May 25th, 2010 by Chris


WHAT: WAMI Saturday Spectacular Closing Party

WHERE: Amplifier and Capital

WHEN: May 22

After a day exploring Northbridge, checking out all things WAM, it was time to finish off the eve at Amplifier and Capital and close out this Spectacular.

Playing early to an already bumper crowd, three piece The Jackards belted out some ball churning, heart pumping and down right excellent rock and roll tunes. Not much of what they do is original but they have a knack for guitar driven hooks and groove-laden drums.

Most promising new act Emperors hit the Amplifier stage next, with a new drummer in tow. Its fairly basic guitar based indie pop here, but when done well it doesn’t really matter, Emperors do it well and they let the audience know it.

Abbe May had to pull out of her show due to an injury to a band member, which brought Arts Martial to the Capital stage a bit later than scheduled. With this band there was a definite pattern emerging for this gig. Arts Martial, of all the bands on this gig were the least original and the least accomplished but this is not to say they are bad. They will make a name for themselves on the national stage as their music is perfect for a mass market. If you’re a member of this market, enjoy: If not – avoid.

In complete contrast, Injured Ninja take a sonic katana to your eardrums and then slice your body to pieces as you drop to the ground. They have stripped back their sound a little to produce a fury of noise and bass lines that if you are passing by sounds like chaos but if you stop and listen it all blissfully comes together, like a jigsaw of a kaleidoscope. They clearly impressed some of the WAMI Business Conference delegates which left me wondering if Perth may just have produced a successful band that does not write easy pop songs.

Back on the Capital stage, RTR FM darlings Umpire jumped up and began. The wonderfully crafted “Vapors Wrecked Your Knives” and “Streamers” were highlights of a well-devised set. If you are sitting on the fence with this band go and see them live, you’ll quickly jump down on their side.

Will Stoker and The Embers blasted out their set in the smaller room. Finding something truly original here is tough but finding talent is not. Musically this band is highly accomplished and Will Stoker is a charismatic and entertaining front man. The problem comes from the fact that his music is not enticing enough for his charm to come across as charming.

As a product of the nineties Jebediah, are reluctant heroes to many in the current Perth scene. They played a collection of new, soon to be released tracks and older fan favourites that produced the only crowd surfing seen for a long time. “Jerks of Attention”, “Puck Defender”, “Please Leave” and “Fall Down” spread smiles all around.

Jebediah looked really relaxed on stage as though they were playing these older songs for perhaps the last time. With a new record on the way it may be the case that the Jebediah of the late nineties early naughties are done.

Scotch of Saint James, Tomas Ford and French Rockets played wonderful, exciting sets with the Rockets light show taking another step forward but for this day I feel it was fitting to end with Jebediah.

The power and the popularity of West Australian music was truly on show; if only we had the audience to sustain it all year round. For all those who attended and all those who lined up to attend, WAMI showed us how good Perth music can be, go out and see it, go out and support it.

©Chris Wheeldon. 23rd May 2010.

©Photos Gemma Pike. 2010


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