June 15th, 2010 by John

FRASERANDERSON frasier invite
Perth boy turned Sydney Creative Fraser Anderson makes designs that you or someone you know is probably wearing. He was poached like so many Perthies with a clue to the eastern states and worked for Insight clothing. But forget about boardshorts and remember that this guy is a genuine artist.
Working mainly in installations he’s been exploring how to make the parallel worlds of his imagination come to life in physical spaces. He doesn’t like rules (we like that) and he builds humour into his observations of the world.
Anderson is concerned with the relationship between artist and material and works with non-traditional media and take various forms including paintings, sculptures and installation works.

Anderson’s solo exhibition frasier opens on Thursday June 17 at 6pm.


WHAT: Fraser Anderson Exhibition Frasier

WHERE: Free Range Gallery

WHEN:  June 17-21, Opening 6pm on Thursday, June 17

WEB: Visit Fraser Anderson on the web

Click on an image below to open the gallery.

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