Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 by Cassie


Last week Rahzel was in town!  Teaming up with DJ JS-1, Bitter Belief and Porsah Laine they stopped in at The Rosemount to join Diger Rockwell, Fdel, Armee and L-Street  for a Thursday night party!

When a young Rahzel was practicing his very first sounds – going about his day with a constant “brrrr – qiiiii – dum – dum” accompanying his step, he must have sounded a little kookoo.  But the years of training and refining his technique have paid off earning himself the reputation of being (arguably) the best beatboxer that walks the earth.

As the night turned into morning the packed out venue was fists in the air pumped.  Fans enjoyed a beatbox session from acclaimed albums Make The Music and Rahzel’s Greatest Knockouts. Creating sounds of drums, bass, piano and vocals with his mouth, throat and gut he single handedly impersonated a number of hip hop / rock classics by the Wu Tang Clan, Black Sabbath, Jay Z, Notorious BIG, The White Stripes Lauren Hill and more. He kicked a lot of familiar beats and the energy and sound exerted quenched the crowds thirst for hip hop.  A couple of new covers chucked in were Alicia Keys’ No One and Kanye West’s Gold Digger.  Rounding off the night was original If Your Mother Only Knew prompting an appreciative roar from onlookers.

Rahzel live = a must see



Wednesday, November 4th, 2009 by John


Best known as one of the original members of The Roots, Rahzel is the modern day connoisseur behind the art-form know as “fifth element” of hip-hop culture – beatboxing.

It was over two years ago, back in Feb 2007 that Rahzel last blew the minds & ears of Perth heads with his multi-tasking skills of beatboxing, rapping and singing.

Rahzel will be joined onstage by DJ JS-1 of the Rock Steady Crew.

Live supports Bitter Belief, Porsah Laine & Diger Rokwell
DJ’s Fdel, Armee & L-Street

Thurs. Nov. 12
Rosemount Hotel //