Monday, September 13th, 2010 by Matt

Future ShortKeen lovers of cinema and Cut & Paste will already know about Future Shorts, but for anyone who has come in late: Future Shorts is an international short film event that screens programs of shorts in cool venues. Each month the future shorts people give you a mini festival of mini films.

This month the theme is a ‘best of Europe” affair  featuring Romain Gavras’ highly-controversial music video for ‘Stress’ by Justice, the intensive games of cat and mouse in David O Reilly’s award-winning animation ‘Please Say Something’ and the raw, truthful and tender coming of age tale set in the belly of London Brixton’s “Top Girl”.

Henry and Aaron on the other hand are quite possibly aliens, or maybe they’re the ghosts that haunt old cinemas scaring people with their cold, cold breath…the point is that every now and again they send us film reviews in the form of podcast style recordings.

In this irregularly planned missive Henry and Aaron give us their take on this month’s Future Shorts program, have a listen but then head along to Manhattan’s tomorrow night and check out the movies.

Listen to Henry & Aaron Now!

WHAT: Future Shorts

WHERE: Manhattan’s Victoria Park

WHEN: Tuesday 14/09/10 starting 7:30pm

FACEBOOK: See the Facebook event here



Monday, July 26th, 2010 by John


Film fanatics need not despair. Just as quickly as the hugely successful Revelation Film Festival closes the Future arrives!  Future Shorts is part a short film phenomenon and part the result of the tireless persistance of Amy Broadfoot and Amiko Films, which now sees Future Shorts Screenings in bars and venues around Perth.

The July Screening – Eyjafjallajokull (Volcano) features the Romain Gavras directed film clip for  M.I.A’s ‘Born Free’ (…of banned YouTube fame), an animation with insights into the ritual of the turning of the bones, pulling at the heartstrings and a stig.

You get a serving of  seven fresh shorts from Sweden, Croatia, Malaysia and one produced here in Perth. The local flavour Good Times With Oskar is described as “a dark comedy centring on the banal and solitary existence if an overweight, middle aged man, his love affair with food, and a series of calls, over which he has no control.”  Head along to The Bird on Tuesday for this all you can chow down on short film feast.



WHERE: The Bird, Northbridge and Manhattan’s Victoria Park

SCREENING TIMES: The Bird, Northbridge Tues July 27th, 7.30pm

Manhattan’s, Victoria Park on Tues Aug 10th, time TBA

TICKETS: $15 full $10 conc.
WEB: Visit Future Shorts on them interwebz

Here’s a taste of ‘Born Free’ to get you in the mood