Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 by Matt

Jazz Cellar

“Well Planned, good business model, easy access” I’m already yawning people. Where’s the humanity or the creativity? Where’s the real community? Perth is constantly crying out for home grown venues that don’t try to be everything to everyone, we don’t need another horrid barn filling bogans with Burbon until you can’t see your shoes for the rivers of vomit. Then there are the cynical marketing concepts delivered on budget in up market inner suburbs to rip your cash off you for some over managed and sterile environment guaranteed to disappear faster than a haircut can grow out.

The Jazz Cellar is that truly authentic, community driven exception to the rule. There’s a good chance that unless you’re a part of the jazz community you’ve never even heard of the place. An accident led to its creation and quietly, without the need to shout its virtues at the world it has spent more than a ┬ádecade just being a great place to hear great jazz: played by people who love jazz for people who love jazz.

No one bothered to hassle them in all that time, that was until the ever vigilant licensing branch decided to pop in and discover that people were drinking while listening to music. No money was being exchanged for these drinks, people were just sipping a beverage they had brought along from home while they listened to music, and as a result of this sting a piece of paper stands between this little landmark and oblivion.

There are few places that deserve your support more than the Jazz Cellar, and I urge you to support their efforts to remain open and get the license they need to survive.

Support the jazz Cellar by visiting their Facebook page and signing their petition

Watch the video below and see how the people behind the place have created and maintained a truly beautiful and unique Perth venue.

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