Friday, December 17th, 2010 by John


Last weekend saw the Cut & Paste: Micro-Festival launch the tenth issue of the Cut & Paste DVD. Kicking things off in the balmy sun at 4pm the Bakery was filled with Perth’s first Silent Micro-Cinema, a Hurben/Planet Clothing collaboration (which had sticky tape horns and limbs hanging from the rafters) and a plethora of vintage and retro game console and canvas hangings adorning the sea containers.

The Micro-Festival saw unique collaborations between Felicity Groom and Diger Rokwell, Naik, Zeke, Kit Pop and KZ the Boogieman from Cosmo Gets, in addition to 6s & 7s playing their album Choose the Sentinel Blooze from beginning to end, as the Panda Band did with their yet to be released album. Soulfister, Abbe May, Rex Monson, Tomas Ford, Mathas, Chris Wheeldon, Gemma Pike and the Cut & Paste Sound System were all on hand to round out the musical entertainment.

The man with his stills camera in hand, Bradley Serls was there to grab everyone in their Micro-Festoval festivities… See if you’re featured in the gallery!



Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 by John


Last Wednesday our good friends Paper Chain and Perth shoe connoisseurs Highs & Lows celebrated a joint birthday at The Bird. The exclusive ‘invite-only’ party featured Naik, Beni Chill and Zeke from the Paper Chain stables as well as a healthy amount of giveaways… with the Cut & Paste family scooping up some sweet new kicks and tees.

Our photographer friend Bradley Serls was down taking snaps of the occasion which you can see below.

Stay tuned for some video footage of the evening popping up in the not to distant future!



Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 by John

Kool Keith

So normally when post day arrives I go through the ‘ol trusty event/ link/ details bang in a video/photo and whiz bang you’re done. But with this being Keith Thornton (aka Kool Keith) there’s not a great deal of ‘normal’… and that’s the way he likes it!

Back in 2005 and armed with a duty free bag full of porn mags he performed to a mass of heaving sweaty men and a fair chunk of gyrating women at Heat Nightclub (now known simply as Villa). With a hiatus of over seven years from our fair state and at least five releases just under the alias Kool Keith there’s a lot we have yet to witness.

From fronting the Ultra Magnetic MCs and the Bellevue Hospital through to Dr. Octagon, Kool Keith is an American emcee with a British URL the mans an open box of walking contradictions who posses the innate ability to deliver a stream of conscious yet complex vocal raps that ensures he is recognised as a king of the hip-hop underground With the current hip-hop landscape described as bland on occasions, thankfully Kool Keith is as adverse to this as the true hip-hop follower.

Back in Perth for a mid week performance Kool Keith will be sure to pick through the back catalogue, hopefully featuring tracks from the recent Dr. Dooom 2 and The Return of Dr. Octagon throughout to the nineties classics Sex Style, Black Elvis/Lost in Space

Who knows what he’ll bring or what he’ll wear (and have stashed away in his duty-free)… but one things for sure it won’t be boring!


WHAT: Kool Keith

WHERE: Shape Bar

WHEN: 9pm -3am, Wednesday 11th August


TICKETS: online from SHAPE

…Why not check out Kool Keith’s Dick Towel


Thanks to Knowledge Music Cut & Paste has a double pass to giveaway to his show at Shape next Wednesday… All you need to do to enter is give Kool Keith a new alter ego… Comment below and the best name will win!

*Note: We already know the full list of current alter egos – so don’t think that you’ll be getting away with Dr. Sperm, The Fourth Horseman, Larry Lopez or Fly Ricky the Wine Taster!

(Winner will be notified by 5pm Mon. August 9)



Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 by John


A month or so ago now we gaffered the Sonys and the Flip down to any available speaker or table that gave us a shot of what was the first live-set by Paper Chain artists Kit Pop and Zeke. What unfolded was forty minutes of turntable, mpc/sampler, acapella musical act…

It’s big bass and heavy shakes which is what the DEADWEIGHT! crew are all about. So sit back and enjoy.

This Friday will see the second installment of DeadWeight! @ The Bird… check out the details here



Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 by John

So sections of the Cut & Paste office have inadvertently been involved in some serious technical issues, resulting in our main MAC tower currently nothing more than an oversized and fragile book stop… So insted of bringing you the full 45min edit of Kit Pop x Zeke filmed at DeadWeight! a few weeks back, as well as a bunch of our Revelation Film Festival interviews with Cory McAbee (Stingray Sam), Jennifer Mass (Wheedle’s Groove), Jim Morton (Russ Meyer’s – Double Bill), Gary & Jeff (Sons of Steel)… we can’t!

So instead I thought we’d have a quick look at what some of the Cut & Paste family have been up to over the last month:

Justin Elwin:

Cut & Paste sound man and Paper Chain founder Justin Elwin (aka Kit Pop) has been working on a new 10×10x1 project… that equates to ten beats over ten days with one mpc. Below is a taste of what’s to come:

YouTube Preview Image

The full project will be availabe for free download once completed.
* Word around the office is that story boarding has begun for the ‘official’ film clip to the Kit Pop and Ta-Ku track Bounce, with some pretty crazy ideas being thrown around.

