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Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 by Nicole Norelli

WHAT: ‘Raising The Dead’ Fundraiser
WHERE: The Bakery ARTRAGE Complex
WHEN: Saturday 26th Feb 2011

Local filmmaker and Cut and Paste sweetheart Aaron McCann threw a fundraiser last Saturday night called ‘Raising the Dead’ for his Zombie film ‘Perished’ at The Bakery.
The gig was held to help raise funding for the post production on the Perth bred zombie film ‘Perished’ which McCann has co- written and co-directed.  All the undead fans came out to play!
There was zombie face painting by pro special effects makeup artists who made blisters and bullet wounds, gore-lesque girls ‘Duchess Silk’ ate liver on stage and punk rockers Slaughterhouse Five, Die Scoundrels, and Mongrel Country played one hellraising soundtrack all in aid of a great cause! Good on you McCann!



Thursday, February 10th, 2011 by Nicole Norelli


WHO: Raashan Ahmad and The Paper Plane Project
WHERE: The Bird Nightclub, Northbridge
WHEN: Friday 4th January 2011
So what? SO WHAT!? Radtimes ensued. That’s what. Need proof? Take a look!



Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 by Nicole Norelli

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Last week we spent some time hanging with MC Raashan Ahmed of Crown City Rockers fame, right here in sunny lil’ Perth. Raashan was in Perth as part of an Australian tour plugging his new album “For What You’ve Lost”, released on Perth label Paper Chain Records for Australian and New Zealand distribution. We had the absolute pleasure of filming a new music video for Raashan’s feel good track ‘Sunshine”. With John Macliver in the director’s chair and Lewis Potts as DOP, and help from a great crew. Here are some photos taken from behind the scenes!

Enjoy the ‘Sunshine’….



Friday, February 4th, 2011 by Nicole Norelli


Over the last weekend I had the pleasure of taking photos behind the scenes for Kito and Reija Lee’s NEW music video clip ‘On The Jam’. Directed by Sam Price, and DOP by Sam Winzar, the day was filled with trapeze artists, loose dirt, black paint and two very lovely, hard working, local and pretty electronic artists: Kito and Reija Lee!

Photos by Nicole Norelli



Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

Timo Maas-0531

Who: Timo Maas
When: Friday 15th Oct
Where: Ambar Nightclub

Last Friday Boomtick Events invited Timo Maas to share an affectionate mix of deep, deep techno with the people of Perth. My job as a photographer is to go in and to speak to every person in the club and take their photo. So I’ll just tell you what I see and what I came here to shoot.

The pre-performance nervous jitters kick in and then give way to an insatiatable excitement. Pumped I knock back a couple of jagerbombs, slightly vomit in my mouth and swallow ‘cos I’m hardcore and ready to rock. I slap myself in the face a couple of times to get over it: shake it off, kill a cigarette and then strut straight into the middle of an inexhaustible carnivorous and desirous crowd.

The suave, calm, collected 41 year old Timo Maas emerges with his beautiful blonde bombshell making acting cool seem effortless. All the levels go up a notch, the crowd swells; and all at once the beats kick off with a good blend of the sweet smell of something special up in the booth. Fresh faced, newly 18 year olds celebrate birthday parties and worship sweaty gyrating bodies on the dancefloor. Oh and remember: your guest dj is the guy your dancing with not just dancing for.

Things get wild pretty quickly… Hands come at me from all directions, groping. All of a sudden my camera and I are everybody’s new BFF and they want their photo taken not just by me but with me too. The ladies tear each others hair out over who’s next and who is more beautiful.  I can’t share with you the real secret to this, but let’s just say there’s an unspoken power you possess when your role is to party and work at the same time. So I just roll with it, get loose and keep shooting.

So remember, next time you see me: Work it! and show me how much you love to party.

Check out the looseness in my flickr gallery, here:



Monday, August 30th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli


WHERE? Rosemount Hotel
WHEN? Saturday 28th August 2010

Featuring performances by  Harlequin League, The Tigers, Will Stoker and The Embers, Hayley Beth and Young Revelry.

Photos by Court McAllister

Photos by Stuart Millen



Friday, August 20th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

WHAT: RTR Radiothon Opening
WHERE: WA Art Gallery Caffissimo
WHEN: 20 August



Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

Kool Keith and John Macliver WHAT:  Kool Keith and Denis Deft
WHERE: Shape Bar
WHEN: Weds 11th Aug

Machine gunning their way through the set, never knew Shape could get so intimate
Providing us with a full 40 minute interview afterwards
Stay tuned for an update with Kool Keith up in the hotel room and live footage from the gig!

