Thursday, August 11th, 2011 by John

Radiothon 2011

As with most things annual RTRFMs Radiothon is again upon us. Running from Friday August 19 to Sunday August 28 it’s the time of year when our favourite independent radio station asks you to rummage around your pockets for a little coin.

This year the team approached us at Cut & Paste to assist them in producing a television commercial to run along with this years them… Get on Board.
Shot over a few glorious Perth weekends here’s what we put together…

YouTube Preview Image

Below is the low down on Radiothon 2011:

2011 Radiothon – Get on Board kicks off with with a live broadcast of Breakfast with Barr at 78 Records, kicking off from 6am start including guest appearances, live music, homemade cupcakes and coffee.

The Opening Party: The party will continue with the Radiothon Opening Party at The Bakery on Saturday 20 August, 8pm – Late. On the bill is Naik, Community Collab Band, Carl Fox and Drop Macumba! Plus DJ’s from Underground Sound Solution Crew, Cut & Paste Sound System, Ben M, Sibalance and Jade Nobbs. Live performance of Aerial Silks and from the WA Ballet. We have also included for the first time ever – a special Radiothon Photo Booth!

The Closing Party: Radiothon will end with a great night out at The Rosemount Hotel on Saturday 27 August, 7pm- Late, with Emperors, The Leap Year, smRts, TheAutumn Isles, Hang On St Christopher, Minute 36, Goodnight Tiger, Gulls, Louis Inglis, Seven Weapons and DJs Shannon Fox, Jamie MacDonald, Chris Wheeldon and Ryan Sandilands

Did you know…
- In 2011 RTRFM won the Western Australian Music Industry Media Award for contribution to Western Australian music.
- RTRFM presenters are volunteers from all walks of life who dedicate their spare time to share their passion for music, art and ideas with the listening community 24hrs a day, seven days a week.
- RTRFM does not receive government funding
- RTRFM produces over 50 weekly shows to an audience of over 100,000 weekly and over 350,000 a year.

Four ways to Get on Board…
1. Link the RTRFM Radiothon TV ad on YouTube or Facebook
2. Post your support on the RTRFM Radiothon blog
3. Trend RTRFM Radiothon on twitter #getonboard
5. Subscribe and encourage your friends to subscribe!



Friday, December 17th, 2010 by John


Last weekend saw the Cut & Paste: Micro-Festival launch the tenth issue of the Cut & Paste DVD. Kicking things off in the balmy sun at 4pm the Bakery was filled with Perth’s first Silent Micro-Cinema, a Hurben/Planet Clothing collaboration (which had sticky tape horns and limbs hanging from the rafters) and a plethora of vintage and retro game console and canvas hangings adorning the sea containers.

The Micro-Festival saw unique collaborations between Felicity Groom and Diger Rokwell, Naik, Zeke, Kit Pop and KZ the Boogieman from Cosmo Gets, in addition to 6s & 7s playing their album Choose the Sentinel Blooze from beginning to end, as the Panda Band did with their yet to be released album. Soulfister, Abbe May, Rex Monson, Tomas Ford, Mathas, Chris Wheeldon, Gemma Pike and the Cut & Paste Sound System were all on hand to round out the musical entertainment.

The man with his stills camera in hand, Bradley Serls was there to grab everyone in their Micro-Festoval festivities… See if you’re featured in the gallery!


The Community // Triple Play

Monday, November 22nd, 2010 by Matt



Monday, July 5th, 2010 by John

First night of The Hideout and Soulaverse at the Leederville Hotel. Spot you?

Photos by Nicole Norelli




Friday, July 2nd, 2010 by John


The Hideout is a new collaborative effort between ourselves and some of fine folk from within the local industry – Think Twice, The Community, Flowlab and Analogue Agency. Launching tonight, Friday July  2, The Hideout is a free weekly night with a hip-hop flavour, embracing the local hip-hop community allowing hip-hop artists to showcase their music and bringing together local producers, emcess and DJs.

Opening night at The Hideout starts things off in style with local wordsmith and barefoot rapper (*note due to Leederville Hotel policy he will in fact be wearing shoes) Mathas. Cue shoe segue , as they are most likely the kicks of cam-indo-hip-psych-hop sheik and The Community’s other founder Diger Rokwell with something new, something borrowed and something blue. Resident DJ Arms In Motion will have his Torq in full effect with – you guessed it – hip-hop from all eras alongside the silent but violent DJ Silence who kicks off the madness from 8pm.


