April 20th, 2010 by Matt


Try to imagine a your favourite band holding a gig without a piece of poster art or a political movement trying to rally the masses without the special combination of image and text that print allows.

The history of the Modern Olympic Games can be told through the posters used to advertise and inspire people. The technology has changed and the RISO Machine has its limitations but it’s those limits that make the creative possibilities all the more exciting.

Love is My Velocity have teamed up with BENCHPRESS, a small studio established by local creative types Claire Wohlnick, Daniel Bourke and James Vinciguerra. This collaboration has produced the first edition of RISO – Limited Edition Poster Publication.

Keeping the exclusive theme going LIMV is launching the publication at a private party in Northbridge. If you want to go it’ll cost you $15 and you will get a copy of RISO.

The launch will be supported by bands Astral Travel, Taco Leg and Is Swan.

Details and Links:

What: LIMV RISO Launch

Where: Shhhhh its a Secret!

When: Saturday 8 May

How much: $15

Tickets at:

What you get: 3 bands and a copy of RISO

Pre-order RISO by clicking here

Check out the Facebook Event here

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  1. Katie says:

    Nice one Cut & Paste – thanks for spreading the word :)

  2. Matt says:

    Anytime Katie LIMV does cool stuff :)

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