Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 by John

MD expo
It’s time to get organised and start thinking about how you can contribute to the next issue of MD Ltd Eds due out in Feb 2010: The Photography Issue!

You don’t ‘have’ to be a professional photographer to contribute, however we do expect a high standard of work. You could be a street artist or a fashion desginer- we just want your work to be represented by a photograph!

MD is all about giving independent artists another medium to exhibit their work in. Publishing your work also promotes the very best little pretty Perth has to offer and gives us a chance to document and ‘historicize’ indie art that may otherwise fly under the radar. MD seeks to make our lil’ cultural hub as creatively competitive and encouraging as possible! Nothing is taboo. We have an R+ rating so don’t hold back! Make a statement and make it last!

The format will change from A5 portrait to A4 landscape. Submissions for entry begin now and end on the 18th of January. Email to¬† your lo res images a lil’ bio and your contact details as we might also like to interview you pretty young things!

NB Please ensure that the people in your photos are happy to have their image published for the public. Certify that you have the right!

And if you have contributed to us before please do not hesitate to contribute to us again!