Thursday, December 17th, 2009 by Nicole Norelli

mg_6653Due to poor ticket sales the DJ Dexter gig was pulled from Villa Nightclub in November.  It was disappointing to say the least, but thanks to a few friends who managed to pull some ropes since Dexter was in town and itching to play, Mr Charlie Bucket was kind enough to give him a slot on Saturday the 17th at The Manor in Leederville.

But it seemed like everything went wrong that night.  After being refused entry, with my name on the door, the door bitch not knowing anything about a “DJ Dexter” playing that evening and then being told I wasn’t allowed in with a camera, and made to wait an hour whilst watching them allow people in ahead of us I was nearing certifiable psychotic behaviour by the time I PAID to go and shoot a favourite and deserving of more respect DJ Dexter who played a kick-ass 90 minute set.

The only thing The Manor needs is to learn some goddamn manners. Or else go and be subject to the guide of  Lovers and Lobbers I mean, fuck, I’m writing a review on you dudes. Whose cock do I need to suck under a piano to get some goddamn respect in this place?!