Friday, January 7th, 2011 by Matt

Security Guard pornby Aaron McCann

Q: How did all the ripped up porn start floating around the media tent?

A: Keep reading…

So it’s 6:28am and the sun has just come up, but because the sun hates us we boil in the tent. TENTS and the SUN don’t mix… EVER!  It’s so unbearable that we leave and decide to go to the beach.

The beach is great in the morning. It wakes you and up gets you ready for the day. I don’t own ANY shorts so I had to borrow some from Chris, who informed me that they looked like shorts from Baywatch. I wanted to run up and down the beach in slow motion, but being in the water was better.

The sleepy little town of Busselton was not so sleepy that day… Well ok, it was but Coles was open and we got a banana then off to the TAB for a beer as it was the only thing open that had beer available.

Back at SOUTHBOUND, into the staff parking and lugging the gear through the crowds of people who just seem to be waking up or arriving from god knows where. We get to the media tent. Charge our phones (oh by the way. Still no good reception down here. It’s insane. WiFi doesn’t even work). Then off to pack up the tent as John shoots some live footage of The Chemist, who were our first interview of the day.

Backstage, after the struggle with security to get in… AGAIN, we do our interview with The Chemist, I don’t have headphone and can’t hear shit. There is a camera problem and cards need to be changed… all really boring and you don’t need to hear about this… It’s still fucking hot!

In between interviews I get a text from a friend saying:

Quote of the festival from some young girl: “Why are their two Australian flags and one Japanese flag”… The Japanese Flag she was referring to was the Aboriginal flag … I Almost fell over laughing. Are fucking kids these days THAT dumb? Yes, yes they are. Sure I’ve mistaken flags before. Most people have. It’s easy to mix up the Australian and New Zealand flag or the Holland and French Flags. But the Japanese Flag and the Aboriginal Flag? C’mon! I’m sorry but the girl who originally said that; Retard, from an uneducated and racially sterile background. Idiot!

Back to the interviews: We shot Tim & Jean followed by Grace Woodroofe (to whom I said “have a good show, even though she’d already played… felt like a fool, but beer made that feeling go away quick) followed by Tame Impala. All interviews went well but I didn’t get a chance to see Sleigh Bells. But at that stage it didn’t matter. It was just Far too fucking hot to move and I preferred just sitting in the shade drinking free soft drinks. Ahhhhh refreshing…

Back to the media tent and caught the last half of Paul Kelly. He had a massive crowd, both young and old. The kids and the olds love him. Plus the man has simply amazing songs, so it was good that I got to see him for a bit.


The Mystery of the Torn Porn.

Pages and pages of torn hardcore porn are scattered around the media tent and a few questions come to mind.

1) Who buys Porn mags anymore? We have the internet, we’re all tech savvy, why would we need a still pic when we can latterly type anything our hearts desire into a search engine and we’ll have it there.

2) Who in the Media would bring Porn? No one was the answer but there was an even split between guys and girls in the tent, all of us working our asses off and none of us with the time on our hands to bat one out in between sets.

Answer: Maybe security? I donno, there was speculation, and upon further investigation there were more torn pages in the porta-loo behind the Media tent than scattered throughout, but the mystery will live on.

That was our two days. We left right after Tame Impala and didn’t stay for the Klaxons or A-Track. We all just wanted to go home and have a real shower.

SOUTHBOUND this year wasn’t my favourite. The National made it worthwhile but the line-up was all over the place. The crowds seemed thin here and there and the heat made it ridiculous. As always the organisation was great and we had access to lots of things the average punter doesn’t which is great to share with you all, but there was only one band I saw that stood out and the other I saw was ok, and it was too fucking hot to see the last one I wanted to see. I had fun, I always do but being so close to the new year and so close to BREAKFEST was maybe not the best move this year for SOUTHBOUND 2011. All in all though the punters will decide if they enjoyed it or not.

This isn’t a review, just an opinion on what happened and how. Take it or leave it.

