Thursday, May 12th, 2011 by John





I blame INXS, a soft target I know, but if Michael Hutchence and his bunch of leather and paisley wearing haircuts hadn’t decided that Wembley Stadium was a great place to do rock concerts then maybe, just maybe musicians would have kept their prancing and showboating to stages instead of  football fields.

This year The Crustacean Cup matured into a four team competition, pitting local lead breakers and beat makers against each other in an irreverant riff on the world game. Cut & Paste was there to record all the highlights, the low lights and the absurd lack of motor skills that people who can play play multi-octave scales at blistering speed demonstrate when a big round thing gets near their feet.

Special mentions must go to the Foodchain crew for putting together an excellent afternoon’s entertainment, Tomas Ford for MC-ing the day and of course to the mighty Crabcelona FC for defending their title from last year.

During the Final of the 2011 Crustacean Cup, Young Filmmaker of the Year and roving documentary man Mat de Koning went deep inside the camps at half time and full time to talk strategy, skills and post match celebrations.

You can view the half time commentary here and the full time wrap up here.


Game 1: FC Crabcelona 1 def Mictacea 0

Game 2: The Mariners 1 def Tyrannocrabs 0

Final: FC Crabeclona 1 def The Mariners 0



Saturday, December 19th, 2009 by John

Wednesday December 23 //

Jesse Woodward, Div Craft and His Big Old Bears
Track // Lazy Railway – Grizzly Bear

Exodus Musica
Track // Exodus Musica – Exodus Musica

Tuesday December 22 //

Rabbit Island
Track // Rabbit Island – Bobby

Closer Encounters
Track  // Closer Encounter – Eventful Wander

Monday December 21 //

Brash and Sassy
Track // Brash and Sassy – His Heart Burned For Me

Track // Stereoflower – I’ve Been Sleeping

Sunday December 20 //

Simone and Girlfunkle
Track // Simone and Girlfunkle – Hustle

Split Seconds
Track // Split Seconds – Compasses

Saturday December 19 //

Shock! Horror!
Track // Shock! Horror! – Weight

My Majestic Star
Track // My Majestic Star – Part 4

Friday December 18 //

Craig McElhinney
Track // Craig McElhinney – Improvisation

Craig McElhinney
The first session in the Real to Reel recording studio kicked off at midday with Craig McElhinney improvising seven amazing, looping instrumental tracks. Craig was joined by Tim Loughman (Astral Travel, Golden Staph, amongst others) on bass and drums. They’re playing in front of one of two works kindly loaned by artist Ben Barretto.

Track // Pond – Block Rockin Beats

As the first day of the Real to Reel Studio kicked into action Cut & Paste popped down to see what the second band of the day had to offer. The six members of Pond dropped in to the studio around 2pm and gave us a taste of their purple syzzurp sound…

All images courtesy of photographer Elizabeth Stacey and Foodchain.


From Friday 18 – Wednesday 23, December the team at Foodchain will be offering punters free music from some of Perth’s most promising musicians.

The Real to Reel Studio [278 William Street, Northbridge] will be open daily from 12 – 4pm. Recordings take place between 12- 1:30pm and 2- 3:30pm daily.

The event is a free all ages event so head down and take a gander at the musos on offer.

Cut & Paste will be down at the Real to Reel Studios each day to capture the bands in recording mode. We will be uploading ‘exclusive’ photos from Foodchain photographer Elizabeth Stacey and video bites from the Cut & Paste crew…