Full gig pix here:



Monday, August 9th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

Photos by Nicole Norelli



Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 by Nicole Norelli
YouTube Preview Image

So it’s a Tuesday and there’s 3 days to the weekend. What to do?
In finding ways to ‘better’ ourselves some take salsa classes, some choose to lindy hop and swing, others fight the fat with nightclub inspired warehouse-size classes of Zumba.
But why not break up your early weekday blues with a lil’ disco?



Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

WHAT: Moon Exhibitions presents INTRODUCING
WHO: Tim Rollin, Dave Misled, Yohyo and Rubik
WHERE: The Moon Cafe
WHEN: Now until the 7th August


A contemporary low-brow art show showcasing the drawings and paintings of up and coming ratbag artists at the The Moon Cafe.

You will be introduced to the unique styles of Dave Misled, Yohyo, Rubik and Tim Rollin. Witness the images of fancy produced by young minds with a very tentative grip on reality.



Friday, July 9th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

Lior at Artbar. Photo courtesy of Jordan Shields

Lior at Artbar. Photo courtesy of Jordan Shields

Where: ARTBAR, WA Art Gallery
When:  Thursday July 8th

As part of the City of Perth Winter Arts Season, Israeli born-Australian singer-songwriter Lior was super keen to perform to a crowd of just under a hundred after suffering an 11 hour flight to Perth via Adelaide and Sydney. Lior is the 3rd installment of a 4 part winter concert series at the new Artbar, inside the WA Art Gallery.

Supported by the sweet folksy sounds of guitar and violin from local WAMI Songwriter winner Timothy Nelson and surrounded by the new exhibition Relativity by Patricia Puccinini and visual mixing by VJ Zoo, the Artbar refreshes an otherwise cold and empty Art Gallery. Artbar gives you the chance to see the wonderful and weird on exhibit, have a bite to eat, or sip a glass of wine or champagne.

Along with plenty of friendly banter Lior performed a first-class electric acoustic set accompanied by string quartet and double bass. He worked his way through debut album favorites Grey Ocean, Autumn Flow, Daniel and Gypsy Girl, encouraging people to clap along as his makeshift drums.

From second album ‘Corner of An Endless Road’, Lior invited “any beautiful girl who knows the lyrics to “I’ll Forget You” to duet with him onstage. Originally a Sia/Lior duet, an audience member was plucked from the crowd. ‘Karen’ certainly wasn’t shy and harmonized impeccably, making “I’ll Forget You” a highlight of the night. After having been in the studio for months recording, the audience was also able to catch a few of his new songs as tasters for his 3rd album due out in September.

To top the night off, this charming Lior gave the gift of a beautiful encore with Building Ships, and an unsurpassed a capella of a Hebrew prayer song about liberation through compassion that received gasps from an adoring crowd. Make sure to catch Claire Bowditch at Artbar as the last installment of performers for the Winter Arts Season on Thursday the 5th of August.

Photos by Jordan Shields


OMG = “Original Muthaf***ing Gangstarr”

Thursday, June 24th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli
Photo: Nicole Norelli

Photo: Nicole Norelli

This lil’ kitty couldn’t leave the house quick enough last Friday after being cooped up for days on end. You know the old work drill: day-in-day-out having edited an insane amount of photos and DESPERATELY needing a number of cold alcoholic thirst-quenchers. One beer for every image edited sounded about sufficient. My eyes had become rectangular vortexes into Photoshop software, sucking my mind and soul into virtually assimilated pixels. I knew my connection with the real world was in serious jeopardy. Thankfully I received a phone call from Control telling me I was needed urgently in 3 places at once, at once!

First port of call: A C&P birthday celebration at the Scotto.
Second port of call: Bar 138 on Barrack St to celebrate their 4th birthday.
It was relatively quiet at Bar 138, nonetheless it was good to see Craig Hollywood on the decks and watch the soccer. Serbia defeated Germany to beats of Depeche Mode and David Bowie. Cut to a cheeky fantasy of Hollywood playing lashings of Kraut techno vs hardcore Serbian turbofolk whilst Jovanovic scores the winning goal!

With the soccer over I make my way to the 3rd port of call: Shape Nightclub for an intimate night with DJ Premier. Just him and me, alone in a dark room, with Boyz to Men crooning in the… Oops! My bad. Let me try that again. HOW MANY REAL HIP HOPPER’S IN THE PLACE RIGHT ABOUT NOW?!!
With the event sold out and no false advertising an intimate night was certainly delivered.
Local Paperchain producer Taku turned up the heat with a twist of his kit to 90 degrees centigrade. The crowd was pumpin’, the walls were sweatin’ and the back area was closed off to prevent people from  jumpin’ the fence and gettin’ a thumpin’…

Headayke played an impressive set getting the crowd amped with Primo- produced beats from Notorious BIG to Gangstarr, much to Premier’s dismay. Chatting to Jordan Shields in the DJ booth Headayke looked nervous. “Premier’s pissed with me man, I’ve dropped too many of his beats”. But he keeps his cool.  Along comes Premier and a sea of patrons part. Primed like a boxer, entourage in tow.