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Friday, January 7th, 2011 by Matt

The musicians you came to see…

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Friday, January 7th, 2011 by Matt

Spot yourself and your friends in the Crowd at Southbound 2011

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Monday, October 11th, 2010 by Matt

CP10_FacebookImageOneAfter nearly five years as Perth’s most important independent cross platform street publication Cut & Paste is about to crack double figures and release Cut & Paste DVD Issue 10.

We always launch with a party and this time around we have something extra special in the works: A Micro-Festival held in the newly renovated and reopened Bakery on Saturday December 11 2010.



Wednesday, May 19th, 2010 by Matt

Corn_WAMIThe WAMi Festival is on again and there is, as usual, heaps to do, see and of course hear. We’re going to be filming at a few events and expect some tweets form round the place too, there’s way too much stuff for us to be able to be at everything so if you see something cool let us know!


Future Music Festival 2010

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

EOTSFuture Music Festival was the place to be this Sunday past. For the last long weekend of summer (and summer festivals) it was an a beautiful day at Ascot Racecourse.

Though it was 1.4 kilometres ‘tween some stages, the layout of Future gave opportunity for 29,000 people enough space and plenty of shade, with idyllic hideaways and full moons, team it with a whirl on the Ranger and a skate at Silent Disco, these kids looked happier than pigs in mud.  However it wasn’t until the sun started it’s descent and took the heat off with the breeze, that the party really started.

All bets were on The Prodigy being the best for a Future headline act but I must admit David Guetta was the DJ that got the crowd into that golden summer festival state. Franz Ferdinand seemed kind of out of place, but regardless of that are always fun to watch. Poor ol’ Empire of The Sun were pushed right down the very end of the track and considering Steele’s stage show, totally deserved a bigger, perhaps more central stage. Personal highlights?  Spank Rock and Booka Shade.


Last Hope

Sunday, February 21st, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

Last Hope is the fusion of sixteen original short films compiled by Andrew Kidman accompanied by a unique soundtrack put together by Spunk Records. Some of the artists include SmogSufjan StevensMogwaiMy Morning JacketDirty ThreeHolly ThrosbyVetiverBonnie Prince Billy, Machine Translations and The Brown Birds From Windy Hill. The films centre on the theme of the splendor of the sea and the infinite myth and culture of surfing.

Andrew Kidman chose six of his favourite surfing filmmakers to create short films that were inspired by the ocean. The filmmakers include Albert Falzon, Jon Frank, Monty Webber, Michelle Lockwood, Patrick Trefz and Richard Kenvin. Kidman also provides four shorts of his own.

On Friday 20th February, Last Hope played to a most welcoming crowd at the Astor Theatre, Mount Lawley. After a fitting introduction by Andrew Kidman himself, the films were brought to life with an amazing live soundtrack by The Brown Birds of Windy Hill, Machine Translations and the beautiful and absolute highlight of the night: Miss Holly Throsby. The affect of live music articulates the breathtaking beauty of the ocean and strengthens a connection we share with it. The result is at times emotional, selfless, humorous and sincere. It was a welcome end to a busy week in the rat race. A relaxing and thought provoking escape, I thoroughly enjoyed it.



Monday, January 18th, 2010 by John

Another taste of the Cut & Paste interview with French duo The Inspector Cluzo. Phil and Malcom discuss their dislike of the French and American Presidents, both past and present. Full interview on Cut & Paste: Issue 9 out Mar. 2010.



Monday, January 18th, 2010 by John

A snippet of the Cut & Paste interview with French duo The Inspector Cluzo. Phil and Malcom discuss their dislike of the ‘bass player’. Full interview on Cut & Paste: Issue 9 out Mar. 2010.



Friday, January 8th, 2010 by John

CROWD_GENERAL4The Cut & Paste crew will be getting the patisserie van out on the road this afternoon and heading down Busselton way to get our Southbound on.

You’ll be able to catch us roaming the fields of Sir Stewart Bovell Park in between some exclusive on-camera interviews.

Saturday will see us chat to The Phenomenal Handclap Band late in the evening [8:30-8:45pm] and fingers crossed we get the ok from The Inspector Cluzo mid afternoon to have a chat with the French wizard.

