January 14th, 2010 by John


Cut and Paste was working Southbound for the first time, which meant I had to show some professionalism and not just party my lily white ass off. Fortunately I discovered there are some rather excellent upsides to being able to get behind the scenes at one of Western Australia’s best summer music festivals. Read on for my Southbound Diary…

Friday Night

Getting to a festival is never half the fun. Finding your way around for the first hour or so can be even worse than the security stops, parking hassles and queues for everything. It took no less than half an hour just to find the media tent but once inside I was able to pause, collect my thoughts and relax and just have a little fun before getting into the interviewing and filming.

I managed to catch the always excellent Little Birdy as well as Cash Money. I am informed that later on I was engaged in something that I like to think of as dancing but by then I was not a reliable witness to my own adventures. Thanks to Artrage people for keeping me upright until I staggered out from Death Disco’s set into the uncertain night to find a place to rest my weary head.

I wish I had found a better place than I did, I was hungover before my head hit the dirt: There would be regrets.

King John ill

All images courtesy of our good friend Jordan Shields

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