Primo first up gave a massive shout-out and rallied a legendary tribute to the untimely death of his best friend MC Guru who passed earlier this year. In fact the man had tears in his eyes. The crowd went berserk in response to this heartfelt plea by waving Big L signs in the air shouting “Guru! We Love You!”.

Not wasting any time we get into it, get hot, get nasty, get ready to party. Despite the sound issues,  Premier never hesitated in showing off his beats with soul and grace and of course his versatility in scratching, funky hip hop grooves and bump’n'grind basslines. Best hip hop tunes I’ve seen so far this year (excluding the unfortunate fall of a young man, the paramedics and the en masse evacuation down the fire escape).

As the night came to an end it was off to Uncle Billy Lee’s for Peking Ribs, salt and pepper squid, Singapore noodles and deep fried steak. The only thing missing was beer. Christ I love a Lazy Susan, the company of 5 friends and Chinese open til 5 in the morning.

*”Original Muthaf***ing Gangstarr” care of Sarah Jane Dalla Rossa



Friday, June 11th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

The night wasn’t the only thing that was cool, when the hipsters, graff artists, studio vultures and assorted underground style empresario turned out for the Opening Night of Exit Through the Gift Shop at Luna, Thursday, June 10, 2010.


Takeaway Tunes || Owls and Hayley Beth

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

So it’s finally over. WAM has had a spectacular 5 days showcasing Perth’s finest musicians, and Takeaway Tunes (run by Love is My Velocity) was by far a highlight for me and certainly a feature Northbridge could benefit from every weekend!

To finish the WAMI weekend off, Rupert from the Owls played some psychadelic instrumental soundscapes, which was a pleasure to see the different ways in which a song can be broken down or constructed, especially just by one man.

YouTube Preview Image

And last but not least, Hayley Beth graced us as the last act for TT, her performance, such power in her voice she could break glass! A big shout out to Beau for helping Hayley out on guitar, banjo and harmonica and Brendan Jay for some toe tapping tambourine slapping! Well done!

YouTube Preview Image

Also a big congratulations should go out to the Love is My Velocity kids, all of whom deserve the credit for setting up such a fantastic pop-up shop! Well done once again!


Takeaway Tunes || Eleventh He Reaches London, The Ghost Hotel, Schvendes and Tomas Ford

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

With the WAMi’s on all this week local producers Love is My Velocity have opened a pop-up shop called Takeaway Tunes. Bringing the heart of Northbridge some much needed local flair from it’s key creatives, Takeaway Tunes is the place to go to find a real representation of what goes on under the skin of this city.

Each night at TT Perth bands and musicians play an hour long set which is recorded live. This unique experience of shop and rock combined create such a pleasant experience! It’s a rare happening, that only seems to come around while such Perth festivals are on and a pity it’s not on every weekend! Get on down to Takeaway Tunes to make sure you don’t miss out! Or if you have missed it, check out the Cut and Paste vlogs  of each set!

Takeaway Tunes kicked off on Wednesday with local boys Eleventh He Reaches London slamming out an extremely loud and rockin’ set. It was an interesting contrast to listen to the ear penetrating ‘Mount Lawley Metal’ and yet be seated amongst the installation of a glowing ambient room peppered with real grassy knolls and flowerpots!

YouTube Preview Image

Thursday night saw The Ghost Hotel obliterate a fantastic live set (once again how wonderful all the bands were recorded live!) seamlessly swaggering through their country rock  ballads and playing all their greats such as Dead Letter Heart and Let Your Hand Be Your Guide. Taking full advantage of the live recording session ,The Ghost Hotel wasted no time and performed Juliet twice (one time electric, the other an acoustic version) just to make sure they got it right. An admirable example of pure WA talent and melodic craftsmanship, The Ghost Hotel were definitely one band I’m glad I didn’t miss!


Friday night it was the dark and sultry Schvendes that filled Takeaway Tunes with their melancholic masterpieces. Amazing wailing melodies and heartrending lyrics pulsated from this 5 piece, so much so that it felt like Nick Cave, PJ Harvey and The Dirty Three were all in the room together flagellating and torturing love songs into dark twisted monstrosities of human emotion. Talk about powerful!


