Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 by John

Picnic LaunchPicnic Records will be celebrating its birth as a label alongside the launch of its third release Love Vacation on Saturday, March 13.

Picnic Records is the brainchild of Perth producer and DJ Nathan Nisbet (aka Captn K), who conceived it as an avenue to release original local music with an eclectic style that blends psych, blues, funk, dub and disco.

“I wanted to have full control over the sound and not have to wait in vain after sending out demos to labels that would probably never be listened to, so starting my own label seemed the sensible option,” Nathan explains.

Nathan describes Picnic’s upcoming release as being “all about love, sunshine and dancing”. The title track “Love Vacation” is a feel-good disco-boogie sensation with sunny vocals and a smooth bass line, while “Beat Vacation” is a dance floor-ready remix by label affiliate Francis Rae. On the B-side “Inaku Dreams” builds with haunting guitar work followed by “Tumble” a laid-back track with an Italo/disco vibe that nicely rounds off the 4 track 12-inch vinyl release.

Founded in 2008, Nathan has chosen to delay the official label launch of Picnic Records until it had at least three releases and tangible success – with international distribution through UK-based Kudos Records, as well as airplay on radio stations and bars/clubs in Australia and around the world.