morning caused a little weather wariness, but by early afternoon the sun was out just in time for the first acts of the day to get the beats cranking. Though it was an 18+ event there were a number of small children present with their parents, seemingly enjoying the music and having a little boogie.

By mid afternoon there were almost a few hundred punters scattered across the lush grass. Zarm set a chilled out vibe to the afternoon filling the air with roots and reggae tunes. This four piece dub/reggae outfit infuses old school beats with live vocals, percussion and guitar, creating a funky fresh sound that was enjoyed by all.

Dart stepped up next delivering a pumping drum and bass set. Though onlookers appreciated the music, it was seemingly too early for this degree of bass and bottoms remained planted on the floor. A brief period of heavy rain was the catalyst for change, prompting punters to get up and find shelter under the big Banyan trees. As the rain lightened and sun shine broke through, people were enticed out again: the wet grass preventing most from sitting back down. The alternative was to have a sun dance – just as dub/reggae group Earthlink took over the stage.

Earthlink’s Drummie, Simo T, Isis and Sheriff Lindo brought in the funk, just as the venue started filling out quite rapidly. Accompanied by MC Munchie Man, these guys took control of the crowd by delivering music to match the party vibe, enticing people to boogy.

Ben Taaffe and Ben Elliot kept the mood going by adding some breaks and hip-hop to the night. Following them Funk Club’s Odette Mercy and Her Soul Atomic delivered soulful grooves, the beautiful bluesy voice of Ms Mercy echoing over the park.

As dusk started to set in, inhabitations were loosened and the crowds aim was to dance and have a good time. Fdel responded accordingly, continuing with hip-hop and breaks but cranking it up a notch. By the time Downsyde took the stage the audience was well pumped. The popular hip-hop outfit played a selection of tracks from their four albums and delivered another crowd pleasing performance.

The last act for the night was Micah vs. Ben Mac. These well reputed DJs pumped out an energetic breaks set, jumping around and dancing as hard as the people watching them.

Ben Mac spoke to Cut & Paste about teaming up with Micah: “With Micah it’s so easy – we don’t have to speak about anything. We just get up there and slap it because we know each other so well. Bloody love it”. Their compatibility is evident in their well flowing set that made you want to dance hard. “I am a firm believer in never planning sets as I find it steals from the flow of the performance. We spoke about the first tune we were both going to play and winged it from there as it’s the only way to be in touch with the crowd.”

All in all Seriously Sound System was the perfect way to spend a sunny December day.