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Friday, January 21st, 2011 by Matt

Cut & Paste Mini-Canvas by Tim & Jean

About the biggest thing to have bounced out of Perth in the last six months or so Tim & Jean chat with the man with the biggest set of ranga-dreads in the media today.

while you’re here check out our photos from Southbound



Wednesday, January 19th, 2011 by Matt

Cut & Paste Mini Canvas by GraceWoodroofe

Discovered at the age of 16 by some bloke from Perth called Heath Something-or-Other who whisked her off to Los Angeles to make an album, Grace Woodroofe has had a charmed journey. So what could be better than a conversation between her and the endlessly charming Mr Aarom Wilson?

While you’re here, read Aaron McCann’s behind the scenes Soutbound adventures



Friday, January 7th, 2011 by Matt

Security Guard pornby Aaron McCann

Q: How did all the ripped up porn start floating around the media tent?

A: Keep reading…

So it’s 6:28am and the sun has just come up, but because the sun hates us we boil in the tent. TENTS and the SUN don’t mix… EVER!  It’s so unbearable that we leave and decide to go to the beach.

The beach is great in the morning. It wakes you and up gets you ready for the day. I don’t own ANY shorts so I had to borrow some from Chris, who informed me that they looked like shorts from Baywatch. I wanted to run up and down the beach in slow motion, but being in the water was better.

The sleepy little town of Busselton was not so sleepy that day… Well ok, it was but Coles was open and we got a banana then off to the TAB for a beer as it was the only thing open that had beer available.

Back at SOUTHBOUND, into the staff parking and lugging the gear through the crowds of people who just seem to be waking up or arriving from god knows where. We get to the media tent. Charge our phones (oh by the way. Still no good reception down here. It’s insane. WiFi doesn’t even work). Then off to pack up the tent as John shoots some live footage of The Chemist, who were our first interview of the day.

Backstage, after the struggle with security to get in… AGAIN, we do our interview with The Chemist, I don’t have headphone and can’t hear shit. There is a camera problem and cards need to be changed… all really boring and you don’t need to hear about this… It’s still fucking hot!

In between interviews I get a text from a friend saying:

Quote of the festival from some young girl: “Why are their two Australian flags and one Japanese flag”… The Japanese Flag she was referring to was the Aboriginal flag … I Almost fell over laughing. Are fucking kids these days THAT dumb? Yes, yes they are. Sure I’ve mistaken flags before. Most people have. It’s easy to mix up the Australian and New Zealand flag or the Holland and French Flags. But the Japanese Flag and the Aboriginal Flag? C’mon! I’m sorry but the girl who originally said that; Retard, from an uneducated and racially sterile background. Idiot!

Back to the interviews: We shot Tim & Jean followed by Grace Woodroofe (to whom I said “have a good show, even though she’d already played… felt like a fool, but beer made that feeling go away quick) followed by Tame Impala. All interviews went well but I didn’t get a chance to see Sleigh Bells. But at that stage it didn’t matter. It was just Far too fucking hot to move and I preferred just sitting in the shade drinking free soft drinks. Ahhhhh refreshing…

Back to the media tent and caught the last half of Paul Kelly. He had a massive crowd, both young and old. The kids and the olds love him. Plus the man has simply amazing songs, so it was good that I got to see him for a bit.


The Mystery of the Torn Porn.

Pages and pages of torn hardcore porn are scattered around the media tent and a few questions come to mind.

1) Who buys Porn mags anymore? We have the internet, we’re all tech savvy, why would we need a still pic when we can latterly type anything our hearts desire into a search engine and we’ll have it there.

2) Who in the Media would bring Porn? No one was the answer but there was an even split between guys and girls in the tent, all of us working our asses off and none of us with the time on our hands to bat one out in between sets.

Answer: Maybe security? I donno, there was speculation, and upon further investigation there were more torn pages in the porta-loo behind the Media tent than scattered throughout, but the mystery will live on.

