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Sugar Army – Hooks for Hands

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012 by John

hooks for hands

Sugar Army have released the first film clip from their forthcoming album Summertime Heavy, due out this year. Once again the man behind the drums, James Sher has taken charge of the camera and directed the clip for Hooks for Hands, though not without a little help from some special effect and animation wizards tucked away in the CIA Studios enclosure. Names to mention here are Sam Price,Pierce Davidson, Josh Rampling, Tim Sommerville, Lestyn William.

YouTube Preview Image


Wednesday, November 17th, 2010 by John


The Dachshund U.N. is  a large scale installation from Perth sculptor/artist Bennett Miller. that explores the role of the United Nations as a risk management organisation. The work premiered as part of the Next Wave Festival in Melbourne earlier this year. The Perth Cultural Centre was the venue for this incarnation staged  from November 6 -13.  this was the first time the work as has been presented in Perth.

Bradley ’beagle’ Serls was down with his lead and pooper scooper to grab some picks of these dashing hounds!



Wednesday, November 17th, 2010 by John


Kate and Leslie, the team behind Day of the Thread, have been quietly hoarding away exquisite drawings, all the while planning to hand print the finest they could find onto organic cotton tees. From a collection of more than 100 the pair have selected a final set of seven designs which will be produced in strictly limited runs of thirty prints only.



Friday, October 22nd, 2010 by John


The time has come for the Cut & Paste and Paper Chain Beatmaker X Filmmaker challenge… Perth’s first cross media music collab where local beatmakers and filmmakers are paired up, set free with $30, a video camera and the creative juices they were born with.
Over the course of the day the beatmakers will be diggin for records/cds/cassettes/anything with a sound bite, while the process in recorded live. Then they head into the studio to create what they can with the selected booty!

So here’s the deal:

1. All participants meet up at The Bird at 9am (that’s right in the morning)

2. Beatmaker and Filmmaker names are thrown into a hat and paired up

3. Take your $30 (That’s $15 p/Beatmaker) and find your samples

4. Make the beat, Film the process

5. The beats will be showcased at The Bakery over beers and a BBQ the next day

The following week, as part of the second 3ON3 ASPHALT COMP the local filmmakers will screen the results of the Beatmaker X Filmmaker challenge on the big screen in the Bakery courtyard.

We still have a couple of last minute filmmakers spots available, so if you are keen and are free tomorrow morning throw the Paper Chain boys an email the here.

The beats will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD from the PAPER CHAIN website as well as the shorts on all interweb platforms.



Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 by Matt

SEMI_Perm_2010_posterThanks to our friends at Semi- Permanent and Artrage we are able to offer you guys special discounted tickets to this year’s Semi-Permanent Perth event. September 24 at the freshly jazzed up Bakery will be the venue for the event. Tickets are normally $55 but not for you, our dear friends, oh no, for you they’re just $40!
As we’re sure you all know Semi-Permanent is a world-renowned design & creative conference, bringing international and national speakers together for a day of creative conversation and inspiration.



Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 by Matt

Sky_Croeser_WebYour Smallest Art is a project started by local academic, artist, musician and agent provocateur Sky Croeser. Instead of battling through the conventional paths to find funding for big projects or bearing all the costs alone just to get something produced local artists can now see their little ideas emerge through a series of tiny grants and call outs for projects like sticker art and Crochet bombing. Its street art-alternative street art. Sky dropped by the Cut & Paste bus shelter and tried to explain it all to me…

C&P: How long has Your Smallest Art been going?

SC: Started recently, a number of projects are in development but none have reached completion yet.

C&P: Is it street art?

SC: Yes, but its not limited because we’re interested in people exploring anything that delights them.

C&P: IS the project run just by you or do you have a team?

SC: It’s the nice thing about the internet because you can put ideas out there and then see if people want to take them up. I’ve tried to structure it in a way that is very horizontal and easy to participate. There’s space for it to grow and more people to get on board.

People have been enthusiastic about it even people who normally wouldn’t be involved in public art wanting to take part, people like to be asked personally so there’s an interesting crossover between our internet “networks” and the skill sharing that comes from an interpersonal relationships.

C&P: What was the lightbulb moment?

SC: I’d heard about a similar thing a couple of years ago and the idea was in the back of my head and then I had a spare half hour with internet access and then asked my friends if it was too dorky, they said it was, but it’s my kind of dorky.

Its better to do something small and dorky rather than  doing nothing because you believe that you have to be perfect before you start; like playing in a band, you’ll learn as you go.

C&P: I read this on Your Smallest Art’s Blog “being given money to do something is a signal that someone else values our skills. It shifts our sense of what it is we’re doing, even if the amount that changes hands is tiny.” Would you like to add anything to this idea?

CS: We live in a world where money is the primary signifier of value and we tend to draw the line between hobby and work according to what we get paid for, so a part of the idea of this project is to incorporate the idea of being an artist into people’s lives by paying them to do it, not a lot of money but just enough to destabilize the idea that you have to be perfect and amazing to be an artist, not everyone can create heart stopping art but everyone can do something.

C&P: People can find Your Smallest Art on Facebook?

CS: It’s a group that anyone can join, encourages people to see themselves involved in the whole process, anyone can do any of that; being a funder, artist and critic, visitor or audience.

C&P: What projects are currently happening through Your Smallest Art?

CS: There are three $20 grants available for Creative greening, which means guerilla gardening, moss graffiti or something totally new? We’re also encouraging people to see the process of writing funding applications as performance art, for more information people can look at either the Facebook Group or the blog.



Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 by John


So whilst looking for some fresh Amok images to go with this post I did a trusty old Google search, and instead of finding some wall pieces all I could find was



Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 by Virginia



Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 by Virginia

JERK opened to a packed out courtyard at the The Moon on Sunday, 13 June 2010. Thank you to everyone who came down and made it such an awesome night. JERK currently features work by THNK, Pete Long and Jenness Ray and runs until Saturday, 10 July 2010

Click any image below to open full size. Photos by Brad Searls



Thursday, April 15th, 2010 by John

OSTG promo image

So you like your coffee? You’ve got to have it. One in the morning when you wake up, another on the way to work or class oh that caffeine, how you love it! But ask yourself what has coffee ever done for art? Or for that matter what has it done to help people in real need?

Well, Now Coffee is inspiring a whole new range of art works and transforming BamBOO @ Luxe Bar into a gallery as contemporary artists and designers from Perth and beyond come together with local performers to present One Sugar to Go – an eclectic art exhibition with a difference.

Available for sale via auction, artworks utilising the medium of a take-away coffee cup have been contributed by creatives from Perth, the eastern states and as far away as Glasgow, Scotland. These normally throwaway items over have been reworked and transformed into art, promoting the themes of reuse, recycle and respect – with the proceeds from sale going to the Leukemia Foundation.

One sugar to go… the event set to put an ‘up the anti’ into ‘oxidant’ as a stellar line-up of DJ’s, VJ’’s, performance art and BMX demo riders combine to showcase a cross section of contemporary culture whilst engaging community support for those affected by cancer.



Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 by Shannan

Keith Schofield is an American director renowned for his music videos and commercials. Keith has worked with everyone from BeckSupergrassMIMS and Charlotte Gainsbourg through to campaigns for Diesel and Virgin Mobile.

If you’re a fan of Spike Jonze or Michel Gondry then you need to check out the cheeky and totally innovative way he stretches concepts.

Cut & Paste caught up with Keith during the Perth stopover of the Semi-Permanent design conference 2009. The first 2010 Semi-Permanent took place in Sydney, on March 19-20 and will make its way to Perth on the 11 September.

YouTube Preview Image


Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 by John

postcardsYou know how we all live in this fast paced, instant gratification, real-time-web world of updates and comments and updated comments, like your life was just a blog post reduced into smaller easier to digest bits of expendable data swept relentlessly through copper cables and flung through the air as even tinier bits of information destined to be deleted by the casual swipe of the thumb…



Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 by Matt

FAC_PrintAwardsThe Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award 2010 – Supported by Little Creatures Brewing is now open for entries.

Established in the 70’s the FAC Print Award constantly raises the benchmark for for contemporary printmaking.  There can be great diversity in the works – lino prints will be found alongside genre-bending contemporary works.

The award continues to demonstrate that printmaking is alive and well in Western Australia and always attracts plenty of visitors not just from the local area but interstate.

“The Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award is an important event for artists in any stage of their career to present their work with their contemporaries,” says Elizabeth Delfs, FACPA Coordinator. “Be part of a national survey of contemporary print; and be part of a major promotional and professional experience which fosters further opportunities for artists.”


Last Hope

Sunday, February 21st, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

Last Hope is the fusion of sixteen original short films compiled by Andrew Kidman accompanied by a unique soundtrack put together by Spunk Records. Some of the artists include SmogSufjan StevensMogwaiMy Morning JacketDirty ThreeHolly ThrosbyVetiverBonnie Prince Billy, Machine Translations and The Brown Birds From Windy Hill. The films centre on the theme of the splendor of the sea and the infinite myth and culture of surfing.

Andrew Kidman chose six of his favourite surfing filmmakers to create short films that were inspired by the ocean. The filmmakers include Albert Falzon, Jon Frank, Monty Webber, Michelle Lockwood, Patrick Trefz and Richard Kenvin. Kidman also provides four shorts of his own.

On Friday 20th February, Last Hope played to a most welcoming crowd at the Astor Theatre, Mount Lawley. After a fitting introduction by Andrew Kidman himself, the films were brought to life with an amazing live soundtrack by The Brown Birds of Windy Hill, Machine Translations and the beautiful and absolute highlight of the night: Miss Holly Throsby. The affect of live music articulates the breathtaking beauty of the ocean and strengthens a connection we share with it. The result is at times emotional, selfless, humorous and sincere. It was a welcome end to a busy week in the rat race. A relaxing and thought provoking escape, I thoroughly enjoyed it.



Monday, February 8th, 2010 by Dave

Paul Ikin

My art is… at times illustrative and at others very painterly. Images are created based on impulse and the emotional state I’m in, and reflected on once completed. I rarely have answers for my art, they just are and I need to get them out of my mind/system. Some days I want to draw a portrait, some days I’ll paint a couple in a fight…I’m not locking myself into anything. But I have a style I seem to carry on, no matter what I do.

I use… Bloxx oil paint on Japanese Ash wood panels that I either box frame or put under glass. I like wood as its resistant to damage (me putting my foot through it), natural grain backgrounds and its natural warm texture. I’m a big fan of canvases -bigger the better. But I hate how careful you have to be around them. For my everyday roughs I use plain brown paper or large sheets of butchers paper, I love that stuff. For fine drawings I’ll use any 300gsm Watercolour paper.

When I work I… listen to music and usually zone out for the majority of the creative process. Usually I listen to soundtracks/soundscapes to movies eg. Solaris or a complete opposite like Sonic Youth/ Mogwai. Or I’ll have a movie playing in the background, it helps me switch on to the art process if there’s something else going on.

I live in Melbourne because… if you’re a creative person, Melbourne will take care of you. Surrounded by a huge variety of artist theres always something going on or someone to meet thats like-minded. The food is cheap and variety, coffee is golden, ride anywhere worth going or tram it, pub on every corner and the freedom to be whoever you want without prejudice.

Over the next year I… Recently moved into a new studio space in the iconic Melbourne Central Complex with around 10 other creative artists and I’ll be exhibiting throughout the year. At the same time I will also be working on finishing my first novel (Young Adults Fiction) and start illustrating the characters in watercolour and pencil. (like a Wind in the Willows book)

I think that… life is too confusing to not be creative.

Click here to visit Paul’s website



Friday, January 29th, 2010 by John


Our friends at the Mixtape Gallery present Give Way a new group show featuring seven talented artists from around Australia. Featuring Paul Ikin, Kate-Anna Williams, Sam Knest, Daevid Anderson, Kareena Zerefos, Sean Morris, Natasha Sim.

Give Way opens tonight at 7pm with tasty tipples from The National Handbag’s Ginger Beer. Make sure you pick up your copy of the latest Zine from Sam Knest, ‘The Lonesome Crowded West / Colouring Book’ available one night only, exclusive to Mixtape.

Give Way runs from Jan 29 – Feb 21, 2010. So if you can’t make it down tonight make sure you check it out sometime later!

All the info you need is here



Monday, January 25th, 2010 by Shannan
YouTube Preview Image

NYC-based artist Tara McPherson’s body of work both draws from and spans comics, rock posters and toys. Cut & Paste caught up with Tara during the Perth stopover of the Semi-Permanent design conference.

Music: ‘Off With Their Legs’ by Naik
Courtesy of Paper Chain //



Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 by John

MD expo
It’s time to get organised and start thinking about how you can contribute to the next issue of MD Ltd Eds due out in Feb 2010: The Photography Issue!

You don’t ‘have’ to be a professional photographer to contribute, however we do expect a high standard of work. You could be a street artist or a fashion desginer- we just want your work to be represented by a photograph!

MD is all about giving independent artists another medium to exhibit their work in. Publishing your work also promotes the very best little pretty Perth has to offer and gives us a chance to document and ‘historicize’ indie art that may otherwise fly under the radar. MD seeks to make our lil’ cultural hub as creatively competitive and encouraging as possible! Nothing is taboo. We have an R+ rating so don’t hold back! Make a statement and make it last!

The format will change from A5 portrait to A4 landscape. Submissions for entry begin now and end on the 18th of January. Email to your lo res images a lil’ bio and your contact details as we might also like to interview you pretty young things!

NB Please ensure that the people in your photos are happy to have their image published for the public. Certify that you have the right!

And if you have contributed to us before please do not hesitate to contribute to us again!



Thursday, November 19th, 2009 by John

 Motion Study I [2009]
Tennis ball launcher, bucket, tennis balls
Dimensions variable

Motion Study II [2009]
Wire bound books, industrial fans
Dimensions variable

Perth based visual artist Rebecca Baumann  just took out the SOYA Award for Visual Art. Baumann’s practice spans the mediums of photography, bookmaking, sculpture and installation. Previous work has explored the themes of happiness and anxiety, celebration and spectacle. Baumann featured in the New Disorder interview [Cut & Paste 3] and we have continued to work with her over the years to produce her video works.

The above footage is taken from the Rebecca Baumann’s solo exhibition from the beginning; one more time [April 2009 ]
Exhibited at Fremantle Arts Centre

Check out her blog //



Wednesday, November 11th, 2009 by Shannan
YouTube Preview Image

Cut & Paste speaks with Lauren O’Brien, architecture student and creator of Osier!’s quirky handmade jewellery.

Music: ‘The Last Parade’ by Naik
Courtesy of Paper Chain //