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Takeaway Tunes || Owls and Hayley Beth

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

So it’s finally over. WAM has had a spectacular 5 days showcasing Perth’s finest musicians, and Takeaway Tunes (run by Love is My Velocity) was by far a highlight for me and certainly a feature Northbridge could benefit from every weekend!

To finish the WAMI weekend off, Rupert from the Owls played some psychadelic instrumental soundscapes, which was a pleasure to see the different ways in which a song can be broken down or constructed, especially just by one man.

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And last but not least, Hayley Beth graced us as the last act for TT, her performance, such power in her voice she could break glass! A big shout out to Beau for helping Hayley out on guitar, banjo and harmonica and Brendan Jay for some toe tapping tambourine slapping! Well done!

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Also a big congratulations should go out to the Love is My Velocity kids, all of whom deserve the credit for setting up such a fantastic pop-up shop! Well done once again!


Kiss My Camera

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 by Nicole Norelli

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Kiss My Camera is a photographic exhibition currently on display at the West Australian Museum in Perth as part of the WAMI’s (the WA Music Industry) showcase happening all this week. The Kiss My Camera exhibition is a new feature to the WAMI showcase, having only been in existence in the last 2 years.

There are 48 images on display tucked away on Level 2 with some of the one’s we think are the best featured on our footage (check out the vid!). The photos are taken of live West Australian musicians, international artists who have played in Perth as well as press and promotional photos for bands. There are some great portraits too, especially a fantastic candid of ex-Xpress Editor Bob Gordon as Paul Stanley from KISS taken by Lisa Businovski.

Kiss My Camera is a lovely little hats off to all those hard working photographers hustling in the media pit making sure the images you see in your local street rag and websites are top notch! And to those who have simply grabbed a great moment by being in the right place at the right time. Congratulations to all the finalists, some of whom we all know well, such as Anthony Tran (Sunset and DrumMedia), Jordan Shields (The Wire), Court McAllister (92.9), Lisa Businovski (Xpress), Jarrad Seng and Bridget Turner just to name a few!

Make sure you check it out before the 12th of July and vote for your favourite photo as well.  A People’s Choice award goes to the photographer whose image is most voted for! Then Kiss My Camera goes on it’s own little musical history tour across regional WA.