That was our two days. We left right after Tame Impala and didn’t stay for the Klaxons or A-Track. We all just wanted to go home and have a real shower.

SOUTHBOUND this year wasn’t my favourite. The National made it worthwhile but the line-up was all over the place. The crowds seemed thin here and there and the heat made it ridiculous. As always the organisation was great and we had access to lots of things the average punter doesn’t which is great to share with you all, but there was only one band I saw that stood out and the other I saw was ok, and it was too fucking hot to see the last one I wanted to see. I had fun, I always do but being so close to the new year and so close to BREAKFEST was maybe not the best move this year for SOUTHBOUND 2011. All in all though the punters will decide if they enjoyed it or not.

This isn’t a review, just an opinion on what happened and how. Take it or leave it.

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Friday, January 7th, 2011 by Matt

The musicians you came to see…

Read Aaron McCann’s Fear and Loathing in Busselton Part One and Part Two

Look for yourself in Court’s Southbound social snaps.

Catch up with Chris Callan’s fight with a sailor



Friday, January 7th, 2011 by Matt

Spot yourself and your friends in the Crowd at Southbound 2011

Don’t forget to read  Aaron’s Southbound Story Part One AND Part Two

Catch up with Chris Callan’s fight with a sailor

More Photos from Southbound



Friday, January 7th, 2011 by Matt

img_5240By Chris Callan.

Let me begin with a confession. This was the first year I entered the Southbound festival without a bottle of rum down my dacks. Instead Aaron, John and I were armed with video cameras and microphones ready to capture the talent southbound had on offer.

I have always fantasized about having band play for me while I relaxed in a sauna and finally that fantasy was fulfilled! The Cold War Kids played to Hot Sweaty Kids with Ray Ban tan lines, but thankfully the festival didn’t feel as overcrowded as it has in previous years.

Refreshed by my sauna experience I was ready to take on another challenge from ‘Festival To Do” my list: ‘Have a fight with an old man, whilst wearing only my jocks’. How was I to know that the shower I was using was for yacht club members only? Luckily I was wearing my Captain Reds. Take that Old man and the Sea!

I had a lovely sleep cuddled up with my Cut & Paste crew, and thankfully I hadn’t seen Aaron’s Christmas special yet or I may have stayed with angry shower man.

I enjoyed Tijuana Cartel and Birds of Tokyo made Perth proud on the main stage, The Chemist were all forms of awesome and Split seconds played a heartwarming set.

Burning questions still remain though, like “Why the hell do I have to show you my access all area pass to get OUT of the VIP area? I understand why you need to see it going in but I’m leaving man!” – Thank you security.

See you next year – Look out for the air-conditioned Cut & Paste tent!

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Look for yourself in Court’s Southbound social snaps.



Friday, January 7th, 2011 by Matt

aaronchrisby Aaron McCann

“I jus wanna FUCK SOMETHIN!!!….. I’M SOOO LOOOONELY!!!!!” Yep it’s 12am in the morning and this is what we hear as myself and Chris Callan try to set up a tent in the dark, sober… Not like myself and Mat de Koning attempting to do the exact same the year before… not so sober. But the strange yelps and cries for sexual gratification from the children, most likely on acid, a few tents away, made me chuckle. So how did we end up here? Lets go back shall we? Yes, the question is redundant, we’re going back… I’m telling you, not asking you.

I get a text from John Macliver at 9:27am “Yo make it 10:30 at the office” (we were meant to meet at 10am. I didn’t wake up ’cause of that CRAZY iPHONE BUG that stopped your alarms going off and made the weather unbearable.

10:40 I rock up at the office and we take off for the long, long, long drive to Busselton to shoot SOUTHBOUND 2011 I’m exited about this one because I really want to see The National, Joan Jett and Sleigh Bells. That’s it. That’s ALL I wanted to see. “But what about this person, and that band and this band?” Who gives a fuck! I’ve been to enough fucking festivals where I can be content with seeing who I want to see and not have you fucking lecture me about how good this band was or is or will be. 3 Bands. Done.

