February 4th, 2010 by John

IMG_0611by: David Ferrier @davidferia

I just got back to the offic after interviewing Ian McDiarmid, and it went freaking great! He’s here as a part of the cast of Six Characters in Search of an Author but he’s BEST KNOWN as the Emperor aka Darth Sidius aka Senator Palpatine from Star Wars Ruturn of the Jedi and the prequals.

Of course I started by asking him about the play, it IS the reason he’s flown to the most isolated capital city in the world but it wasn’t long before my questions turned to Star Wars. He was such a good sport, I said ‘ok, im going to ask you a Star Wars question,’  and he replied, ‘Oh really? How surprising!’

He had a good dose of sarcasm and tounge-in-cheek-ness about being a part of the Star Wars universe which was good to see.

He was such a dude! I can’t express that enough. He said we should have a ‘tipple’ at the launch tomorrow night WOOT! We’re going to be BEST BUDDIES! I can just see it now.. ‘Hey I-Mac! Sup yo? Hows kilt town (Scotland),’ il comment on his Facebook page. ‘Yo yo yo! Big D!’ he’ll reply, ‘pretty kewl up ere, might shoot down under at the weekend and we’ll get our drink OONNN!!!’

Yes. Yes, that’s what’s gong to happen…

ANYWAY! I can’t wait to see Six Characters in Search of an Author. It’s is a pretty seminal piece of theatre and Luigi Pirendelo was a revolutionary playwrite (and a bit of a nut).

You can get the low down when the interview is uploaded later today…


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