WHAT: The Hideout Opening Night

WHEN: TONIGHT that’s Friday July 2 from 8:00pm

WHERE: Downstairs at the Leederville


Arms In Motion 11:30-12:00

Mathas 11:00-11:30

Arms In Motion 10:30-11:00

Marksman 10:00-10:30

Arms In Motion 9:30-10:00

Diger Rokwell 9:00-9:30

DJ Silence 8:00-9:00

Opening night at The Hideout brings some of Perth’s premier emcee, DJ and producer talent. Local underground hip hop heavyweight and co-founder of local crew The Community, Mathas will headline with a set of live raps. Showcasing some new tunes and some old tunes will be The Community’s other founder, radio show host and psych-hop mysterio Diger Rokwell. Resident DJ Arms In Motion will be in full effect spinning a selection of hip hop from all eras as will guest DJ Silence who will kick off the madness Others to feature in the first few weeks include Taku, Naik, emcess Delirious and Coin and DJ Zeke
The Hideout is a collaborative effort between Think Twice, Cut & Paste, The Community, Flowlab and Analogue Agency. The Hideout is there every Friday and free to get in, with a strong rotation of producers, emcess and DJs. It’s about offering a regular weekly night for people to enjoy quality music from a range of local artists and is about embracing the local hip-hop community allowing hip-hop artists to showcase their music. The Hideout embraces producers, emcess and DJs in equal proportions every night.


Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 by John

digerMy art is…Cut and paste recontextualised madness with a tinge of social commentary, childish sketches with cute as bottom line, impressionistic landscapes with simplistic tones.

I use…Photoshop, google images, national geographic magazines, acrylic paint, canvases, MS Paint and photocopies, Ableton LIVE, instruments etc.

When I work I…Try to generate many ideas quickly and refines the pieces later. The original idea of a piece is usually stronger than over thinking, being anal or analytical. The present moment is powerful and we can capture originality by trusting in the now.

Perth’s not so bad because…Places are what you make them, geography is never to blame for your lot in life in democratic western societies. Perth is a creative hub with so  much talent but not much appreciation due its conservative and consumerist majority. It gives to minority of creative folk something to inspire, rebel against and to comment on. We are small in numbers so we can keep our utopia to ourselves.

Over the next year I’m…Working on expanding and growing The Community. I am releasing a beat-tape called ‘Digerbodia’, in May, featuring remixes and beats using samples obtained and digerised whilst on a short trip to Cambodia. I am also releasing a full length album called ‘We are all related’ which was recorded in December 2009 with my sound engineer, Sibalance. Featuring composition played and written by me and overlayed with psyched out samples, hopefully released in August/September. I have recently moved my art stuff to a studio at my girlfriend’s parents house in the Swan Valley. I am also planning to embrace my cut and paste roots by designing more and launching a limited edition t shirt designs with help from the Elementree guys. Also I plan to make up more words as a part of my wordology project. More traveling sampology exploits during the Xmas holidays as well.

I think that…Creativity is a gateway to potentiality.

Current show…Moon Exhibits at The Moon Cafe with dtriangle. Starts: Sunday, 11th of April 2010.

Visit Moon Exhibits between May 4 and 18 to win the Diger Rokwell prize pack!!

WIN 2 x tickets to the launch of his new album Digerbodia, 2 x copies of Digerbodia, 1x t-shirt, 2 x copies of Cut & Paste.
Keep hold of your receipt from The Moon Cafe and email
stuff@cutandpastedvd.com to win



Sunday, January 31st, 2010 by John

JamboreeJoceSundaeJamboree for Jocelyn is a fundraising event for a good friend of Perth’s music community, Jocelyn Bartlem. Last year Jocelyn suffered life changing spinal injuries that have put her in financial and physically tough times.

Jocelyn is positive, beautiful and vibrant young woman with a love for life, her friends, family and Perth. Jocelyn has touched the hearts of all that have had the privilege of meeting. Even in this tough situation Jocelyn has maintained her positivity and out going personality.