We arrive and it’s HOT! I mean the kinda hot that makes you go “How am I sweaty there?” Hot. Lugging camera gear from cars to trolleys, trolleys to gates, gates to camping ground, ground to media tent and then to back stage and back again… Pain in the ass. We Have VIP/Press access… Still a pain, But 3 bands. 2 on the 1st night. Not complaining. First up is an interview with Tijuana Cartel. I can’t hear anything and am just focused on the shot and getting a cold drink (Even if I shoot the interview, in situations like this I really only “SEE” the interview for the first time when I edit it… Strange? Maybe…. Too HOT don’t care)

SECURITY: “You can’t come through here without a AAA”

US: “We’re standing in the AAA section… we want to go to General Admission”*

*This conversation happened over and over, again and again. We gave up by day two and mastered horrid looks to express our distaste for them not being able to remember our faces, and more interested in the half torn pages of a porn mag they left discarded in the staff toilets like many actual condoms found in the regular toilets.

So then we packed up our equipment for the first day and I went off to see The National. I primed myself right up front so I could get a great view and be in the crowd and experience Frontman; Matt Beringer’s amazing vocals in awe… What I wasn’t expecting however was when they started off with “Mistaken For Strangers” from their acclaimed 2nd Album Boxer (one of my favourite tracks) some fucking retarded, vocally inept walking failed abortion starts singing every line from the top of his lungs, right behind my ear. Not just a Chorus (that I could handle) NO! Everything word for word (he fucked up a lot of the words… and the key it’s meant to be sung in, the general pace… FUCK!


So I left for the back of the pit. More room, but not up close. Still great, still amazing. (Got told off for smoking… fucking hell… why not rape me while i’m here!) So when, for their final song “Terrible Love” from High Violet, kicks in and Beringer launched himself into the crowd, to about the point I was originally standing, where fuck-diddly-umptious was still singing every word, was I angry? Kinda. But that that stage I had had my festival highlight and could go home in peace.

Two more drinks. Not drunk yet. Off to Joan Jett.

The crowd was slim, mainly cause it was full of girls who just saw the movie “The Runaways” and now think they know everything about their music. More about stupid people like this in

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts played. They were good, not great. They played “I Love Rock & Roll”, “Crimson & Clover”, “I Hate Myself for Loving You” and older Runaway’s tracks like “Cherry-Bomb”… But I think by that time of the night I was tired and it had dawned on me.

We hadn’t set up a tent yet and were just hoping to crash somewhere in Busselton.

CUT TO: Where we began. It’s late, we’re tired and we’re setting up a tent and some random drunk is still yelling: ““I jus’ wanna FUCK SOMETHIN!” and then every now and then he’d yell “Watermelon!!!” some girl was egging him on…

*for more on stupid girls like this see above statement about “Runaways” and a rant in Pt.2

So. Tent is up and I’m off to bed. The ground is hard. The Acid freak, wont shut up. Someone is snoring in the tent beside me and some fucking bug from hell just crawled into my ear. Still… Seeing the National was Worth It!

… More madness in Part 2

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The Community // Triple Play

Monday, November 22nd, 2010 by Matt



Monday, October 11th, 2010 by Matt

CP10_FacebookImageOneAfter nearly five years as Perth’s most important independent cross platform street publication Cut & Paste is about to crack double figures and release Cut & Paste DVD Issue 10.

We always launch with a party and this time around we have something extra special in the works: A Micro-Festival held in the newly renovated and reopened Bakery on Saturday December 11 2010.



Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 by Matt

TheBluejaysWHAT: The Bluejays with Nathan J

WHERE: The Bird, Northbridge

WHEN: 23/09/10

Occasionally Perth bands go to Melbourne, never to return. For a Thursday night down in Northbridge it was a treat to see, now ex-Perth band, The Bluejays tear the roof off The Bird.



