October 22nd, 2010 by John

Henry-and-Arron-PerthWhat do you do when no one in their right mind will pay any attention to your podcast? It’s funny, it’s about movies, everyone likes movies right? What’s wrong with people?

Well what else can you do but make a movie out of your struggle for recognition; then, realising you have no money you break the thing down into a series of webisodes in the hope that some funding body will treat you as “new’ or Cross platform or some other type of buzzword that attracts cash like shit attracts flies.

Not satisfied with their role providing semi-frequent film review podcast reviews for Cut & Paste Henry and Aaron have gone down the road of trying to actually make a movie and ended up with the a series of webisodes called Henry & Aaron’s Perfectly Adequate Webisode Series…you never know it might actually be better than adequate. The main point is that the lads have got this webisode series in a competition ¬†and you might want to vote for their efforts. The trailer made me laugh so hard I spilled beer all over myself, which was a terrible waste of my breakfast.

You can vote once a day up until November 15
The men behind the Henry & Aaron you can check out the 60 second preview here

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  1. David Weir says:

    Where/when can we see the webisodes?! I need more!

  2. Matt says:

    more have been cut, but I think the deal is they need votes to win that competition then there will be more hilarity and cheese slices with toothpaste!

  3. Aaron says:

    Hey guys, thanks for the support.

    The trailer is to help us get the webisodes off the ground. There are various versions of the edit with different scenes/jokes etc in them and they will be released when the comp closes. as per the rules nothing else but this trailer can be shown until the comp entries close and they go into the judging round.

    keep sharing the love and with a little luck you’ll see alot more VERY SOON !


  4. [...] house. They’re men of impeccable personal hygiene and for those who have seen the trailer for Henry and Aaron’s Perfectly Adequate Webisode Series you’ll know that they make those Masterchef types look like the eight year olds they really [...]

  5. Aaron says:

    NEW XMAS SPECIAL: Now online at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhnAPalT25U

    Enjoy :)

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