March 23rd, 2010 by John

postcardsYou know how we all live in this fast paced, instant gratification, real-time-web world of updates and comments and updated comments, like your life was just a blog post reduced into smaller easier to digest bits of expendable data swept relentlessly through copper cables and flung through the air as even tinier bits of information destined to be deleted by the casual swipe of the thumb…

It wasn’t always like this, there was a time when news travelled slowly and you had a letterbox at the front of your house that would be worth visiting because it didn’t just have bills in it. There was a time when you might go to your letterbox and discover a little rectangular piece of cardboard, one side quaintly decorated with an image from far away, turn it over and discover a message, a personal one, just for you and no one else – the Postcard with a distribution list of you.

If this makes you nostalgic for those good old days, or if you never had the pleasure of being surprised by a communique from a friend who seemed to have slipped out of touch for a while then 365 Postcards is for you.

365 postcards is a lovely, whimsical idea started by Kacy Mateljan and run from little old Perth, a place people would have sent postcards to and from regularly in those sepia toned times. Kacy’s plan is to send one person a postcard every day for a year. So she needs 365 volunteers to be recipients. You will receive your personalised postcard¬†one day before 31 March 2011. So it could be next week or it could arrive just in time for Christmas.

To take part just email your postal details to threesixtyfivepostcards@yahoo.com

Keep up to date on the project’s progress with via the blog


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4 Responses to “365 POSTCARDS //”

  1. Tom says:

    Hi Kacy.
    That’s an awesome idea and good luck..!

  2. Kacy says:

    Thanks Tom! I am very excited about getting started on Thursday!

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