DJ Revolution @ The Manor

April 21st, 2009 by Cassie

DJ Revolution

What better way to kick off the Easter long weekend than to groove out to the tunes of a top U.S hip hop DJ? DJ Revolution from L.A radio station Power 106’s Wake Up show hit Australian soil to deliver a set that had the goal of reminding everyone of the importance of the DJ. His handful of mix tapes feature artists such as Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash, Biz Markie, Eric B and Rakim. In creating his albums he’s worked with Roc Raida, Craze, Spinbad, Eminem, The Beatnuts and Dilated Peoples. His latest release King Of The Decks aims to re-build the connection between DJ and MC, which he claims has been severed. On Thursday April 9 he was in Leederville delivering his message.

Respect must be given to this producer/DJ who’s been mixing hip-hop half his life. Starting out on his granddads old turntables and makeshift mixer, he made mix tapes at 12 years of age and sold them to classmates to get cash for more records. He played at clubs and parties around New York before relocating to LA to develop further contacts and skills. Eventually landing the gig on the Wake Up show, Revolution now stands as a well respected veteran with ten years experience, three albums and a bunch of mix tapes to show for it. He believes it’s his duty as DJ to source and present what’s hot on the scene right now and what will be soon. As a producer he goes to extremes to find unused beats to accompany the lyrical works recorded in his bedroom sound studio.

The classy but cozy interiors of The Manor housed his Perth show with a couple of hundred punters filling the lower floor by midnight. Supporting locals Charlie Bucket, Zeke and Selekt satisfied both the lounging head bobbers occupying the couches and the peppy dancers grooving by the DJ booth. As the hours of the night turned to morning the venue was decently packed out and buzzing to get down to a set which promised to be phat.

And phat was delivered! Revolution launched into a set that dropped many a track from King Of The Decks featuring artists such as Jazzy Jeff, Royce Da 5’9” and KRS One. Representing DJ’s he demonstrated super quick scratches, clever cuts and flawless mixing of a song selection that’s exactly what you want to get down to at a party! He warmed us up with dancier tracks by The Roots, Naughty By Nature, House Of Pain, Fresh Prince and Busta with P Diddy. People responded positively as the tracks got a bit heavier with some Pharaoh Monch, Dre, MOP, Snoop, Ruff Riders and Jay Z. As he lightened the set up towards the end a few De La Soul tunes were dished out – possibly in acknowledgment of their upcoming tour. The crowd was in high spirits throughout the set and seemingly enjoyed the homage of hip hop greats presented.

So did Revolution succeed in proving the significance of The DJ? Well he definitely demonstrated fine skills, fed the crowd great music and owned the room…. so I’d say yes!

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  1. jona pelet says:

    I’m learning to dj and need some tips on how to beat match and mix…any help will be appreciated.

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