September 29th, 2010 by Matt

TheBluejaysWHAT: The Bluejays with Nathan J

WHERE: The Bird, Northbridge

WHEN: 23/09/10

Occasionally Perth bands go to Melbourne, never to return. For a Thursday night down in Northbridge it was a treat to see, now ex-Perth band, The Bluejays tear the roof off The Bird.

Local beat maker and music provider Nathan J supplied the down tempo beats as a crowd began to fill the venue.

As The Bluejays took to the stage, the style and flair that always accompanied them was still evident. Singer and guitarist Felix Potier oozes charisma and backs it up with an out of control guitar sound.

How this band is not on the Australian festival circuit blows me away. There is something about the blues laden but heavily fuzzed out sound that this band creates that not only harks back to a by-gone era but brings it kicking and screaming into the now.

Here to launch their new record Colours In The Window , not much has changed with their song writing nuances nor their live delivery of the tracks.

Out Of Control, In Denial and the superb title track Colours In The Window punctuated the set. Ross Goodale kept such a steady and pounding beat that there was always an element of the audience erupting into dance.

Perhaps that is the best way to describe this band. They are pure rock and roll that you jut want to move to. Not bop your head stamp your feet move but move move, dance and shake move. The Bluejays will always be a Perth band but my god they should be a Perth band destroying audiences around the world not now and again in Melbourne pubs.

©Chris Wheeldon. 28/9/10

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