February 25th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

Lupe, Lupe, Lupe, tsk, tsk.

As far as reviews go, Lupe Fiasco was OK. He certainly didn’t blow my mind, far be it for me to play a game of pool or take a smoke on the balcony and feel as though this wasn’t a “MetroCity Concert Event” as the banners side of stage so aptly reminded me, but that perhaps I may as well have been at R&B Super Club on a Saturday night.

All the songs were performed like a well-trained puppy, an incongruous looking band played alongside him, while two friends (?) sat distractingly on stage: the whole time looking bored out of their skulls. Who were those people? Why were they on stage and why weren’t they dancing??!

Fiasco and co raced through the songs with barely a breath between. To this little reviewer Lupe gave the impression of an artist who wanted to get the gig over with, take his $100, 000, ‘Thank Perth!” and run while a bunch of unlucky people think it’s the best thing they’ve seen without realising they’ve just been insulted and duped at the same time.  On the final song Lupe introduced Daydream, only to stop and start again, stating the crowd didn’t know how to behave and that if he were in a ‘real’ city he’d be receiving the reaction he wanted. For an artist who originally gave me the impression his music was of a genuine place of hiphop lovin’, I walked out of his gig feelin’ nothin’ but at least knowin’ that it doesn’t matter if you’re a poet breaking new ground, if there’s idiocy in the masses then there’s money to be found.

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9 Responses to “LUPE FAIL //”

  1. mathas says:

    whooooooolie doolie.

  2. Kate says:

    While hip-hop is one of my absolute favourite music genres I’ve often been disappointed by the big overseas acts, particularly when you see the awesome calibre of the local guys like Urthboy! Good to see I didn’t miss anything with this, and hoping Talib Kweli will restore my faith in greatness when he’s over later in the year. :)

  3. deeceewun says:

    It sounded to me like he screwed up the opening lyrics to Daydream, and started up with the “Can you sing louder than Sydney?!” business to disguise the fact.

    Then he made reference to having been to Perth before, which I didn’t think was true. I might be wrong, but when he was here for BDO a couple of years back I had to go to Melbourne to see him.

    I know all bands/artists have a spiel of sorts that they roll out at every show, but this seemed so fake and awkward.

    So yeah. I (unfortunately) agree with much of what you’ve said.

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