Now it’s our turn to help Jocelyn, as she faces some financial challenges in face of on going treatment and rehabilitation.

Cut & Paste, The Community and Sundaes at The Rosemount are throwing down a mini day festival on Sunday February 21 to raise as much money as we can for Jocelyn on her way to recovery.

Jamboree for Jocelyn features Perth’s finest live-acts and DJs taking over both inside and outside the Rosemount Hotel in full effect. All artists have donated their time and Cut & Paste will be donating all the profits from Sundae to the cause.

Jamboree for Jocelyn is a free event with donation tins passed around during the event, as well as auctions from local artists in Perth.

Courtyard //
Charlie Bucket
Aarom Wilson
King John Ill

Inside //
Injured Ninja
Diger Rokwell
Stoop Fresh



Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 by Cassie


Last week Rahzel was in town!  Teaming up with DJ JS-1, Bitter Belief and Porsah Laine they stopped in at The Rosemount to join Diger Rockwell, Fdel, Armee and L-Street  for a Thursday night party!

When a young Rahzel was practicing his very first sounds – going about his day with a constant “brrrr – qiiiii – dum – dum” accompanying his step, he must have sounded a little kookoo.  But the years of training and refining his technique have paid off earning himself the reputation of being (arguably) the best beatboxer that walks the earth.

As the night turned into morning the packed out venue was fists in the air pumped.  Fans enjoyed a beatbox session from acclaimed albums Make The Music and Rahzel’s Greatest Knockouts. Creating sounds of drums, bass, piano and vocals with his mouth, throat and gut he single handedly impersonated a number of hip hop / rock classics by the Wu Tang Clan, Black Sabbath, Jay Z, Notorious BIG, The White Stripes Lauren Hill and more. He kicked a lot of familiar beats and the energy and sound exerted quenched the crowds thirst for hip hop.  A couple of new covers chucked in were Alicia Keys’ No One and Kanye West’s Gold Digger.  Rounding off the night was original If Your Mother Only Knew prompting an appreciative roar from onlookers.

Rahzel live = a must see



Wednesday, November 4th, 2009 by John


Best known as one of the original members of The Roots, Rahzel is the modern day connoisseur behind the art-form know as “fifth element” of hip-hop culture – beatboxing.

It was over two years ago, back in Feb 2007 that Rahzel last blew the minds & ears of Perth heads with his multi-tasking skills of beatboxing, rapping and singing.

Rahzel will be joined onstage by DJ JS-1 of the Rock Steady Crew.

Live supports Bitter Belief, Porsah Laine & Diger Rokwell
DJ’s Fdel, Armee & L-Street

Thurs. Nov. 12
Rosemount Hotel //



Thursday, October 29th, 2009 by Nicole Norelli

We’ve been fortunate enough lately that every time a festival pops up, [and let’s face it, there's one almost every weekend now] the sun pokes its head out and gives us a warm summer welcome. Low:Fi Festival was no exception. A shocking 30 degree concrete heat beat everyone into believing we really might be in NY’s Brooklyn, with Aberdeen Street partitioned for a Chapelle style Block Party.

Low:Fi Festival brought this thirsty lil’ place on earth some serious international hip hop, dubstep and drum and bass:

Noisia destroyed, Qbert threw records into the crowd, Supernatural gave one hell of a set encouraging fans to hand him objects from which he’d rhyme “but this is freestyle my friend so I don’t need a pen.”
Local acts NAIK, Kitpop, Rokwell did just thatand of course NAS with one of the hottest looking and sounding lineups, tighter than a nun’s a-hole. I’m sorry, I mean, what can I say in praise that’s more succinct than “they were freaking awesome!”?

Kicks, hot chicks, no more than the average dicks, well the police got rid of them quick never seen a force so evident in Northbridge at an event like this undercover cops would quash any need to smoke green [yes its those who get stoned who turn violent, Go figure!]. Whilst backstage was one giant session, so where’s the lesson in removing citizens who teach the young and help the disabled? All we desired to Do The Right Thing was a hydrant to bust, and everything would’ve been Spike Lee.

In comparison to the Future and Stereo and Summadayze etcetera where the majority of kids can sell and pop pills quicker than it kills… y’all just need to chill…and kick it to some tunes on the down low… //