Not to fear, because after having your hearts torn out by Schvendes we had a man who can show you the brighter side of everything, a man who enjoys his humble pie and a schoolgirl giggle, a man who encourages you not to be shy and hold everything in, a man by the name of Tomas Ford. Yes, 2 time WAMI award winner Tomas Ford gave us his first acoustic set ever in a beautifully intimate set. Utilizing the sounds of his spectators, Mr Ford made sure his interactions with the audience were also recorded live onto his tracks. Spoken word, sing-alongs and ambient sound scapes were all incorporated into his set as part of a grand sound design. Well done Mr Ford, well done!

YouTube Preview Image

Photos by Nicole Norelli and Jordan Shields


Kiss My Camera

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

YouTube Preview Image

Kiss My Camera is a photographic exhibition currently on display at the West Australian Museum in Perth as part of the WAMI’s (the WA Music Industry) showcase happening all this week. The Kiss My Camera exhibition is a new feature to the WAMI showcase, having only been in existence in the last 2 years.

There are 48 images on display tucked away on Level 2 with some of the one’s we think are the best featured on our footage (check out the vid!). The photos are taken of live West Australian musicians, international artists who have played in Perth as well as press and promotional photos for bands. There are some great portraits too, especially a fantastic candid of ex-Xpress Editor Bob Gordon as Paul Stanley from KISS taken by Lisa Businovski.

Kiss My Camera is a lovely little hats off to all those hard working photographers hustling in the media pit making sure the images you see in your local street rag and websites are top notch! And to those who have simply grabbed a great moment by being in the right place at the right time. Congratulations to all the finalists, some of whom we all know well, such as Anthony Tran (Sunset and DrumMedia), Jordan Shields (The Wire), Court McAllister (92.9), Lisa Businovski (Xpress), Jarrad Seng and Bridget Turner just to name a few!

Make sure you check it out before the 12th of July and vote for your favourite photo as well.  A People’s Choice award goes to the photographer whose image is most voted for! Then Kiss My Camera goes on it’s own little musical history tour across regional WA.


Claremont Creamfields

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

Creamfields_PosterGirl Unlike the poster suggested there were no flying flags atop circus tents with rides and ferris wheels in the background. Creamfields was particularly vacant. With a maximum capacity of approximately 6000, perhaps only a third of this attended. What has widely been known as Creamfields (in festival terms, we are talking 50,000 punters at one of the worlds first and foremost Dance music festivals) embarrassingly became Cream Sheds at Claremont Showgrounds.


A Little Bit More…

Thursday, March 18th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

Alright kids! Get ready for a little bit more of Boom Bap Pow! who play Amplifier Bar this Saturday,March 20th.  For those of you who may not know, Boom Bap Pow! are ready to get you dancing to the bossiest bossa nova and doo-wop pop n’ soul tunes this side of the coastline! Get your  on!

Coming immensely recommended, directly after playing Sandalford Estate’s Day on The Green and supporting Motown stars (and personal heroes) The Temptations, The Four Tops and Martha & The Vandellas, Boom Bap will be launching the new single “Science” from their new album ‘A Little Bit More’. Supporting Boom Bap are The Jackards, The Siren Tower, The Brow Horn Orchestra.

Also keep an eye out on Cut and Paste and get involved in their music video next weekend on the 27th, down Freo way, for a massive street parade and jitterbug jamboree as they are looking for lovely locals to dance their lil’ hearts out!!Boom Bap Pow



Monday, March 8th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

Mister KillahIt’s official! A gig and a venue like no other in Perth certainly gave you a night to remember. Into an intimate 170 capacity, with pizza on arrival, the event was strictly bring your own, with plenty of champagne popped over head, sweat, fashionistas, politicians, the who’s who of the art community, the posers, the doers, the promoters, the originators, the creators, the models, the painters, the artists and the self-claimed artistes, the fixers, skaters, rockstars, and musos all let loose in the club: Welcome to The Bird.

Opening with an exclusive prequel secret show last Thursday, who could have given a better blessing for the newest underground music venue in Perth than by the muthafucking Gaslamp Killer.

NAIK jump started the night and played a passionate live set, setting the pace for when GLK arrived, and for a man who shares a similiar and well known story to Perthites, (inspired to name himself the Gaslamp Killer in disgust for much of the patronage in the downtown Gaslamp District bar scene in his hometown San Diego, which led to him uprooting and relocating to Los Angeles, where he found a niche for himself amid the city’s massive underground party scene), the MFGLK served well as the evening’s psychadelic Master of Ceremonies.

A fairly straightforward recipe for success, GLK launched into what can best be described as a trippy initiation ritual proceeding into definitive dubstep and left-field hip-hop mashups climaxing with a drum and bass finale. All I can say is it was one hell of a show. A massive congratulations to Mike and Brenton, for bringing a much needed and most highly anticipated new music venue to Northbridge, Perth and the {move} crew for getting GLK back to Perth!