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Friday, October 28th, 2011 by John

Mathas White Sugar Still

After a good couple of months piecing together, the debut film for Perth based wordsmith Mathas is finally live and on-line. White Sugar focuses on personal flaws, habitual behaviour and the extreme consumption of heavily refined and processed foods in the Western world.

White Sugar is a mixture of stop motion photography, live-video and green screen, handmade out of an assortment of sweet treats and 30kg of salt (because it was cheaper than sugar). White Sugar is a collaboration between local creatives (and Cut & Paste family) Tom Mathieson (aka Mathas), John Macliver, Dominic Pearce, Nicole Norelli and Jordan Shields.

As you’ll see when you scroll below the clip is a swirling journey through a vicious candyland, where ripe raspberries and Chico Babies go for the throat, whilst the product advertising of yesteryear repeats in a droning, endless loop. The only way forward is towards total zombification and a posse of buzzword angels on your shoulder, lulling you to a lolly-encrusted catatonia. Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

Why not download the track HERE

Producer: John Macliver
Director/Graphics: Tom Mathieson
1st AD: Nicole Norelli
D.O.P: Jordan Shields
Visual Effects/Green Screen: Dominic Pearce



Friday, October 15th, 2010 by John


Last Thursday saw (The) Right Side put on the sixth installment of Hip Hop Kara’Yo!’Ke. What has fast become a monthly institution for Hip Hop heads, Karaoke lovers and people who like the sound of their own voice Hip Hop Kara’Yo!’Ke is the place to be if you want to drop a verse from your favourite Hip Hop track. With Assembly Line’s Nathan J’s amassed collection of instrumentals anyone and everyone has the chance to get up on stage and spit mad lyrics! Bar cards and booby prizes on offer to the winners… and the worst!

Cut & Paste finally got the chance to get down to The Bird to see Hip Hop Kara’Yo!’Ke in all it’s blinged out glory. Bradley Serls was down taking some snaps of the night, which you can check out in the gallery below.



Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 by Matt



Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 by John

Ras G

The {move} family are back with a very special edition of their monthly Rhythmatism series at The Bird. We are very pleased to announce the imminent arrival of El Ay-Lien #1 … Captain of The Afrikan Space Program, power forward of the Brainfeeder Crew! RAS_G & THE AFRICAN SPACE PROGRAM, Thursday 22nd of July at The Bird.

Ras_G’s music is rich with space-funkified rhythms, air-horns, natty chattin, subterranean bass lines, colossal percussion and glorious highs. This is the music that people will be playing in the ghettos of Mars in the year 3014.

Ras_G has been a fixture on the underground beat/hiphop scene in Los Angeles since the early 90s. He is a proud South Central LA resident and founding member of Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder Crew! Ras along with Black Monk and Ron Stivers are the founders of the Poo-Bah Label.

Rhythmatism is a new monthly dance party brought to you by the {move} family featuring future music from the past and present. It happens on the last Friday of every month, or thereabouts, at Perth’s premier live underground music venue, The Bird. Get down early to every Rhythmatism night to pick up one of their super limited edition series of {move} mix-tapes. Free for the first 50 people to arrive, these highly sought-after gems feature a new mix from local and interstate DJs every month.


With the {move} family DJs and Special Guests TBA!

WHERE: The Bird, William St Northbridge

WHEN: Thursday 22 July, 8pm

YouTube Preview Image


Thursday, June 17th, 2010 by John


During our time backstage at Good Vibrations 2010 we secured some couch time with the boys from Naughty by Nature. Treach, Vin Rock and DJ Kay Gee broke down how to create a Hip-Hop ‘Anthem’, what’s in store from their new album and where they have been hiding for the last few years…

YouTube Preview Image

Interviewer: John Macliver
Camera Crew: Nicole Norelli and Dion Cochrine
Sound: Dominic Pearce
Edited by: Ruslan Kulski



Thursday, June 17th, 2010 by John

Salt N Pepa

As the Good Vibrations festival season wrapped up for 2010 Cut & Paste made it’s way down to the Claremont Showgrounds, scored a few haystacks backstage and had a quick chat to the ladies of Salt N Pepa. Over the short time together we got an insight into reality TV shows, hip-hop comebacks and twitter…

YouTube Preview Image

Interviewer: John Macliver
Camera Crew: Nicole Norelli and Dion Cochrine
Sound: Dominic Pearce
Edited by: Ruslan Kulski



Monday, June 14th, 2010 by John


DJ Premier is considered by many fans and hip-hop purists to be the greatest hip hop producer ever. He is hailed as an architect of “Hardcore East Coast hip-hop known by its heavy drums and sparse loops.”

