May 25th, 2010 by Matt


WHERE: Wellington Square

WHEN: Sunday, May 23

MORE: Listen to Tierney and Pierucci on RTR FM

The smack talk from Tyranocrabs Ringmaster Laith Tierney and Crabs FC Honcho Chris Pierucci on RTR FM included a bet that could result in Pierucci getting naked on Beaufort street, inflatable goals that wouldn’t stay inflated even with all the freely available hot air from the players and Peter Barr winning another WAMI – in the Sportscasting category: That’s the Crusty Cup!

I’d like to use a nice sporting cliche here like: The game was played in good spirits but I think the audience drank all the spirits by half time and the players had to battle on with just oranges.

The menacing Tyranocrabs in black were able to score first through sheer brute force and determination, but it wasn’t long before Crabs FC hit back and piled on the goals to go into half time with a 3-1 lead.

The Crabs FC side included Pat and Jamie from Sugar Army and it looked like the boys might finally break their WAMi drought and actually win something! Then a total collapse in form under the significant pressure of an Injured Ninja powered Tyranocrabs defence and some wayward kicking from Crabs FC saw the Tyranocrabs square the scores at three all!

Extra time was called but the bands didn’t know what that meant, somebody pointed out that they had to play an encore and so dutifully hit the park for two periods of extra time. Not even Golden Goal extra time could split the two and the game was finally decided in a penalty shootout.

The Winners? Crabs FC…and of course football…and WAM

Special thanks to Peter Barr for his call, as a sportscaster he certainly makes a great music personality and Katie Lenanton who managed to “organise” this event as well as running the highly successful Takeaway Tunes.

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