Wednesday, February 24th, 2010 by John

transients 3 low resThe Transients are one of the top two bands in Nova 937’s I Am With The Band competition.

Over the next few weeks Nova will be playing their upcoming single, Mischa, and you can show your support for them by voting for them online. You can vote multiple times and by voting, you could win $5000.

The Transients are giving away via free download, their remix  of Brash and Sassy’s No Milk For You (The Transients’ Thirsty remix). Click here to hit their website and grab the track

You can catch The Transients playing live this Saturday night at the Health after-party at Beck’s Music Box (free entry from 10pm) and at Future Music Festival, Ascot Racecourse on Sunday. They’re opening the main stage so get there early at 12 noon!



Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010 by John


You’ve seen, or at least heard about, Tomás Ford. He’s the showman who plays electro to punk kids, puts on confronting cabarets, dances on every conceivable surface and has as much fun as he can with audiences.

Even if you took in his controversial One Night Stand show from back in 2007, his runaway hit Artrage Festival show Tomás Ford vs The Audience in 2006 or any of his appearances at pubs or festivals around the country, this is still so far on the next level from those shows as to be unrecognisably awe inspiring. You still haven’t seen him as liberated as he is in this show.

Ford’s art is manipulating audiences and harnessing chaos. It’s one thing to see him in a pub or at a festival, but there’s only so much he can do in those spaces; when you put him in a theatre, everything is maxxed out. He has more control. He can tailor the show to the space. For this show, we’re talking about new costumes, video work, a unique performance environment and a series of happenings that may never happen again.

If you want to see Tomás Ford at his best, you’ve only got one night to do it.

That night is Saturday February 27 at The Astor Theatre on Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley.