Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

Timo Maas-0531

Who: Timo Maas
When: Friday 15th Oct
Where: Ambar Nightclub

Last Friday Boomtick Events invited Timo Maas to share an affectionate mix of deep, deep techno with the people of Perth. My job as a photographer is to go in and to speak to every person in the club and take their photo. So I’ll just tell you what I see and what I came here to shoot.

The pre-performance nervous jitters kick in and then give way to an insatiatable excitement. Pumped I knock back a couple of jagerbombs, slightly vomit in my mouth and swallow ‘cos I’m hardcore and ready to rock. I slap myself in the face a couple of times to get over it: shake it off, kill a cigarette and then strut straight into the middle of an inexhaustible carnivorous and desirous crowd.

The suave, calm, collected 41 year old Timo Maas emerges with his beautiful blonde bombshell making acting cool seem effortless. All the levels go up a notch, the crowd swells; and all at once the beats kick off with a good blend of the sweet smell of something special up in the booth. Fresh faced, newly 18 year olds celebrate birthday parties and worship sweaty gyrating bodies on the dancefloor. Oh and remember: your guest dj is the guy your dancing with not just dancing for.

Things get wild pretty quickly… Hands come at me from all directions, groping. All of a sudden my camera and I are everybody’s new BFF and they want their photo taken not just by me but with me too. The ladies tear each others hair out over who’s next and who is more beautiful.  I can’t share with you the real secret to this, but let’s just say there’s an unspoken power you possess when your role is to party and work at the same time. So I just roll with it, get loose and keep shooting.

So remember, next time you see me: Work it! and show me how much you love to party.

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