June 29th, 2010 by Virginia

MOONEX_400wide“We like painting, wood, rum and power tools” This pretty much sums up the newest DIY exploits of THNK, Pete Long and Jenness Ray’s current show at The Moon. Cut and Paste wanted the skinny behind the black eyes, saw dust and permanent marker so here are their artist profiles.  ’JERK’ occupies the dark spaces at The Moon until July 10th. 


My art... is

I use… paint, wood, brain, hands.

I love… seeing new things. New art by my friends and art by artists I want to be friends with.

I hate… I’m not a hater.

Perth’s not so bad because… it’s our home and if you hate your home then move.

Over the next year I’m… traveling around the world and hopefully will do lots of art on the run and meet some rad dudes.

Pete Long

My art is… immature, but hopes to one day be epically trashy fantasy art.

I use… fine liners, paint, pine, found materials

I love… mortal kombat.

I hate… having to sleep.

Perth’s not so bad because… it’s a hotspot for creative talent.

Over the next year I’m… producing a boardgame and exhibiting as much as possible.

Jenness Ray

My art is… inspired by friends, and never feels finished

I use… biro, paint, ink and hands

I love… the tree you can see from my back yard.

I hate… forgetting what day it is.

Perth’s not so bad because… I’m surrounded by amazing people. most of the time.

Over the next year I’m… doing whatever i feel like.

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