Mathas | White Sugar Film Clip

Friday, October 28th, 2011 by John

Mathas White Sugar Still

After a good couple of months piecing together, the debut film for Perth based wordsmith Mathas is finally live and on-line. White Sugar focuses on personal flaws, habitual behaviour and the extreme consumption of heavily refined and processed foods in the Western world.

White Sugar is a mixture of stop motion photography, live-video and green screen, handmade out of an assortment of sweet treats and 30kg of salt (because it was cheaper than sugar). White Sugar is a collaboration between local creatives (and Cut & Paste family) Tom Mathieson (aka Mathas), John Macliver, Dominic Pearce, Nicole Norelli and Jordan Shields.

As you’ll see when you scroll below the clip is a swirling journey through a vicious candyland, where ripe raspberries and Chico Babies go for the throat, whilst the product advertising of yesteryear repeats in a droning, endless loop. The only way forward is towards total zombification and a posse of buzzword angels on your shoulder, lulling you to a lolly-encrusted catatonia. Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

Why not download the track HERE

Producer: John Macliver
Director/Graphics: Tom Mathieson
1st AD: Nicole Norelli
D.O.P: Jordan Shields
Visual Effects/Green Screen: Dominic Pearce


Brash & Sassy // No Milk For You // Behind the Scenes

Thursday, September 24th, 2009 by John

Brash and Sassy will be releasing their single No Milk For You in November 2009 and we thought you might like a taster of some behind the scenes footage of the video directed by Britt Arthur (who just won Best Short Film at the 2009 Australian Director’s Build Awards for My Uncle Bluey) //

Along with the single and video release, Brash and Sassy will be launching a new live band featuring The Brothers Cavalli on bass and drums. //

As well as playing at the Cut & Paste 8 Launch, Brash & Sassy feature on the DVD, both launched at Mojos on Friday Oct. 23 //