Monday, September 20th, 2010 by Matt



Monday, September 20th, 2010 by Matt

img_2836-1Popsicle is a pop up shop and fashion event that happens each during the Perth Fashion Festival. We interviewed the designers then put all those interviews right here so you can gorge yourself on local Western Australian designers and their stylish wares.




Monday, September 13th, 2010 by Matt

Future ShortKeen lovers of cinema and Cut & Paste will already know about Future Shorts, but for anyone who has come in late: Future Shorts is an international short film event that screens programs of shorts in cool venues. Each month the future shorts people give you a mini festival of mini films.

This month the theme is a ‘best of Europe” affair  featuring Romain Gavras’ highly-controversial music video for ‘Stress’ by Justice, the intensive games of cat and mouse in David O Reilly’s award-winning animation ‘Please Say Something’ and the raw, truthful and tender coming of age tale set in the belly of London Brixton’s “Top Girl”.

Henry and Aaron on the other hand are quite possibly aliens, or maybe they’re the ghosts that haunt old cinemas scaring people with their cold, cold breath…the point is that every now and again they send us film reviews in the form of podcast style recordings.

In this irregularly planned missive Henry and Aaron give us their take on this month’s Future Shorts program, have a listen but then head along to Manhattan’s tomorrow night and check out the movies.

Listen to Henry & Aaron Now!

WHAT: Future Shorts

WHERE: Manhattan’s Victoria Park

WHEN: Tuesday 14/09/10 starting 7:30pm

FACEBOOK: See the Facebook event here



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Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 by Matt

SEMI_Perm_2010_posterThanks to our friends at Semi- Permanent and Artrage we are able to offer you guys special discounted tickets to this year’s Semi-Permanent Perth event. September 24 at the freshly jazzed up Bakery will be the venue for the event. Tickets are normally $55 but not for you, our dear friends, oh no, for you they’re just $40!
As we’re sure you all know Semi-Permanent is a world-renowned design & creative conference, bringing international and national speakers together for a day of creative conversation and inspiration.



Thursday, August 19th, 2010 by Matt


There are only a few days left until we all go to our local school and stand inside a cardboard booth with pencils and papers. As exciting as that prospect is we want you to remember that casting that ballot is important, we at Cut & Paste don’t really care which way you vote but we thought we might as well go through the election and chuck in our point of view… everyone else is so why not us as well?

Disclaimer: This is not a how to vote piece. All of this could be bullshit, like anything in politics it depends on your point of view.

What are the issues?

Government Debt

We don’t have sovereign debt on the scale of some European countries or the U.S. and while it’s really important to make sure that people who run the country have a pretty good handle on Economics and make sure that the country doesn’t collapse, there’s always something that could be done to improve the situation. One of the things about macroeconomics is that when governments “pull the levers” it can take a long time before anyone on your street feels any change. It’s one of the reasons the whole process can seem so distant. Keep an eye on personal debt before you worry about whether Australia can afford to build the NBN.

Technology and Infrastructure

This stuff is frequently pretty boring to most people and it’s been a long time since we did any really huge one off infrastructure projects, even things like the B.E.R don’t count because that was a fund for a range of small local projects, how successful you think that program was depends on a which review you believe. This election though gives us a gigantasaurus of an infrastructure project called the National Broadband Network (NBN) people who like the internet generally believe this is a good idea, those opposed reckon that if there was a market demand for it then private companies would build it without the government’s intervention. If you think back to high school you might remember a concept called “Collective Goods,” one of the questions about the NBN is whether or not you could call it that. Providing telecommunications in a country like Australia is very difficult you have a small population that is distributed over a very wide area and in some places it really is impossible to make a dollar out of telecommunications without subsidies or some sort of government intervention.