Hip hop rag The Source magazine named DJ Premier one of the 5 greatest producers in hip-hop history, while editors from About.com ranked him as #1 in their “Top 50 Hip-Hop Producers” list. That’s not bad for guy who got his stage name from his mum!

In an interview with XXL Magazine, DJ Premier was asked how his sound evolved, “Marley Marl is my number one inspiration. Jam Master Jay, Mixmaster Ice and UTFO. Grandmaster D and Whodini. DJ Cheese, Grandmaster Flash, Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa. Jazzy Jay, even Cut Creator. Seeing them do what they do. It’s black music, it’s black culture, it comes from the ghetto. How can you not relate to ghetto people when that’s the rawest form of blackness? Even though it’s not a good place in regards to the economy and how bad people have it in the neighborhood, the realism’s there, and that’s what we were born out of. So I very much pay respect by doing the same type of music in return.”

Having worked with more people than even the most dedicated hip-hop trainspotters know about, Premier is responsible for the production of Jeru the Damaja’s first two albums, has done tracks with M.O.P. KRS-One, Group Home, NAS as well as JAY-Z.

Presale tickets for this event have SOLD OUT. WE hear there may be some Door Sales for lucky people on the night.


WHAT: DJ Premier

WHERE:  Shape Bar

WHEN: 10pm, Friday 18th June


TICKETS: from HIGHS and LOWS STORES, PLANET VIDEO & MILLS RECORDS and online from Knowledge Music

Here’s a taste of the man himself, alongside Black Thought, Eminem and Mos Def

YouTube Preview Image


Friday, June 4th, 2010 by John


New kids on the block DEADWEIGHT! crash the scene with style tonight as they launch the first of a monthly night by the same name.

When Chris Caravella noticed there was no regular “bass music” nights in our fair city (we’re talking hip-hop, glitch, dubstep, UK funky & future garage) they hit up new music venue The Bird and found an ally in Mike O’Hanlon and so DEADWEIGHT! has come into existence.



Friday, May 7th, 2010 by John

Where Diger Rokwell’s prior releases, The Earthhead and Digstrumentals, were a sprawling mass of samples from across the globe and genres, Digerbodia: remixes and beats from the Khmer Kingdom, finds him focusing and refining those ideas on the music from the Khmer Kingdom of Cambodia. The first chapter in a series of “beat tourism” beat tapes; these 7 tracks are built on samples unearthed on a journey in Cambodia.



Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 by John
The boys behind Think Twice launched the first ‘Mass Appeal’ last Friday, at The Manor.
Mass Appeal showcases 90s hip-hop – vinyl, breakdancing and solid tunes. Kicking things into action was 3x WA DMC Champion – DJ Junior, with an old-school five minute trick set. Check out his chops…
YouTube Preview Image
If you wanna be down with Mass Appeal hit ‘em on Facebook



Thursday, February 25th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

Lupe, Lupe, Lupe, tsk, tsk.

As far as reviews go, Lupe Fiasco was OK. He certainly didn’t blow my mind, far be it for me to play a game of pool or take a smoke on the balcony and feel as though this wasn’t a “MetroCity Concert Event” as the banners side of stage so aptly reminded me, but that perhaps I may as well have been at R&B Super Club on a Saturday night.

All the songs were performed like a well-trained puppy, an incongruous looking band played alongside him, while two friends (?) sat distractingly on stage: the whole time looking bored out of their skulls. Who were those people? Why were they on stage and why weren’t they dancing??!

Fiasco and co raced through the songs with barely a breath between. To this little reviewer Lupe gave the impression of an artist who wanted to get the gig over with, take his $100, 000, ‘Thank Perth!” and run while a bunch of unlucky people think it’s the best thing they’ve seen without realising they’ve just been insulted and duped at the same time.  On the final song Lupe introduced Daydream, only to stop and start again, stating the crowd didn’t know how to behave and that if he were in a ‘real’ city he’d be receiving the reaction he wanted. For an artist who originally gave me the impression his music was of a genuine place of hiphop lovin’, I walked out of his gig feelin’ nothin’ but at least knowin’ that it doesn’t matter if you’re a poet breaking new ground, if there’s idiocy in the masses then there’s money to be found.



Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 by John

We chat to Australian director-choreographer Shaun Parker about his new work Happy as Larry, a buoyant and powerful exploration of human happiness. The interview includes exclusive footage from the dress rehearsal.

