Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 by John

digerMy art is…Cut and paste recontextualised madness with a tinge of social commentary, childish sketches with cute as bottom line, impressionistic landscapes with simplistic tones.

I use…Photoshop, google images, national geographic magazines, acrylic paint, canvases, MS Paint and photocopies, Ableton LIVE, instruments etc.

When I work I…Try to generate many ideas quickly and refines the pieces later. The original idea of a piece is usually stronger than over thinking, being anal or analytical. The present moment is powerful and we can capture originality by trusting in the now.

Perth’s not so bad because…Places are what you make them, geography is never to blame for your lot in life in democratic western societies. Perth is a creative hub with so  much talent but not much appreciation due its conservative and consumerist majority. It gives to minority of creative folk something to inspire, rebel against and to comment on. We are small in numbers so we can keep our utopia to ourselves.

Over the next year I’m…Working on expanding and growing The Community. I am releasing a beat-tape called ‘Digerbodia’, in May, featuring remixes and beats using samples obtained and digerised whilst on a short trip to Cambodia. I am also releasing a full length album called ‘We are all related’ which was recorded in December 2009 with my sound engineer, Sibalance. Featuring composition played and written by me and overlayed with psyched out samples, hopefully released in August/September. I have recently moved my art stuff to a studio at my girlfriend’s parents house in the Swan Valley. I am also planning to embrace my cut and paste roots by designing more and launching a limited edition t shirt designs with help from the Elementree guys. Also I plan to make up more words as a part of my wordology project. More traveling sampology exploits during the Xmas holidays as well.

I think that…Creativity is a gateway to potentiality.

Current show…Moon Exhibits at The Moon Cafe with dtriangle. Starts: Sunday, 11th of April 2010.

Visit Moon Exhibits between May 4 and 18 to win the Diger Rokwell prize pack!!

WIN 2 x tickets to the launch of his new album Digerbodia, 2 x copies of Digerbodia, 1x t-shirt, 2 x copies of Cut & Paste.
Keep hold of your receipt from The Moon Cafe and email to win