There’s a trade off though in that if you want the NBN you might have to accept an ISP level filter that makes North Korea and China’s draconian security measures look soft. Apparently though the Australian Sex Party is in favour of filter free NBN which makes me think that a whole lot of 30 something virgin gamers will be voting Sex party, just for the internet. Yes kids Politics is a murky business.

Population and Immigration

Many people see this as a non issue, unfortunately the major parties are obsessed with the idea that the poor and desperate are somehow massing in waves and preparing to descend upon Australia like a plague of locusts. Migration is tender issue, almost everyone in Australia can claim some migrant history. Whilst a responsible approach to population management is a good idea the scapegoating of asylum seekers is not. If you want people to drown at sea tell the world you’ll turn their boats around. Most people are now aware that asylum seekers are only a tiny part of the puzzle.


We were promised a lot in 2007 and particularly younger people have a right to feel let down. Personally I think the current malaise in environmental policy has more to do with policies being compromised at the draft stage in the hope that they would sneak through a hostile Senate. A Renewable Energy Target (RET) was passed when the CPRS was split up so the ETS could be treated separately; defending the ETS cost Malcolm Turnbull his job. Currently the big winners seem to be  coal miners and as the W.A Government prepares to bring more dirty coal fired power online it seems that voting for anyone who will promise some sort of price on Carbon is about the only way that we have a chance of moving away from the business-as-usual model.

What should I do?

Most people already know they’ll be voting for on Saturday there are far fewer swinging voters than it might appear (sorry Sex Party). There are a lot of people however who know that in the end they’re going to get one of the two major parties as the government but don’t really want either. this next little bit is devoted to them.

Preferential voting is a wonderful thing. I have actually taken the time to vote “below the line” for the senate and numbered some hundred or so boxes so that I could decide which insane person should be preferenced above Family First. That’s rather a lot of effort and clearly not for the faint hearted though but in the house of Representatives you might have only eight or so boxes to number. I think that rather than voting informally making a protest vote is the easiest way to let the major parties now they aren’t paying attention to your need and it’s easy: work out which of the two big parties you least want  to win and give them a high number (not necessarily last there could be some really kookie independents in your electorate) then pick your favourite minor party and give them number one, put the major party you prefer in second and you’re done, fill in the rest randomly if you like.



Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 by Matt

Radiothon 2010The man frequently mistaken for a rooster, not for his bright plumage but rather for his penchant for being awake at stupidly early times in the morning will be outside of the comfort of the RTR FM studio and instead at Caffissimo at the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

That’s right Breakfast with Barr this Friday will be special Outdoor Broadcast to open Radiothon for 2010.

The action begins at 6am when the barista makes me my first of fifteen coffees for the day and you are invited to come down, wake up and hang out with Barr and special guests like Shane Adamczak who’ll be chatting and offering up a song from his Long Songs for Future Girl…stage show which is bound to give you something else to laugh at other than the site of Cut & Paste crew zombieing about and crashing into the furniture while we’re filming.

If you’re hungry guest Chef Luke Bolton might just throw some breakfast in your face while he’s there as well, then of course there’s more music with Southbound-bound Split Seconds and WAMI winners The Brow Horn Orchestra.

By the time sun comes and other people are well and truly on their way to their normal jobs Josh Thomas, comedian and  panel star of TAYG will be making an appearance.

This is the opening event for Radiothon 2010 so if you’re not an RTR subscriber here’s your best opportunity of the year to correct this situation, have fun see some bands and get breakfast and coffee instead of drunk and sleepy.

We hope to see lot’s of you Cut & Paste kids there!