Mat De Koning:

Now where does Mat fit into the Cut & Paste scheme of things is always a tricky one to work out, but essentially he’s our go to festival camera man and the source of most of our skate footage. Along with all his other bits & bobs, Mat has spent the last five years following around some of Perth’s most intriguing creative’s including the affable Will Stoker… Here is a quick edit he did last week for Will Stoker and The Embers- Ten Thousand Horses, includes footage from the Cut & Paste crew’s coverage of the 2010 WAMis

YouTube Preview Image

*I hear a whisper that Will will be lending his vocals to a track by a hot local electronic artist

Dominic Pearce:

Directed by Cut & Paste casual camera/sound man Dom has been hard at work on a bunch on clips recently, including the new one for adult-contemporary super group Basement Birds. I was on board as the on-location production assistant and with a one-day shoot along Brookton Highway this is what manifested:

YouTube Preview Image

* I hear that Dom is working on the new Tomas Ford clip…

Once the MAC is back… we will upload some ‘exclusive’ videos shoot on the Flip on-location.

Stay tuned next week for when we see what some of the others boys have been doing… until then check out The Community’s new website – it’s really nice!



Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 by John


A few weeks back now the young chaps from DEADWEIGHT! dropped the first of what is to be a monthly Bass Music night, of the same name at The Bird. I headed down to check out what Chris and the boys had on offer, as well as to film my Paper Chain buddies Zeke and Kit Pop who were dropping a brand new collab routine this particular evening… think five turntables, MPCs, samplers and music pads with cool fluro lights.

To capture what the boys had been up to I decided to bring down a stack of video cameras (ie. pretty much everything I could find). Including our Sony HDR-FX7, HDR-FX1E and our new wee Flip I located three places around the stage and set-up the three camera rig for the night. You might notice that the boys got the bass so heavy the tripod shakes!

Check the five minute grab we’ve put up here and then make sure you get down for the next DEADWEIGHT at the Bird!

YouTube Preview Image

No Promises BUT we’re hoping to put the whole 45 minutes set online in the next week..or two..or if you comment on this post saying you want us too..

Local photo man about town Bradley Serls was down at The Bird this particular evening so he swung us a bunch of his snaps for you all to look at!



Friday, June 4th, 2010 by John


New kids on the block DEADWEIGHT! crash the scene with style tonight as they launch the first of a monthly night by the same name.

When Chris Caravella noticed there was no regular “bass music” nights in our fair city (we’re talking hip-hop, glitch, dubstep, UK funky & future garage) they hit up new music venue The Bird and found an ally in Mike O’Hanlon and so DEADWEIGHT! has come into existence.



Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 by John

MD5 LaunchMD Limited Editions is an arts magazine released quarterly. Each issue of MD Limited Editions showcases work by emerging artists in graphic design, photography, visual art, music, fashion design, writing, and Video-VJ’s.

MD Limited Editions 5: The Photography Issue. This issue features editorials from Esther Tetris, Tom Cramond (Six Thousand), Brad Serls, Dave Adams, Jake Casteldine, Virginia Ivory, Michael Ellis (relative Magazine), Jordan Shields (The West Australian), Nicole Norelli and Alberto Sanchez. That’s ten professional and avid photographers from Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and London.

MD Limited Editions 5 will be launched at The Bird, Thursday March 11 2010. The event is BYO.

MD Limited Editions 5 launch will feature a special Vinyl-only showcase from Naik, Arms in Motion, King Jon Ill and Kit Pop, playing favourites from their treasured record crates.



Thursday, October 29th, 2009 by Nicole Norelli

We’ve been fortunate enough lately that every time a festival pops up, [and let’s face it, there's one almost every weekend now] the sun pokes its head out and gives us a warm summer welcome. Low:Fi Festival was no exception. A shocking 30 degree concrete heat beat everyone into believing we really might be in NY’s Brooklyn, with Aberdeen Street partitioned for a Chapelle style Block Party.

Low:Fi Festival brought this thirsty lil’ place on earth some serious international hip hop, dubstep and drum and bass:

Noisia destroyed, Qbert threw records into the crowd, Supernatural gave one hell of a set encouraging fans to hand him objects from which he’d rhyme “but this is freestyle my friend so I don’t need a pen.”
Local acts NAIK, Kitpop, Rokwell did just thatand of course NAS with one of the hottest looking and sounding lineups, tighter than a nun’s a-hole. I’m sorry, I mean, what can I say in praise that’s more succinct than “they were freaking awesome!”?

Kicks, hot chicks, no more than the average dicks, well the police got rid of them quick never seen a force so evident in Northbridge at an event like this undercover cops would quash any need to smoke green [yes its those who get stoned who turn violent, Go figure!]. Whilst backstage was one giant session, so where’s the lesson in removing citizens who teach the young and help the disabled? All we desired to Do The Right Thing was a hydrant to bust, and everything would’ve been Spike Lee.

In comparison to the Future and Stereo and Summadayze etcetera where the majority of kids can sell and pop pills quicker than it kills… y’all just need to chill…and kick it to some tunes on the down low… //