October 20th, 2010 by John


The team behind JumpClimb assembled together some of Perth’s finest musicians and singers to play their favourite Nick Cave songs.

Held at The Rosemount Hotel last Friday  An Ode To Nick Cave featured singers Will Stoker (Will Stoker and The Embers), Laith Tyranny (The Bible Bashers), Ruby Boots, James Teague,Tim Bott (One Tiger Down), Emma Margaret (Cat Black), Harvey Rae (RTR), Vive Oldham and Selk Hastings (Selk Hastings and The Bone Singers). They were backed by two live bands, consisting of members The Scotch of St. James, Project Mayhem, The Jackards, Bat Country, The Kuillotines, Therapist, Caballeros, The Typhoons.

The evening kicked off with Wolves At The Door and Tree.

The man with the stills camera in hand Brad Serls was down and you can find his pics below.

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