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Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 by Virginia

JERK opened to a packed out courtyard at the The Moon on Sunday, 13 June 2010. Thank you to everyone who came down and made it such an awesome night. JERK currently features work by THNK, Pete Long and Jenness Ray and runs until Saturday, 10 July 2010

Click any image below to open full size. Photos by Brad Searls



Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 by Virginia



Friday, June 4th, 2010 by Virginia

Using their camera bag as a shield, their super ninja skills allowing them to fit into the smallest gap between two drunk dudes and armed with a lense photographers on the local music curcit record the great events and venues in WA. Cut & Paste drew a wild card of four finallists featured in WAMI festival KISS MY CAMERA 2010. The exhibition runs until 12 JULY and tours regionally into 2011.

lisa by libby edwards


My art is… print making and photography

I use… a canon and a range of media from metal etchings to silkscreens in the print studio

I like to shoot… portraits

I love… marvel

I hate… capsicum

Music is… inspiring

Perth’s not so bad because… of igor, my brothers and bunny

Over the next year I’m… gonna keep learning and working hard

Current & up coming shows… just did the WAMi’s as their official photographer and about to fly off to Brisbane for a contemporary performance production called Falling like a Bird and making some work for an exhibition called Desperate Spaces over there too.

Picture of shannon spicer


My art is… Science.

I use… Pentax K10D. I also use crack. And scissors. And prostitutes. Quite often, I use all of these in conjunction with each other.

I like to shoot… People… But I’m also quite partial to photographing them as well… Band photography (live performances, album art and promotional shots) is what I do most often.. I enjoy taking contrived portraits, but I particularly like to take candid portraits. Although, it’s hard to look inconspicuous when your whacking off in a crunchy trenchcoat behind a hedge whilst attempting to measure the correct white balance, aperture, shutter speed etc. – especially since not a lot of places even HAVE hedges – so I have to transport my own, and I believe THAT is what draws people’s attention to my camera’s presence the most… the inappropriate horticulture…

I love… The idea that I might one day own a Hasselblad camera… I love a lot of things, really… Owl Pornography, Non-stick surfaces, willing prostitutes, when people use escalators in the correct way.. etc., etc..

I hate… The fact that I don’t already own a Hasselblad camera I hate people who misuse escalators; incorrect spelling, abbreviated text messages, Santa, Tom Cruise etc., etc.

Music is… Essential for the health and wellbeing of all creatures. My cat Gacy, for instance, kills 30 less people a day just by listening to Gaelic Rap songs alone..

Perth’s not so bad because… It has an airport. Which means you can leave.

Over the next year I’m… Going to go somewhere else in the world so that I can appreciate Perth again. If not, I’m probably going to go to jail…

Current & up coming shows… 3 of my photographs are currently on display at the WA Museum as they are amongst the finalists of the Kiss My Camera photography competition. I am also in the process of pre-production for a film I am doing the cinematography for, which we will start shooting next month. And in a couple of months, I want to have a combined exhibition with other photographers and/or artists…

me studio


My art is… I guess I tend to separate my art from my work, but then my work is my art. Though that’s not really a clear explanation for the reader now is it? Let’s try that again; what I consider to be my art is not always the photos I take on assignment doing my music work, though there is an art to capturing moments as they happen, as opposed to having all the time in the world to create an image you see in your mind (also my art). To describe what I consider to be my art, I guess I’d have to say that it is somewhat dark and melancholy.

I use..

Canon 40D (the money maker)

Canon AE-1 35mm SLR

Halina A1 TLR (Medium format)

Photoshop CS4 on a computer I built myself (I like computers and stuff)

Hustling skills learnt whilst busking the streets of Freo as a kid

I like to shoot… Live music is my favourite thing to shoot, though working on the set of ‘Needle’, a locally produced horror film gave me a penchant for violence. I’d consider myself a journalistic photographer, I want to be where it’s happening, whether the events be good or bad. When I create an image in my mind first, it quite often tends to be bad, I really do like horror photography.

I love… my work, even though my career is hardly a stable 9-5, I love what I do.

I hate… I guess I hate the perceived devaluation of photography due to social media and other technologies. We live in a new world in terms of media usage, people don’t pay for movies or music these days, and now it seems that photography is following suite. The music industry has had to adapt, bands are touring more, and it seems the photography industry is still finding its feet in this new era, which it will. I guess really I just hate being poor yet working hard, as anyone does.

Music is… life, music is emotions in sound. I’ve always had music as a part of my life, my Old Man was a performance poet and musician on the Freo scene when I was growing up, so I spent a lot of time setting up gear and hanging out in music venues from a young age. Even if I’m not into a particular type of music, I still love seeing people perform. People who aren’t into music scare me.

Perth’s not so bad because… I guess the best thing about Perth is that almost anyone is accessible, from the heads of corporations, to those living on the street, to the rock stars in our midst. Everyone in Perth knows everyone else through three degrees of separation. If you work hard at it, this city will let you do anything you choose.

Over the next year I’m… Going to be spending a lot more time with studio lights. I have to try to devote more time to creative projects, though I still love documenting life as it happens.

Current & up coming shows… I currently have a photo in the Kiss My Camera Exhibition at the Western Australian Museum, get down and check it out!



My art is…

I use… alot of film, chemicals and glue = where all my earnings go..

I like to shoot… my life: the people, places, things around me, music is also a big one.. we have amazing musicians here in perth :)

I love… riding a bike with a golden sky while the suns about to set with a good song in your head

I hate… not really anything.. i don’t want to complain.. so maybe i hate complaining..?

Music is… DANDY!!

Perth’s not so bad because… its pretty amazing actually

Over the next year I’m… going to go travelling a bit, have my first solo exhibition (become broke) and then earn enough to fly away to France.

Current & up coming shows… My first solo show titled Becoming Hockney which mimics and praises British Artist, David Hockney’s photographic collages from the eighties but from the perspective of a young western australian female in the twenty first century. come along, everyones invited as long as they bring a smile, Kurb Gallery (William Street Northbridge). Opening night is  September 2nd.