YouTube Preview Image


Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 by Matt
http://www.vimeo.com/9320025Featuring the extraordinary performance of La Fura Del Baus  and scenes from the Beck’s Music Box Artist Preview Party we have created a Cut and Paste Remix of the Festival 10 Opening Night, Friday 6 February 2010.
Footage from Nicole Norelli has been cut and mixed against a beat from Paper Chain Records’ Taku.
This is a slightly surreal video that goes some way to capturing the energy of the night itself.

Featuring the extraordinary performance of La Fura Del Baus and scenes from the Beck’s Music Box Artist Preview Party we have created a Cut and Paste Remix of the Festival 10 Opening Night, Friday 6 February 2010.

Footage from Nicole Norelli has been cut and mixed against a beat from Paper Chain Records‘ Taku.

This is a slightly surreal video that goes some way to capturing the energy of the night itself.



Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 by John

Lupe-Perth American hip-hop superstar Lupe Fiasco hits Australia this February with his national The Cool Tour. Last year’s critically acclaimed LP The Cool and major single Superstar became an instant classic and solidified Lupe as a superstar himself.

Lupe’s latest hit, the brilliant ‘Shining Down’, is the first track off his third studio album and has begun the huge wave of impatience for his new LP which is slated for release mid 2010 just in time for his highly anticipated return to our shores.

Lupe will take to the stage with his amazing live band for the first time in Perth. Joining Lupe on his national tour will be an all-star line-up of local hip-hop, funk and soul.

Melbourne’s Phrase will join the tour nationally with his full live band, whose highly acclaimed LP Clockwork has taken him from underground buzz to now being heralded as one of the citys most remarkable musical exports.

Adelaide’s finest – Lowrider – will also take to the stage in Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne. Throughout the years, Lowrider have built a solid reputation as one of the countrys most electrifying acts, and through little more than word-of-mouth have sold-out four national tours in 2009..

For anyone that’s experienced Lupe Fiasco’s incredible live show you already know this is one summer event not to be missed; and for those that haven’t the time has come to see what all the fuss is about!

LUPE FIASCO – The Cool Tour
Tuesday 23rd Feb @ METRO CITY

Buy tickets here or…

Lupe Fiasco // The Cool Tour Giveaway

It’s pretty cool that Lupe is coming out to Perth on this tour and you know what else is cool? Getting a free ticket for you and someone you like  to see the man in person.

We’re pretty generous and cool all by ourselves we’re gonna make this happen and give away two double passes to the the gig on Tuesday 23rd February at Metro City.

All you have to do is complete the rhyme below with your own line.

I get me energy from my inner G…

You can add your answer to a comment at the bottom of this post. Now that means people will be able to see your answers so play nice or we’ll know.  You will need a valid email address to enter.

The Competition closes at 5pm on Monday 22.

We will email the winner to arrange ticket collection and announce the result via Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s an example of an answer…You can do better right?

I get me energy from my inner G…

Coz I wanna see Lupe for free



Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 by John

Cut & Paste caught up with the boys from Bliss N Eso back in late 2008 after the final gig on their Flying Colours National Tour. All were pretty worse for wear after a heavy night of drinking from the night before, thankfully Jonathan Notley aka. MC Bliss still had the vocal chords working and controlled much of the interview.

Don’t forget to catch them at Origin on NYE!



Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 by Cassie


Last week Rahzel was in town!  Teaming up with DJ JS-1, Bitter Belief and Porsah Laine they stopped in at The Rosemount to join Diger Rockwell, Fdel, Armee and L-Street  for a Thursday night party!

When a young Rahzel was practicing his very first sounds – going about his day with a constant “brrrr – qiiiii – dum – dum” accompanying his step, he must have sounded a little kookoo.  But the years of training and refining his technique have paid off earning himself the reputation of being (arguably) the best beatboxer that walks the earth.

As the night turned into morning the packed out venue was fists in the air pumped.  Fans enjoyed a beatbox session from acclaimed albums Make The Music and Rahzel’s Greatest Knockouts. Creating sounds of drums, bass, piano and vocals with his mouth, throat and gut he single handedly impersonated a number of hip hop / rock classics by the Wu Tang Clan, Black Sabbath, Jay Z, Notorious BIG, The White Stripes Lauren Hill and more. He kicked a lot of familiar beats and the energy and sound exerted quenched the crowds thirst for hip hop.  A couple of new covers chucked in were Alicia Keys’ No One and Kanye West’s Gold Digger.  Rounding off the night was original If Your Mother Only Knew prompting an appreciative roar from onlookers.

Rahzel live = a must see