October 29th, 2009 by Nicole Norelli

We’ve been fortunate enough lately that every time a festival pops up, [and let’s face it, there's one almost every weekend now] the sun pokes its head out and gives us a warm summer welcome. Low:Fi Festival was no exception. A shocking 30 degree concrete heat beat everyone into believing we really might be in NY’s Brooklyn, with Aberdeen Street partitioned for a Chapelle style Block Party.

Low:Fi Festival brought this thirsty lil’ place on earth some serious international hip hop, dubstep and drum and bass:

Noisia destroyed, Qbert threw records into the crowd, Supernatural gave one hell of a set encouraging fans to hand him objects from which he’d rhyme “but this is freestyle my friend so I don’t need a pen.”
Local acts NAIK, Kitpop, Rokwell did just thatand of course NAS with one of the hottest looking and sounding lineups, tighter than a nun’s a-hole. I’m sorry, I mean, what can I say in praise that’s more succinct than “they were freaking awesome!”?

Kicks, hot chicks, no more than the average dicks, well the police got rid of them quick never seen a force so evident in Northbridge at an event like this undercover cops would quash any need to smoke green [yes its those who get stoned who turn violent, Go figure!]. Whilst backstage was one giant session, so where’s the lesson in removing citizens who teach the young and help the disabled? All we desired to Do The Right Thing was a hydrant to bust, and everything would’ve been Spike Lee.

In comparison to the Future and Stereo and Summadayze etcetera where the majority of kids can sell and pop pills quicker than it kills… y’all just need to chill…and kick it to some tunes on the down low… //

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  1. Zeke says:

    errrrrm and who could forgot local turntablist and Aus rep Zeke being called up on stage by Qbert in his set! :)
    myspace.com/zeke dj

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