Seriously Sound System @ Hyde Park

December 22nd, 2008 by Cassie

Seriously Sound System 2008

High on many Pertheans “top things to do on a summer day” list is spending a lazy afternoon with friends in the sun at Hyde Park – having a few drinks and taking advantage of the peaceful serenity that can be found so close to town. If you happened to be there on December 20th, the element of funky music was added to the equation for Seriously Sound System.

Running from midday ‘til late, RTRFM put on this yearly small music festival which features local music acts from different genres – from reggae to breaks, hip hop, funk and more. This years’ line-up didn’t disappoint, featuring a talented selection of artists who all did their best to get peoples bodies moving.

Showers in the morning caused a little weather wariness, but by early afternoon the sun was out just in time for the first acts of the day to get the beats cranking. Though it was an 18+ event there were a number of small children present with their parents, seemingly enjoying the music and having a little boogie.

By mid afternoon there were almost a few hundred punters scattered across the lush grass. Zarm set a chilled out vibe to the afternoon filling the air with roots and reggae tunes. This four piece dub/reggae outfit infuses old school beats with live vocals, percussion and guitar, creating a funky fresh sound that was enjoyed by all.

Dart stepped up next delivering a pumping drum and bass set. Though onlookers appreciated the music, it was seemingly too early for this degree of bass and bottoms remained planted on the floor. A brief period of heavy rain was the catalyst for change, prompting punters to get up and find shelter under the big Banyan trees. As the rain lightened and sun shine broke through, people were enticed out again: the wet grass preventing most from sitting back down. The alternative was to have a sun dance – just as dub/reggae group Earthlink took over the stage.

Earthlink’s Drummie, Simo T, Isis and Sheriff Lindo brought in the funk, just as the venue started filling out quite rapidly. Accompanied by MC Munchie Man, these guys took control of the crowd by delivering music to match the party vibe, enticing people to boogy.

Ben Taaffe and Ben Elliot kept the mood going by adding some breaks and hip-hop to the night. Following them Funk Club’s Odette Mercy and Her Soul Atomic delivered soulful grooves, the beautiful bluesy voice of Ms Mercy echoing over the park.

As dusk started to set in, inhabitations were loosened and the crowds aim was to dance and have a good time. Fdel responded accordingly, continuing with hip-hop and breaks but cranking it up a notch. By the time Downsyde took the stage the audience was well pumped. The popular hip-hop outfit played a selection of tracks from their four albums and delivered another crowd pleasing performance.

The last act for the night was Micah vs. Ben Mac. These well reputed DJs pumped out an energetic breaks set, jumping around and dancing as hard as the people watching them.

Ben Mac spoke to Cut & Paste about teaming up with Micah: “With Micah it’s so easy – we don’t have to speak about anything. We just get up there and slap it because we know each other so well. Bloody love it”. Their compatibility is evident in their well flowing set that made you want to dance hard. “I am a firm believer in never planning sets as I find it steals from the flow of the performance. We spoke about the first tune we were both going to play and winged it from there as it’s the only way to be in touch with the crowd.”

All in all Seriously Sound System was the perfect way to spend a sunny December day.

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