May 5th, 2010 by John

damfunkThey call him L.A’s “Ambassador of Boogie Funk,” And people can be heard shouting DAMN! At every one of his  gigs, you can call him Dam and you say it like Dame. If you want to talk about his sound it’s  ’Modern Funk’..

Dâm-Funk’s live show takes in both his impeccable DJ mixing style as well as a Live-PA style side which includes vocals and keyboards, showcasing both the original material he writes and records, and the records which have inspired him.

In 2009, he was one of Stones Throw busiest artists, putting out so much material you’d think he was giving Madlib a run for his money, with the ‘Toeachizown’ album being released digitally in five installments, all of which teased fans with different elements of his influences. During this time he also managed to put out a few mix CDs, a beat tape as part of Stones Throw’s ‘Rhythm Trax’ series and turned in remixes for Red, Baron Zen and superstars Animal Collective. At the tail end of 2009, the album was released in 2CD and deluxe 5LP box set editions.

Cut & Paste will be catching up with the man himself at soundcheck, so with all things going to plan stay tuned next week for an exclusive on-camera interview.


$30 from and Highs and Lows Stores.
$35 on the door

Sour, Ben M, Rok Riley, Charlie Bucket.

Funkin’ up Outrun!

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