March 15th, 2010 by Matt

The Gaslamp Killer gig at the The Bird in Northbridge was a truly excellent experience.  Cut and Paste were able to record a portion of that gig  because our good friend Naik was playing the support slot. We were really lucky to get a high quality audio feed of Naik’s performance which we hoped at some point in the future to be able to use in some way.

Incidentally we captured the Gaslampkiller’s performance as well. Later we were listening to that recording of  Gaslampkiller’s set in our offices. The set included some mixes and tracks that were incredibly special. In our excitement a clumsily worded tweet was issued. The intention of this tweet was to express our satisfaction at the music we were hearing. Unfortunately, because of the wording of that tweet some people thought that we intended to make this recording available for download. It seems also that people additionally inferred that we would give this away free of charge. We need to take this opportunity to make sure that people understand that at no point were we in a position to offer any portion of the Gaslampkiller’s performance for download in any capacity.

We have been in contact with Gaslampkiller’s representatives in Australia and have rectified this situation by supplying all original recordings from that gig. We sincerely apologise to Gaslampkiller and all concerned over this misunderstanding.

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