Monday, March 8th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

Mister KillahIt’s official! A gig and a venue like no other in Perth certainly gave you a night to remember. Into an intimate 170 capacity, with pizza on arrival, the event was strictly bring your own, with plenty of champagne popped over head, sweat, fashionistas, politicians, the who’s who of the art community, the posers, the doers, the promoters, the originators, the creators, the models, the painters, the artists and the self-claimed artistes, the fixers, skaters, rockstars, and musos all let loose in the club: Welcome to The Bird.

Opening with an exclusive prequel secret show last Thursday, who could have given a better blessing for the newest underground music venue in Perth than by the muthafucking Gaslamp Killer.

NAIK jump started the night and played a passionate live set, setting the pace for when GLK arrived, and for a man who shares a similiar and well known story to Perthites, (inspired to name himself the Gaslamp Killer in disgust for much of the patronage in the downtown Gaslamp District bar scene in his hometown San Diego, which led to him uprooting and relocating to Los Angeles, where he found a niche for himself amid the city’s massive underground party scene), the MFGLK served well as the evening’s psychadelic Master of Ceremonies.

A fairly straightforward recipe for success, GLK launched into what can best be described as a trippy initiation ritual proceeding into definitive dubstep and left-field hip-hop mashups climaxing with a drum and bass finale. All I can say is it was one hell of a show. A massive congratulations to Mike and Brenton, for bringing a much needed and most highly anticipated new music venue to Northbridge, Perth and the {move} crew for getting GLK back to Perth!



Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 by John

GasLampInviteLos Angeles based DJ/Producer, psychopathic beat maniac, Low End Theorist, and demonic bass shaman, THE GASLAMP KILLER returns! After the brutal and bloodied mass {musical} murderings of an entire club’s worth of unsuspecting attendees during his last Perth appearance he has gained special permission to re-enter the country, and blow your minds once again!

For the last two years he has toured steadily, earning prestigious spots at Plastic People’s FWD night in London, Barcelona’s Sonar Festival and Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder showcases to name a few; holding down his residency at LA’s seminal Low End Theory nights; and recording mixes for and with Flying Lotus, The Heliocentrics, Andy Votel’s Finders Keepers Label and Mary Anne Hobbes BBC radio show.

Describing his sound as “educational with a touch of rock ‘n’ roll energy and eclectic exorcisms. My rules, no industry standards apply”, the man is omni-voracious in his consumption and absorption of music. Spanning from psychedelic Middle-Eastern and Indian rare-grooves to body-rumbling bass-heavy hip hop and ear-piercing helicopter breaks The Gaslamp Killer is renown for his spectacularly dynamic style and energy behind his preferred weapons of mass destruction, turntables and a microphone.