RTRFM Winter Music Festival & Harmonic 313/ Kode 9

Sunday, July 5th, 2009 by John


Images // Nicole Norelli. 2009


“How much can you fuck with a rhythm before it loses its groove?”

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009 by John

Night outs in Perth just keep getting better and better. So much so that when it rains it pours. Last Saturday saw exhibitions packed to the brim with Overgrowth 2 at Last Chance Studio, Boom at Spectrum, and venues overflowing onto wet streets…..
With open log fires and howling winds, you couldn’t illustrate a better beginning to RTR FM’s Winter Music Festival at Mojos in Fremantle.

Coming in from the cold and accompanied by a good red wine was a fine way to defrost, as YLEM spun primordial webs of sexy dubstep with a killer 2 hour set. A master always makes it look so easy, (sadly Sibilance was unable to join him on stage due to illness).

Next up with the absolute ease of a pizza sliding hot out of a box, donning Freo colours and a Palestinian headscarf (as is his trademark style), Diger Rockwell started his set with our recently deceased King O’ Pop, the crowd not knowing how to react at first…I mean is he even dead? And even so, will we honour the death and historic music written by a glorified (albeit accused) paedophile? But all this confusion was soon forgotten when Billie Jean knew what was best for the dance floor, setting the place on fire and Diger, seeing his chance continued to keep it real by amping up the crowd with old school tracks like Technotronic’s ‘Pump up the Jam’. Failsafe.

Outback, a whole other party is happening at the Winter Music Festival to Paul Gamblin, raising hell under a tin roof. And it didn’t matter that torrential rain was bucketing in- this place could have been mistaken for a Cuban bar. It was hot in the club!

Onward through the night to The Villa, stylin’ soundproofed walls with a system capable of dissolving your insides through subterranean bass lines at will.
What a luxurious venue. Yes, they’ve pimped it good.
So make sure you have a pair of fresh undies and get ready to crap yourself, as I witness people losing their shit over Harmonic 313 and Kode9.
Masters of dance tracks! Composers of crowds!

Although there was some discrimination, some slight confusion to how different their set was (and his untalkative emcee) Mark Pritchard and co still commanded jaws to the floor, whipping the dance floor, into a frenzied pit of dubstep, glitchhop, dancehall and tech and in true form Kode9 annihilated the night with a slayer jungle set that saw a good fair portion of the crowd visibly jizz in their pants and kept them frothing at the mouth no matter which way they turned, a loyal audience at the helm!

Nicole Norelli

Kode9Harmonic 313