Sunday will see us chatting to Fredrik [one-half of Datarock] mid-afternoon [1:30-1:45pm]. We will be aiming to UStream the interviews live, however as we’re only getting used to this technology ourselves me my tragically fail – but hey we’ll give it a go anyway!

Follow our tweets over the weekend and posts pics, reviews commentary and other thoughts using #southbound.



Monday, December 21st, 2009 by Shannan
YouTube Preview Image

Cut & Paste speaks with Tessa Moncrieff – the recent fashion and visual art graduate’s unique personal narrative has woven its way through her latest collection for Plonk.

Music: ‘The Last Parade’ by Naik
Courtesy of Paper Chain //



Monday, November 16th, 2009 by John

trash-poster-2-2009 w writing

Showcasing short horror, sci-fi, animations and bad taste comedy Trasharama tours Australia every year to most capital cities and some regional areas.

The festival hits Perth on the 20th November at the Castle Northbridge showing the best films from around Australia including a few locals.

Make sure you head down to the Castle to check out our own Phil Nelson’s entry Revenge of the Gnomes.

In trash we trust!


TARVYDAS // 09.09.09

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009 by Shannan
YouTube Preview Image

WA icon Ruth Tarvydas unveils her Spring/Summer 09/10 collection at Fashion Paramount in the Gasworks Building //

Music: ‘Young Tram’ by Carbuncle and ‘Little Rabbit, Little Lion’ by Li’l Leonie Lionheart
Courtesy of Love is My Velocity //


MORRISON // 07.09.09

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009 by Laure
YouTube Preview Image

For the first time in Perth Fashion Festival history, the Morrison Spring Summer 09/10 Collection was showcased in an independent runway event. //


OUTSKIRTS // 05.09.09

Monday, September 14th, 2009 by Shannan
YouTube Preview Image

The creative hub of Northbridge came alive for Outskirts, a precinct-wide festival celebrating emerging fashion and design – with over 50 events //

You can also vote for your favourite Fashion on the Outskirts now. //

Music: ‘Daniel’ by 7 Weapons
Courtesy of Love is My Velocity //


THE GALLERY// RUNWAY // 07.09.09

Friday, September 11th, 2009 by John

The runway section of The Gallery, at Fashion Paramount. The parade featured 13 one off creations from Fremantle designers. Set amongst the backdrop of the old Gasworks. //

Featuring //
* Ashe
* Batchelor
* Chinky Wooster
* Cocoon Textiles
* Kartique
* Lin Pin
* Loop
* Love In Tokyo
* Mabu
* Mandi Mac
* Plonky
* Stiff
* Velvet Sushi

Music: ‘Drum Head’ by Diger Rokwell
Courtesy of The Community Records //


STUDENT RUNWAY // 06.06.09

Thursday, September 10th, 2009 by Laure

YouTube Preview Image

Perth Fashion Festival’s inaugural Student Runway saw Perth’s most talented student designers showcase their groundbreaking designs, as they compete for coveted places at the Mercedes-Benz WA Fashion Awards //


CHADWICK MODEL SEARCH 2009 // 06.09.09

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 by Dani
YouTube Preview Image

One of the biggest model competitions Perth has to offer was back for 2009,  looking for the next beautiful face of tomorrow. Hosted by Seven personality Sophie Falkiner! //

Music: ‘Better Dreamz’ by Li’l Leonie Lionheart
Courtesy of Love is My Velocity //


WHEN I GROW UP // 06.09.09

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 by Dani
YouTube Preview Image

A Perth Fashion Festival first came in the way of When I Grow Up was 100% kids. With tiny models strutting their Father’s Day best from the Spring/Summer 09/10 collections from Forrest Chase retailers such as Pumpkin Patch, Myer and Levi’s. //

Music ‘Little Rabbit Little Lion’ by Li’l Leonie Lionheart
Courtesy of Love Is My Velocity //


WEST END HAUTE // 04.09.09

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 by Dani
YouTube Preview Image

West End Haute, the official Perth Fashion Festival launch showcased an array of collections from King Street retailers. //

A night of fashion amongst VIP, media and festival friends at the Fashion Paramount. //

Music: ‘Only Two’ by Stina
Courtesy of Love Is My Velocity //