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Revelation 2010 Logo XLargeWith The 13th Revelation Festival a weekend away from completion I had the chance to sit down with Revelation’s Rachel Bernsousa and take a moment to reflect on a hectic first week as well as getting the skinny on what to see over the weekend.

C&P: How’s the Festival been going this year?

RB: At least ten sessions have sold out over the last week and four films have sold out for this weekend. It’s the best attended festival in Rev’s 13 Year history.

C&P: Some of the film’s in the program are pretty controversial how have they been received?

RB: Rev is an accessible festival but this year we’ve tried out Facebook and Twitter and they’ve allowed people to have a more direct and full dialogue with Jack Sargeant and the Festival and find out what films people are liking and what they want from the festival itself.

The audience is younger, the festival has become a cool place to hang out, with good films that people want to see. Rev had a reputation for showing challenging films but this year we’ve been able balance the program with simply entertaining fair.

C&P: You’ve also been able to have some interesting presenters give film nerds those special little extra bits of information they can’t get anywhere else, right?

RB: Yeah, for example Jim Morten who introduced the Russ Meyer Double Feature and jeff Stilson, a hugely respected comedic writer and director of Good Hair who got away with taking a shot at (Arts Minister) John Day.

C&P: What would you say to someone who still hasn’t made their way to the Astor Theatre and seen a movie?

RB: Revelation Film Festival is about freaken awesome films that won’t get theatrical releases in Australia, many won’t get DVD releases either. This is your only chance to see these films.

Below are Rachel’s picks for the closing weekend of Revelation Film Festival: Clicking the names of each film will take you to the Rev page where you can check session and ticket availability and check out trailers

One Hundred Mornings: Rachel says “A beautifully understated post-apocalyptic reality. There’s no SFX its just a deeply powerful story that really works. I thought about it for weeks afterwards. Not a depressing end of the world story but a human story about people trying to survive in a world where the laws have gone, the police are as likely to come and steal from you as the dodgy neighbour that no one trusts.”

Wheedle’s Groove: Rachel: ”Next session will be in the small cinema, so be sure you get a ticket early. If you have a knowledge or love of funk and soul or that era you’ll be into the doco but the music is so astoundingly good. Seattle wasn’t just where Kurt was from, a couple of there guys who could play a bit namely Quincy Jones and Jimi Hendrix are also Seattle people.”

Stingray Sam: Rachel: “It’s a crazy film from the incredibly talented writer/director/star Cory McAbee, creator of the American Astronaut. It doesn’t fit easily into any one genre so let’s call it a sc-fi, western, musical,- with robots. It’s a crazy trip across the universe with great songs. I lent my ukulele to Cory so he might even play a song at the screening.”

Nude Study: Rachel: “It’s not a horror but it is intense. An artist flees her life in Australia for the frozen wilderness of Canada and then finds herself in a place far stranger than she could have imagined. It’s sexy and strange. Directed by one of the Founders of the Sydney Underground Film Festival.”

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