Thursday, May 12th, 2011 by John





I blame INXS, a soft target I know, but if Michael Hutchence and his bunch of leather and paisley wearing haircuts hadn’t decided that Wembley Stadium was a great place to do rock concerts then maybe, just maybe musicians would have kept their prancing and showboating to stages instead of  football fields.

This year The Crustacean Cup matured into a four team competition, pitting local lead breakers and beat makers against each other in an irreverant riff on the world game. Cut & Paste was there to record all the highlights, the low lights and the absurd lack of motor skills that people who can play play multi-octave scales at blistering speed demonstrate when a big round thing gets near their feet.

Special mentions must go to the Foodchain crew for putting together an excellent afternoon’s entertainment, Tomas Ford for MC-ing the day and of course to the mighty Crabcelona FC for defending their title from last year.

During the Final of the 2011 Crustacean Cup, Young Filmmaker of the Year and roving documentary man Mat de Koning went deep inside the camps at half time and full time to talk strategy, skills and post match celebrations.

You can view the half time commentary here and the full time wrap up here.


Game 1: FC Crabcelona 1 def Mictacea 0

Game 2: The Mariners 1 def Tyrannocrabs 0

Final: FC Crabeclona 1 def The Mariners 0



Friday, November 12th, 2010 by John


Last Saturday night saw the re-launch of the Future Shorts brand. Held simultaneously over 12 countries, Perth was the place to be for your fix in Australia.  Those of you not up on their shorts from the future. Future Shorts has fast become a worldwide leader in pushing the short film format and giving filmmakers a platform to screen their wares. Fresh cinema a with a fresh approach to the shorts culture.

In addition to a selection of world class films, the Future Shorts Perth relaunch featured DJs Rex Monsoon, Ben Taaffe and PCJ, Rabbit Island, local skinny-boy hip-hop pranksters The Good Boys and the current pride of the Melbourne party scene, World’s End Press who launch their ‘Faithful’ EP in tandem with Future Shorts One at The Bakery.

Brad Serls dropped in to check things out and grabbed a couple of snaps below.

The Future Shorts monthly screenings start up again this month, you can see what’s on the cards here.