Help! I’ve given birth to a 10 pound hairless Sasquatch! //

Thursday, September 24th, 2009 by Nicole Norelli

“Help! I’ve given birth to a 10 pound hairless Sasquatch!” would have been the cry of the mother of an infamous yeti; but I caught her bopping around, grinning from ear to ear, proud of a baby son strutting on milk crates, bumping out rhymes to a full house on stilts.

Yes, if you found yourselves with a golden ticket to a sold out Scotsman’s-land last Sunday night, you would have witnessed the birth of WA’s own: Maxabillion’s Piece for Pieces EP and Mathas’s debut album 10 Pound Hairless Sasquatch, released on Community Records.

The albums were presented back to back, with very special guests and Community’s best Diger Rokwell, Arms in Motion and Deph One spinning the wheels like a fixed gear bike without brakes, and MC Able throwing out duet tricks for kicks with love on “P.L.R.T”.

Always doing it in style, with a 200 strong crowd keepin’ it local and loud and one hell of a proud night: Big ups to the Earthheads! //

Images // Nicole Norelli & Paul Bui. 2009