September 29th, 2010 by McCann

219581402_4cd89ec4cc_oOK. So the time is upon us. We are looking for people to play ZOMBIES in the LiNK funded short film we are shooting called PERISHED.

The film shoot will take place between November 6th and November 12th 2010 and locations will be given out to those who make the grade… do you have what it takes to be a kick ass zombie?

Will these zombies be a Romero or Snyder style? The answer is a mix of both. Slow when not alerted and active and vicious when they are.

What we need from you?

  • A short video of you as a zombie.
  • No more than 60sec in length.
  • Shoot it on your phone if you want… it’s not about image quality
  • Must show a close up of your face and a full body shot of you moving like a zombie
  • Then a graphic with your full name and email

DEADLINE 30th Sept 5:30pm

When done send the video or a link to the video to:

That’s it. We will select 10 people to be zombies so please make sure that you will be available for the shoot dates (most of you will only be needed for 3 days at a time, so don’t worry you wont have to take a whole week off work)

All costumes, professional make up and food will be provided for you on set.

Any questions just email us.

Who are we?

Aaron McCann

Stefan Radanovich

Good luck

don’t forget to email:

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