OMG = “Original Muthaf***ing Gangstarr”

June 24th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli
Photo: Nicole Norelli

Photo: Nicole Norelli

This lil’ kitty couldn’t leave the house quick enough last Friday after being cooped up for days on end. You know the old work drill: day-in-day-out having edited an insane amount of photos and DESPERATELY needing a number of cold alcoholic thirst-quenchers. One beer for every image edited sounded about sufficient. My eyes had become rectangular vortexes into Photoshop software, sucking my mind and soul into virtually assimilated pixels. I knew my connection with the real world was in serious jeopardy. Thankfully I received a phone call from Control telling me I was needed urgently in 3 places at once, at once!

First port of call: A C&P birthday celebration at the Scotto.
Second port of call: Bar 138 on Barrack St to celebrate their 4th birthday.
It was relatively quiet at Bar 138, nonetheless it was good to see Craig Hollywood on the decks and watch the soccer. Serbia defeated Germany to beats of Depeche Mode and David Bowie. Cut to a cheeky fantasy of Hollywood playing lashings of Kraut techno vs hardcore Serbian turbofolk whilst Jovanovic scores the winning goal!

With the soccer over I make my way to the 3rd port of call: Shape Nightclub for an intimate night with DJ Premier. Just him and me, alone in a dark room, with Boyz to Men crooning in the… Oops! My bad. Let me try that again. HOW MANY REAL HIP HOPPER’S IN THE PLACE RIGHT ABOUT NOW?!!
With the event sold out and no false advertising an intimate night was certainly delivered.
Local Paperchain producer Taku turned up the heat with a twist of his kit to 90 degrees centigrade. The crowd was pumpin’, the walls were sweatin’ and the back area was closed off to prevent people from  jumpin’ the fence and gettin’ a thumpin’…

Headayke played an impressive set getting the crowd amped with Primo- produced beats from Notorious BIG to Gangstarr, much to Premier’s dismay. Chatting to Jordan Shields in the DJ booth Headayke looked nervous. “Premier’s pissed with me man, I’ve dropped too many of his beats”. But he keeps his cool.  Along comes Premier and a sea of patrons part. Primed like a boxer, entourage in tow.

Primo first up gave a massive shout-out and rallied a legendary tribute to the untimely death of his best friend MC Guru who passed earlier this year. In fact the man had tears in his eyes. The crowd went berserk in response to this heartfelt plea by waving Big L signs in the air shouting “Guru! We Love You!”.

Not wasting any time we get into it, get hot, get nasty, get ready to party. Despite the sound issues,  Premier never hesitated in showing off his beats with soul and grace and of course his versatility in scratching, funky hip hop grooves and bump’n'grind basslines. Best hip hop tunes I’ve seen so far this year (excluding the unfortunate fall of a young man, the paramedics and the en masse evacuation down the fire escape).

As the night came to an end it was off to Uncle Billy Lee’s for Peking Ribs, salt and pepper squid, Singapore noodles and deep fried steak. The only thing missing was beer. Christ I love a Lazy Susan, the company of 5 friends and Chinese open til 5 in the morning.

*”Original Muthaf***ing Gangstarr” care of Sarah Jane Dalla Rossa

6 Responses to “OMG = “Original Muthaf***ing Gangstarr””

  1. Amy says:

    ru serious? this is one of the biggest cons of the year! hahaha firstly try to spell Premo properly and not like the box drink Prima. 2nd did u realise half the crowd was gone halfway through the night and everyone was disappointed? how many hip hop gigs have u been to to realise that was one of the worst gigs of the year. I love Premier and he was good but the set was disastrous as was his emcee and this review. what a load of rubbish! Oh and by the way the crowd was waving L signs for Big L as well as Guru may they RIP.

  2. Nicole Norelli says:

    Far be it for me to write another bad review of yet another Knowledge Music gig. So let me rephrase some things for you: I arrived at Shape early in the evening to take social shots for C&P. The club was pretty quiet, people knew Premier would be starting at 1am. I went out the back for a cigarette, and the whole back area was shut off due to the fact Shape were understaffed with security. 3 bouncers to a sold out gig. Some moron thought it would be a good idea to block off one of the stairwells aswell (which didn’t last long). From the moment I ARRIVED I knew it was going to be a logistical disaster for the staff and patrons of the club. not only that but I am SURE the set up wasn’t legal.
    And yes, unfortunately it doesn’t end there. When the changeover between Headakye and Premo, Primo, Preemo took place there were problems. Technical problems. You could see Premier was not happy that the equipment wasn’t set up correctly. Everyone panicked and Headayke managed to solve the problem by jacking in his laptop, the mic etc etc but the sound was FUCKED.
    Then to top it all off some drunken idiot fell off the top of the wall above the stairs and landed on his head. The dude couldn’t be moved so they called an ambulance. Which meant that no one could get in or out! And there’s no f’n aircon upstairs. So they opened up the fire escape and half the club evacuated into the carpark halfway during his set. Only to find they couldn’t get in again, so what the hell, it’s 3 in the morning, may as well leave.
    Sure, this rev was a cheescake piece, about how I enjoyed the night. I didn’t want to write yet another bad review. I also love this state of denial Perth seems to have itself in. We always get the shit end of the stick.Perhaps Premier should of played at Villa. So thankyou Amy, I was told to keep my true thoughts to myself (don’t you love the art of media censorship?) now I’ve vented I feel much better.

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