WHAT: RTRFM Radiothon Outside Broadcast Launch

WHERE: Caffissimo, Art gallery of W.A

WHEN: 6am-till 9am, Friday 20th August, 2010

FACEBOOK: Check the Facebook event here

WEB: Check the event details on RTR’s website



Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 by Matt

Sky_Croeser_WebYour Smallest Art is a project started by local academic, artist, musician and agent provocateur Sky Croeser. Instead of battling through the conventional paths to find funding for big projects or bearing all the costs alone just to get something produced local artists can now see their little ideas emerge through a series of tiny grants and call outs for projects like sticker art and Crochet bombing. Its street art-alternative street art. Sky dropped by the Cut & Paste bus shelter and tried to explain it all to me…

C&P: How long has Your Smallest Art been going?

SC: Started recently, a number of projects are in development but none have reached completion yet.

C&P: Is it street art?

SC: Yes, but its not limited because we’re interested in people exploring anything that delights them.

C&P: IS the project run just by you or do you have a team?

SC: It’s the nice thing about the internet because you can put ideas out there and then see if people want to take them up. I’ve tried to structure it in a way that is very horizontal and easy to participate. There’s space for it to grow and more people to get on board.

People have been enthusiastic about it even people who normally wouldn’t be involved in public art wanting to take part, people like to be asked personally so there’s an interesting crossover between our internet “networks” and the skill sharing that comes from an interpersonal relationships.

C&P: What was the lightbulb moment?

SC: I’d heard about a similar thing a couple of years ago and the idea was in the back of my head and then I had a spare half hour with internet access and then asked my friends if it was too dorky, they said it was, but it’s my kind of dorky.

Its better to do something small and dorky rather than  doing nothing because you believe that you have to be perfect before you start; like playing in a band, you’ll learn as you go.

C&P: I read this on Your Smallest Art’s Blog “being given money to do something is a signal that someone else values our skills. It shifts our sense of what it is we’re doing, even if the amount that changes hands is tiny.” Would you like to add anything to this idea?

CS: We live in a world where money is the primary signifier of value and we tend to draw the line between hobby and work according to what we get paid for, so a part of the idea of this project is to incorporate the idea of being an artist into people’s lives by paying them to do it, not a lot of money but just enough to destabilize the idea that you have to be perfect and amazing to be an artist, not everyone can create heart stopping art but everyone can do something.

C&P: People can find Your Smallest Art on Facebook?

CS: It’s a group that anyone can join, encourages people to see themselves involved in the whole process, anyone can do any of that; being a funder, artist and critic, visitor or audience.

C&P: What projects are currently happening through Your Smallest Art?

CS: There are three $20 grants available for Creative greening, which means guerilla gardening, moss graffiti or something totally new? We’re also encouraging people to see the process of writing funding applications as performance art, for more information people can look at either the Facebook Group or the blog.



Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 by Matt

Jazz Cellar

“Well Planned, good business model, easy access” I’m already yawning people. Where’s the humanity or the creativity? Where’s the real community? Perth is constantly crying out for home grown venues that don’t try to be everything to everyone, we don’t need another horrid barn filling bogans with Burbon until you can’t see your shoes for the rivers of vomit. Then there are the cynical marketing concepts delivered on budget in up market inner suburbs to rip your cash off you for some over managed and sterile environment guaranteed to disappear faster than a haircut can grow out.

The Jazz Cellar is that truly authentic, community driven exception to the rule. There’s a good chance that unless you’re a part of the jazz community you’ve never even heard of the place. An accident led to its creation and quietly, without the need to shout its virtues at the world it has spent more than a  decade just being a great place to hear great jazz: played by people who love jazz for people who love jazz.

No one bothered to hassle them in all that time, that was until the ever vigilant licensing branch decided to pop in and discover that people were drinking while listening to music. No money was being exchanged for these drinks, people were just sipping a beverage they had brought along from home while they listened to music, and as a result of this sting a piece of paper stands between this little landmark and oblivion.

There are few places that deserve your support more than the Jazz Cellar, and I urge you to support their efforts to remain open and get the license they need to survive.

Support the jazz Cellar by visiting their Facebook page and signing their petition

Watch the video below and see how the people behind the place have created and maintained a truly beautiful and unique Perth venue.

YouTube Preview Image